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Fixing Her Pipe

While repairing her broken pipe, she tends to mine
As an insurance adjuster I get called to all sort of different situations. Most are storm related, but some are your freak accidents like toilet run over or a pipe burst. This was one of those times. I had gotten a call to go to the home of a couple who had a pipe burst behind their water heater. It had been a particularly cold winter and as we were in late January there was still at least a month to go.

I arrived as the husband was leaving. He said a few curt words to his wife about her friend who had recommended the plumber who had added the new water heater. I didn’t pay much attention to him, and went about taking my pictures and drawing a diagram of the house. After a little while the clean-up company who had been called arrived and they began to remove the standing water and setting their drying equipment.

I was finishing up gathering my information to make an estimate and the wife came into the kitchen with an exasperated sigh.

“Do you happen to know any plumbers?”

I answered honestly, “I’m really not supposed to make any recommendations. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” she said. “I’m just so frustrated. Every plumber I talk to is either on another frozen pipe burst or they want an unbelievable amount of money!” She was clearly exasperated.

I made a suggestion. “Why don’t you just have your husband fix it tonight? It’s a simple fix. He needs an elbow and some ” pipe.”

“You might as well be speaking German,” she laughed. “I don’t have a clue what you just said and he would have even less!”

I can’t imagine this. I know every man is not a contractor like I have been, but damn! It’s a pipe. You get pipe glue, a coupling or elbow and you attach them. Not a difficult concept.

My facial expression must have given me away. She arched her eyes and put a hand on her hip. “You must deal with a lot of dumbasses like my husband, huh?”

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to agree that her husband was a dumbass. Not helpful around the house maybe, but not a dumbass. It was only then that I noticed her completely. She was shorter than me, but perfectly proportioned. She had light brown hair with full lips and an ass to die for. Her breasts look liked they were between a B cup and a C cup.

“Are you checking me out?” She asked with a smile.

“NO! I mean…I might have been. Damn.” I was a little taken aback with her being kind of forward. She had a sassy personality.

I had been married for over a decade. While we had been hot and heavy while dating and engaged and in our first several years of marriage, my wife had become increasingly less interested in my needs as we had two kids and we became more just parents than lovers. I know this is a natural progression in life, but I haven’t changed! I continue to provide more and more each year. I try to romance my wife, but she is always tired and ready to go to bed when we would normally begin to “go at it”.

I have never chased women. I felt to do that would betray my wife’s trust in me. But I have had a few situations just fall into my lap. Literally. This was one of those times. Times where you just knew you were going to get laid…just for being there.

“Look,” she said. “Do you think you could help me out here? I mean, I could be very grateful if you helped me.”

“Could be,” I asked with a smirk?

“OK. I WOULD be very grateful. VERY! My husband just left for an out of town business trip and he won’t be back until the weekend.”

I walked over to her hot water heater closet and made sure of what I needed to fix the pipe and said I was going to the local hardware chain to get what I needed. I returned in about an hour and the clean-up company was just finishing. I went to work fixing the pipe. During my trip to and from the store I had determined that she was just flirting and it wasn’t going to take but a few minutes anyway. I climbed up on my 3-foot step ladder and began to cut and fix the new pipe into the old elbow that had burst.

I was just finishing when she walked up and looked up to the pipe I was seating into the new elbow. She sighed and told me that the cleaning company had just left and how loud the equipment they had left was. I laughed. I had to look a little silly standing on the 2 nd step of the ladder with my hands in the air holding the pipes together.

She smiled and walked a few steps closer. “So,” she began sassily, “How long do you have to hold that pipe?”

“A minute or so,” I replied.

“Well then, if you’re holding something maybe I should be holding something. I mean, you did keep your end of the bargain.” She just looked up at me. I couldn’t believe how pretty she was. And her lips looked very inviting.

“If you give me a minute, I’ll be right down,” I said. My cock had begun to swell in my cargo pants.

“No, I think I like you right where you are.” Her hands came up and went towards my belt. She quickly unbuckled it. She then unbuttoned them and with a smile on her face slowly let the zipper down. I had a tape measure and a knife on the belt and the weight pulled them straight down. My cock was now quarters of its fullest size and was straining against my boxers. I have never considered myself huge. My wife measured it one day and it was just under six inches. Most men brag about their length or girth. I’ve never understood that. You have what you have! Might as well just learn how to use it.

