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Fringe Benefits (Part 1)

A low-wage, low-hours job with the best perks
For the last two years of my undergraduate education I worked in my school’s gym as a Fitness Attendant. I cleaned equipment, played good music, advised patrons when they needed it. 

It paid minimum wage, and we never got very many hours, but the fringe benefits were amazing. When I went in for a shift at certain times of the day I could look up to the 2nd story where the treadmills and ellipticals were and get a pick-me-up that was the sight of a sexy patron’s sports-bra low-cut-shirt clad breasts bouncing in-time with their movements. Since part of my job was watching patrons to make sure they were being safe, I got to see gorgeous young women in the best ways this side of nude: tight and revealing clothing, sweating while they did crunches from a decline bench, bent-over dumbbell raises in front of a giant mirror (where the desks and walkways were, you could see both a woman’s tight ass and her heaving breasts at the same time) and the constant rising and falling of women riding a spin bike.

But the best fringe benefit came, surprisingly enough, when I was assigned in the beginning of my senior year to open the weight room three (school) days a week at 6am. On the first day of work, a Wednesday, my first hint of what kind of fringe benefits this job could get me came with the arrival of a pair of fit women, wearing short, tight black shorts with a white stripe down either side, and snug pink and yellow tops that exposed their shapely midriffs and their muscular upper backs and shoulders. Their tops pushed their breasts up for a delightful public showing, and both women had their long hair, dark brown on one and copper red on the other, done up in bands to stay under control. They were both around 5’7”, neither could have been more than a lean and muscular 130 lbs, and their legs had both length and muscle mass.

They came to my desk where I watched to be sure patrons were behaving. The pink-wearing brunette introduced the two of them.

“Hi, I'm Tara and this is my friend Jessica. Are you the guy who is supposed to make sure we play by the rules? And maybe check our technique?”

They quickly eyed me, and I them. Their tops were pushing their breasts up deliciously, their bellies were tight with the slightest bit of sculpture, and their muscular thighs ran all the way up to form perfect asses.

“Yes I am. When I'm around, you'll be lifting perfectly. I am strict with everyone”.

“Strict, huh? Good. Most of the guys here are kind of lenient with us. We were hoping that there was someone here who wasn't scared to be…dominant”, Jessica winked at me.

I cocked an eyebrow at them as I smiled and thought about how strict I could be with this redhead and brunette. From the way they looked and their confidence with their own bodies, I could tell they were used to working hard and were constantly active.

“We'll see what you two can handle. What are you working today?” I asked them.

“Legs and some back”, Tara answered.

“If you really want me to work on your technique, today will be your perfect day”, I assured them.

“Awesome! But we should stretch first. Do you have any of those rollers we could use?”, Jessica asked .

I did, and handed each of them a roller, and sat back to watch the show.

Tara started stretching her right side, Jessica her left. I got to see Tara’s front as she rolled back and forth on the floor, and Jessica’s ass and well-developed swimmer’s back. They switched, and I could see that their asses were almost identical, but for Tara’s being slightly smaller. When either one was facing me, they made sure to see that I was watching.

They moved to back squats, and the depth that they reached appalled me. So I walked over while Tara was on her second set, sank to a squat, and told her to keep going lower (and got an excellent side view of her butt and breasts). When she got low enough, I told her then she could come back up. I did the same as Jessica worked, and when people would get pissed for me trying to get them to excel, they thanked me each with heavy-breath sweaty kiss on the cheek.

“Holy shit that was awesome. I've never done something like that”, Jessica panted.

“You sure know how to command”, Tara told me with a quick wink.

“I'm not going to let my patrons fail themselves. If you're going to lift, why not do it right,expend more calories while you're at it, and create more potential for growth?” I told them.

“So go all the way, all the time?” Jessica smirked with a shake of her hips.

“You know it”, I laughed. “What is next for you two?”

“We had a few leg exercises to do before we hit our lats, but I think you've earned a little reward first”, Tara winked.

I walked back to my desk as I wondered what it could be, while my new favorite patrons wandered over to the movable benches.

There were two rows of benches, then a rack of dumbbells in twos and fours weighing anywhere from 5 to 120 lbs. Behind that was a mirror that occupied the entire wall.

Jessica and Tara selected a pair of 35s each, and got into position for my favorite exercise to see well-formed women perform: Dumbbell lat pulls.

They each selected a bench in the back row, closer to the desk, bent a knee upon their bench, bent over so their backs were straight, and began to pull.

The way they had positioned themselves, I could see down both their tops in the mirror and enjoy their asses at the same time. As they lifted, one or the other would look back toward me and smile. After a few sets, Tara left her bench to share with Jessica, so that when they pulled together, they could look at each other’s chests.

I immediately thought “Ooo!...that is now the best thing I've ever seen here”. And I was very glad I had a desk to sit at that had space for my legs.

