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First time cocksucker

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Tried my best only got better

Someone asked me recently about my first time… Thinking back to all of the sexual encounters I have had, I smiled to myself at all the awkward moments, embarrassing situations and that wonderful loss of inhibitions that comes from experience. I decided to pick blowjobs.
My ascension from cocksucker to fellatress was not simple or glamorous! The first guys who talked me into sucking cock just wanted me to be like all the other girls in HS and open my mouth for their pleasure. Let’s call him Theo, that first guy to use my mouth. We had not dated but once or twice and from the get go his intent was to get off. All the guys dated a lot of girls and any girl who could get them off was their girlfriend. So I figured it was my time to be popular too. We were at a party & ended up in an upstairs bedroom. I had dressed up really sexy & all but he didn’t care to even see my titties. And I was willing to show him too (the first time for me) but he didn’t care, it seemed, that I even had tits.

He cared only that he was going to ‘get off’. While we kissed he pushed my hands to his crotch. “Open the belt. Unzip my pants. Pull down my jockeys. Take out my cock.” I was told.

I must share that I had given hand jobs and jacked a boyfriend or 3 off. I knew it made them squirm and jerk and convulse just before this hot white goo shot out all over & I learned to stay out of its way!!!

Soon he was done kissing. “Suck on it. Take it in your mouth. Come on you want to don’t you?”

Well I didn’t know if I wanted to or not but I wanted to be one of the popular girls so down I went. Stinking of pee I didn’t understand how this could be such a cool thing to do. I didn’t know about using my tongue to stroke his head or how to lick up and down the shaft so I just let him stick it in my mouth and he grabbed my head. I let him do as he pleased since I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. My mouth was his to use and use it he did.

I sensed the telltale signs of his impending orgasm. I all of a sudden realized that he wanted that hot goo to end up inside my mouth.

“Please. Not in my mouth. I don’t think I can do that.”

He was deaf of course. All guys are. He held my mouth over his cock despite my protests and sure enough the spasms began and out shot his snooty hot cum. I pushed it out of my mouth best I could and it slobbered down his cock all over his balls and onto his jeans. He was so in heaven it didn’t occur to him that I didn’t swallow like a ’good girl’ was suppose to and his own messy goo was all over his pants.

So now instead of being happy that his NEW girlfriend just sucked him off he went crazy that his shit was all over his clothes. He left the party all pissed off & embarrassed when his friends saw his pants. Instead of a badge of conquest from my efforts he saw it differently. I didn’t date him again.

I had to find another ride home and negotiated with the cutest guy there, Peter who had just broken up with his girlfriend. He ‘wanted to see my titties’ and didn’t MAKE me suck him.

He sucked my nipples so I sucked his cock. Peter was the first guy to finger me & make me realize pleasure. While he was doing that to my pussy I jacked him off.

Peter came all over my hand and I didn’t care.

I became Peter’s new girlfriend & I heard that Theo got really really pissed when Peter told him I was swallowing his cum, which I actually started to do!

I got better & better at this cocksucking thing and seemed to get lots of dates, but did not ascend to professional felletio artist until college but that will have to be another story!

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