She brought her hands up to my knees. She ran her fingers straight up my thighs to my hips. She then turned her hands around and grabbed the waist of my boxers and pulled them down with her hands inside of them. They fell to my ankles. I reached down with my hands and she told me that I should keep holding that pipe. I put my hands back where they were.

She reached out with one hand and grasped the shaft. The feeling was electric. She slowly began to run her fingers up the shaft and over the head. My knees slightly buckled. She noticed this. “You okay up there big fella,” she asked? “I’d hate for you to fall on your face.”

“I’ll be okay in a few minutes,” I replied. “Just a little swelling there, do you think you could help me out with that?”

She didn’t reply verbally, but she did orally. Slowly, never breaking eye contact, she moved her lips towards my now throbbing cock. She softly kissed the tip. When she broke contact a little string of pre-cum was on her lips. Damn it had been a long time since I’d had my cock sucked. The sad thing was my wife knew how much I enjoyed this and she never made time for a full “BJ” any more. Oh, she’d start, but always ended up bouncing up and down on me.

I was instantly brought back to reality as the head of my cock passed between her lips. Her tongue softly licked the back of my head again sending waves of ecstasy shooting up my cock into my balls. If I wasn’t careful I was going to blow. I slowly began to breath. Her hand hadn’t left my shaft. Her eyes had not broken contact with mine. She looked down and brought her hand to the base of my shaft and plunged the full length of my cock into her warm mouth.

“Oh Jillian,” I gasped. “That feels great!” I could barely whisper and it came out as almost a groan.

Her head moved backwards and she let my cock come out of her mouth. “I’m glad you think so. It’s been a while since I sucked a cock. I’m a little out of practice. I hope you’ll be patient with me.”

I found this hard to believe and said so.

“My husband is not very interested in sex. He is constantly working on his next land development deal and we barely touch any more. I’m not yet 30 and I need to do this as much as you apparently need it done.”

There was not much to say to that. My ass was slightly above the top step of the ladder. I rested it on the top step. I brought my hands down and caressed her face with them. She turned her attention back to my cock. She had given me the few seconds I needed not to blow too quickly.

She rolled the tip of it in her mouth and then alternated between softly sucking just the head and deep throating the whole thing. After a minute or so of this she sank to her knees onto the bottom step of the ladder. She then began to pick up speed. I was wishing she’d slow down and wanted her to speed up all at the same time. She let go of my shaft and began to softly play with my balls dragging her fingertips up them from the back of my balls to the base of my shaft.

This girl knew how to suck a dick and I told her so. She smiled as she looked up at me and licked the bottom of my jerking cock from the base to the tip. Oh, I was going to blow soon.

She stood up and kissed me, softly at first and then much more passionately. She reached out and caressed my hard cock and drug her fingernails up and down the shaft. She whispered into my ear, “Please tell me you are going to return the favor.”

I pulled her face back and looked her in the eyes, “I’m going to do much more than that. I have no plans this evening and a hotel room is not where I want to be.”

She went back to her knees and began softly, purposefully sucking just the tip.

I encouraged her. “Holy shit, that feels good!”

She seemed to really respond to encouragement and it only made her go deeper. I brought one hand up behind her head and began to guide her backwards and forwards. The base of my cock had started to tingle. She must have sensed I was getting close because she slowed down leaving the head of my cock at her throat for a second or two every time I plunged her face towards me.

“Please play with my balls,” I begged.

She began to move her fingernails backwards and forwards over my sack. The head of my cock was throbbing! My balls began to jerk. She felt this and keeping one hand on them she placed the other one around my backside pulling my ass towards her face. She wanted me deeper and got what she wanted.

I began to blow my load. Unfortunately for her it had been some time. Her neck stiffened as she swallowed repeatedly. She left her mouth halfway up my shaft allowing every last drop to come to rest on her tongue. She was sitting back on her calves now and looking directly into my eyes as she pulled my half hard member slowly from her lips. This time she had a string of cum on them as she finally broke contact. The last thing she did was to take her hands from my exhausted balls with a soft flick of her wrist that sent another wave of electricity through them!

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