When they were done, Tara went to her bag in the cubbies next to the desk, and Jessica sauntered, swaying her hips with every step, towards the desk. She placed her palms on the desktop, leaned over a bit to give me another show, and asked me: “Did you like your little reward?”

I thought for just a second, stopping myself from blurting something stupid.

“I certainly did. You two put on quite a show. You should charge others, sometime”, I laughed.

“Glad you enjoyed it. Tara, don’t we have something else for our new friend?”Jessica turned to ask.

“I think so. We'll have to see if he likes it”, Tara said as she handed me a folded-up piece of paper.

“Can I open it now, or do I have to wait for Christmas?” I asked.

“Why wait?” Tara smirked before she bit her lip.

I looked at them both with a smile and a cocked eyebrow, and they waited expectantly for me to open the note. I decided to tease them a bit, acting first like I wasn't going to keep it, then as though I was going to put in my pocket. Each new act put a little cloud of disappointment on their faces, then as I seemed to start to open it their faces lit up once more. Finally I opened it, and the words written in the girliest pink I'd ever seen, made me glad again I had a desk with leg-room to sit at.

You handled us pretty well today in the gym. Obviously you've made this place your own. Let’s see if you can handle us at our place XOXO

Underneath were their names, their numbers, and the address of the apartment they shared.

“I’ve got the best job right now” I thought to myself, and asked them what day they wanted to test me.

“Friday night, around nine”, Tara answered. “Be prepared”, Jessica added with a wink.

Two days of waiting for what should be a great night. Classes seemed to last twice as long as they should have, every page I read felt like four, and I couldn't fall asleep for hours Wednesday or Thursday night. I debated jerking off Wednesday night, weighing whether I wanted more to release a big load (Friday night, hopefully) or last longer for my first one. “Fuck it” I decided that night. I watched and read lesbian and group porn that night, and made sure it was quicker than my usual luxurious sessions that tended to produce larger loads.

That night I dressed in a nicer pair of khaki pants than usual, tucked into my boots, with the shirt I got as a member of the school’s bodybuilding and powerlifting club. I walked to their place, a two-story apartment complex surrounding a complex, and knocked on their door.

“Who is it?” I heard, Tara, I think, ask in a sing-song voice.

I thought something fun would be in order: “I better see flat thighs the next time you squat!”

The door opened in a blur, my arm was grasped and I was pulled in even faster, and my lips collided with the softest pair I’d ever met. I heard the door slam, and I was pulled again to turn around and encountered another pair of soft lips. As quickly I was released, and almost breathlessly I saw Jessica, red hair long and slightly curled, pink lipstick, slight mascara, bare feet, and wearing the same clothes I’d seen her in Wednesday. Tara smacked my ass all of a sudden and I jumped as I turned to look at her. She was wearing her workout clothes from Wednesday as well, but had put on blue eye shadow, straightened her long brown hair, and rubbed golden glitter on her belly and the top of her breasts.

Slowly Jessica came around to my front so that she and Tara stood side-by-side.

“What do you think? Sorry we didn't wear anything nicer. We just haven’t had time for laundry lately”, Jessica apologized.

“It'll do for now. You still look good, but I think we could improve things”, I said as I approached. I kissed Jessica as I splayed my fingers over Tara’s stomach and rubbed her abs. With my other hand I resting on Jessica’s side I moved to taste Tara again while Jessica’s hands began roaming over me. Her hand on Tara’s side ran up and down my thigh, while her hand on her other side began moving across my left hip.

Tara’s mouth opened as we kissed, and our tongues began to swirl about each other’s. I felt a slight push on my hip from Jessica’s hand, so I turned to her. Instead of dancing, our tongues fought each other, as we each took to almost stabbing each with the tips of our tongues.

Meanwhile I felt my belt being undone, somewhat shakily. Tara it seemed was too excited to easily undo another person’s belt, so I pulled away from Jessica, rested my forehead on Tara’s, and undid the buckle for her. She undid my belt with the rest of the way with a grateful, slightly embarrassed, smile, then unclasped and unzipped me.

I turned to Jessica again, and began nibbling her neck. I was rewarded with a shuddering gasp and her hand traveling to my hardened, still clothed cock. I moved my hands from both girls’ torso to the crotch of their workout bottoms, and began rubbing both of them flat-handed.

My eardrums were pounded as they both shrieked, as though neither had gotten taken care of in weeks. I curled my fingers as I pressed on the outside of their bottoms, then began to alternate who got rubbed.

As I rubbed Tara, Jessica’s hands flew under my shirt to start playing with my nipples. Fuck, I always forget how good that can be! When I rubbed Jessica, Tara would work on my boots. By the time I was ready to step out of them, both my gym girls had put my hands between their legs and clenched their legs together. Their eyes were shut as their gasps increased and their yells grew louder, and they both started to twitch and shake.

