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First Time Meeting Part 2

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Fucked him with my dildo
So after our first encounter which was our first time meeting. We couldn't get enough of each other whether it would be just regular sex or just talking. But we had a connection that we only knew of. Our relationship was a secret which made the whole thing even more exciting.

It was a late night already and we were txting back and forth with dirty messages and then decided on phone sex. He kept talking about how I sucked, licked and fucked his anus with my fingers. He kept saying how sexy I made him feel by being in control of his ass! I couldn't forget that it was his and my first time doing something like that. But most of all I couldn't forget the taste and the smell of his ass. Somehow I found myself wanting more of him. The phone sex got steamier. I decided not to tell him that I was on my way over to his place cuz I just couldn't resist him any longer. The closer I got to his place the more my pussy ached and the more wet it got. I couldn't control my excitement. I heard him over the phone moaning and stroking his cock! He kept saying my name and wishing I was there to fuck his pink asshole.

I got to his place and I slowly climbed the stairs to his apartment just listening to his sounds. I paused outside his window and felt the wetness below. I put my hand inside my pants and started to finger my pussy in the rhythm of his moans. It didn't take long for myself to climax and cum all over my fingers. I couldn't take it I had to go in. His door was unlocked. I walked in and when I walked into his room I could see the shadow of him and his strokes. He stopped and his eyes opened to find me playing with his ass. He knew what I wanted so it didn't take him long to switch his position and flip over to his knees with his ass in the air.

I took his ass cheeks and spread them apart to expose his tight pink hole. I couldn't resist him anymore. I started to lick his hold and entered him with my tongue. I felt him quiver and let out a moan. The taste and the smell was exactly what I remembered. I fucked him with my fingers and continued to lick and suck his juices. I felt my pussy get wet and I just couldn't hold back. I took the same fingers and entered them into my wet pussy and played with myself until I cummed all over them and then I stuck my fingers in his mouth to let him get a taste. The warmth of his mouth was thrilling. I told him that I had a surprise for him. I could see the excitement and wonder in his eyes. He continued to stroke his cock as I got my surprise. My dildo.

"Bend over"

He told me to take it slow. I sucked and licked his hole to get it wet enough before I entered him with my dildo. Right before I entered I fucked him with my fingers and sucked on the dildo to make sure everything would slide in just right. As I entered him I could feel how tight his was. His body tightened. I kept up a slow pace. I felt my pussy get wet and felt the tension in my pussy. I took my fingers that I used in him and played with my pussy and fucked it in the same rhythm. It didn't take long for me to cum all over my fingers. I took my soaked fingers out and stuck them in his mouth for him to get a taste. The warmth of his mouth was thrilling. I picked up the pace of fucking his ass that was no longer tight. With both hands free I took over the stroking of his cock. I was in control!

"I've never felt so good!" he moaned.

It didn't take him much longer for him to cum. I was excited with pleasure that I had made him feel good. I took out the dildo and stuck it in his mouth. He tasted what I was crazy about. I kissed him and told him goodnight and until next time! I was so pleased and excited. I left. I wanted him to lay there and think about the experience he had. I wanted him to want me. It didn't take long for a phone call and he asked me to come back over the next night. I found myself with a new fetish...
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