“Fuck yes fuck yes fuck yessssss!!!! OH! Fuck!” Tara yelled as I felt her pussy explode through her shorts.

A slight twinge ran through me as the sound of her orgasm turned me on even more.

“Oh fuck I don't want to cum yet! I need a tongue!” Jessica gasped as another, larger spasm rippled through her. She shoved my hand away, pulled her top off to show us her firm, C-cup breasts topped by with pink nipples, and had trouble peeling off her pussy-soaked bottom. She couldn't manage without falling back onto the wall, at which point, me and Tara knelt on either side of her and grasped her shorts. We locked eyes, nodded once, and in one go stripped Jessica’s soaking bottom off.

To my delight she was trimmed, and the red of her hair complemented the slight tan of her skin perfectly. I extended my tongue and was about to run it up her pussy lips to her clit, when Jessica said: “Not yet. You two have too much on still”.

I stood up and started to reach for my pants, but Tara, still kneeling from having helped slip off Jessica’s shorts, slapped my hands away, grabbed the top of both my pants and underwear, and pulled. My engorged sprang out to rest between Tara’s right cheek and Jessica’s leg, while Jessica pulled off my shirt and threw it behind me somewhere. Her mouth lowered to swirl her tongue around first one, then the other nipple, as Tara stood back up. I with my boots still, my pants around my ankle, and Jessica looked at Tara as she grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it off in a flash. I gasped as her B-cup breasts came into view, firmer than Jessica and topped by brown nipples. She started playing as though she were going to undress all the way, then walked over to me and Jessica.

“You look like you need a little help there Jordan”, she remarked as she looked toward my boots and pants still bunched around my ankles.

“Your first command”, I said. “I am going lay on my back, and you two will are going to strip me. Then Tara, you will walk to the back of the couch and bend over far as you can”.

“Fuck yes.” “Yes sir.” I heard.

I lay on my back and propped myself on my elbows to watch them. Jessica was on my left, Tara on my right, and they were breathless as they got the last of my clothing off me as quick as they could. I sat up when there was nothing on me anymore, pulled Tara to me by her arm, and growled in her ear: “Get your ass over to that couch and bend over. DO NOT look behind you”. She smiled then nodded meekly and hurried over.

Their couch was rather low, so when Tara bent over her face lay against the seat. I motioned for Jessica to follow me, and we walked over to stand on either side of Tara’s ass. I pulled Jessica to me so I could growl in her ear: “Spank her. I will take her bottom off, inch by inch. When I pause spank her as hard as you can. Her ass needs to be red, and she needs to whimper by the end.”

Jessica shuddered as I gave her my command, and quickly brought her hand back and crashed it on Tara’s right butt. Tara yelped and jumped a bit, after which I pulled her bottoms down to reveal half the crack of her ass. Another slap, and I pulled Tara’s bottom down to reveal her asshole. Jessica’s third slap was on the left cheek now, while the right was already reddening. We heard an ‘mmmmph’ sound from over the couch, and I pulled again. Tara’s ass was three quarters exposed when Jessica’s fourth slap came, eliciting a quick “Ahohhhh!”.

We continued alternating pulls and slaps, until the sounds we heard from Tara’s mouth were all pain, her ass resonated scorching heat, and her bottoms were around her ankles. I slipped them off, slapped Tara’s ass with them a few times, and threw them away.

“Now Jessica, tell me: you two have played with each other, right?” I asked her.

Her smile grew as she bit her lip and her face beamed even brighter as she nodded yes. Tara was still bent over, her ass smarting and laboring to get the pain and her breathing under control.

“Good”,I said. “Sit on the floor, spread her legs, scoot under her, and eat her up”.

She eagerly obeyed, and soon Tara was gasping and moaning as Jessica’s tongue probed her pussy lips and flicked her clit. As the moans became more constant, Jessica sucked Tara’s clit into her breath and suckled, making Tara gasp and jump almost out of Jessica’s mouth. Jessica relaxed her grip on Tara’s clit and starting fucking Tara with her tongue. Tara’s breaths came quicker, at which point Jessica began to swirl her tongue inside her.

Jessica’s hands had not been idle while her tongue was so busy. At first they had grasped the back of Tara’s thighs, then slowly she had worked them up to her ass. As Jessica’s tongue ran along Tara’s pussy lips, her hands slowly massaged Tara’s ass cheeks. The pain Tara had endured from the spanking began to subside so she began to feel more of the ecstasy being wrought upon her by Jessica’s tongue.

I lay on the floor while Jessica was massaging Tara’s ass. I crawled up to Jessica’s hips and extended my tongue. I brushed the tip of it along her inner thighs. Jessica shuddered at my touch and began pushing her hips toward me, aching to feel my tongue give her the release I’d denied her earlier. I began poking her thighs with my tongue, getting closer and closer to her pussy. She began humping the air as I got closer, and I swore I could hear her moan a soft ‘pleeeaaassseee’ while she tongue-fucked her best friend.

I decided I would oblige her. With the barest touch of the tip of my tongue to her clit, her entire body jumped as if shocked and she moaned into Tara’s pussy, making her cum again. I dragged my tongue along the outside and middle of Jessica’s lower lips, and her entire crotch moved even faster towards me. “Ohhhhh fuuuuccckkk yess I love your tongue put it on my clit please please please!” I was rewarded with hearing.

Tara was coming from down from her orgasm and began shaking her hips again over Jessica’s mouth. Little waves of pleasure rippled through as she rubbed, and she asked: “May I get up and see, please?”.

I pulled my mouth away from Jessica’s pussy for a second to think about it. Jessica moaned in near-despair at my tongue’s departure, but gasped and shook when I inserted three fingers into her, crooked, and started to finger-fuck her.

“No Tara. You will stay right there until I've finished with Jessica. You can keep fucking her face though. Jessica, start playing with her Tara’s ass”, I commanded.

Jessica’s hands reached up, fingers splayed, to grasp Tara’s still-recovering ass. Immediately she began to press each of her fingertips into Tara’s cheeks, kneading them. This elicited more little moans from Tara, who sped up her fucking of Jessica’s face.

When I made sure my girls were obeying me, I jumped into Jessica’s sopping wet pussy. I curled my tongue upwards and swiped her inside just behind her clit. I ran it side and side, and Jessica hips quickly began following the motions of my tongue. I grabbed her hips to keep her still, then moved my hands to cup her butt while I straightened my tongue to give her a proper tongue-fucking. After mere seconds of my tongue spearing her she was letting out muffled sounds vaguely resembling ‘Fuck!’ and ‘pussy!’ and ‘tongue!’. I looked up as I started to swirl my tongue in a circle, and saw Jessica’s body shaking, one finger fucking Tara’s ass, and Tara’s hips moving up and down just fast enough to keep Jessica’s finger in and her clit rubbing against Jessica’s face. If I had rubbed myself at all I would probably have cum and wasted that load on their carpet.

I withdraw my tongue then to bring my right hand to Jessica’s pussy. Her hips thrust forward, searching for something, anything to fill the void. I scooted up so my face was now in range of Jessica’s breasts and my cock was pointing at her belly, and placed my hand, palm flat and fingers extended, in front of her pussy. I let her pussy fuck forward just enough to slightly rub against my hand. She moans at the new contact, but…Smack! I smack her lips and clit in a short, sharp motion like I would against the underside of someone’s ass. Her body jolted as if electrocuted and we heard a very loud “AHHHHH!!!” I did it again, and she began to beg for it.

“Keep smacking my pussy, pleeeeaaaassseee I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum!” Instead of continuing and letting her cum, I bring two fingers to her clit, and slowly, tantalizingly slowly, start rubbing. The frustration is evident in her body as it tight and wound-up, and she is gasping for air from being so close to cumming and having Tara in her face for so long.

“Tara!” I yell. “Come stand to our side and finger yourself while I get Jessica here off”.

She straightens up, momentarily pressing Jessica’s head against the couch, walks just a few feet away, twists her nipples with one hand and sticks three fingers of the other inside herself. She isn’t far from cumming again, but seems to be holding back as Jessica and I watch her.

“Waiting to cum with Jessica, Tara?” I ask her.

“Uh-huh” is all she can say as her eyes dart between me and her best friend and her fingers go faster.

I smirk and dive back into Jessica. My tongue swirls inside her while my right index finger rubs her clit and my left middle finger is pressing on her ass. Her hips are thrusting at me, her legs squeezing and her body wrenching in near-orgasm. Her shakes gain in speed, and she is yelling: “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! AHHH!!! AHHHH!!!”

Her legs clench together and hold my head vice-like as she finally gets to cum. Wave after wave of pleasure convulses her body, whipping her hips, torso, and head around. Her eyes are jammed closed and no words or sounds are emanating.

Then it finally happens: she squirts, no, gushes cum, seemingly gallons of it, onto my face and shoulders as her back arches. I hear Tara give a little gasp as she cums seconds after Jessica’s first spurts.

I keep licking and rubbing Jessica as she cums until she pushes me away with all her strength because her entire body is too sensitive. I grin as I withdraw from her, her cum running down me. I examine the mess we made, and ask Tara what she thinks.

“Holy fuck! I've never gotten her to squirt like that,” she breathed. “Maybe you can do that to me later?” she begged.

“I think that will happen”, I told her as I kissed her and our tongues intertwined again. I shared Jessica’s delicious juices with her, and Tara brought her hand up so we could both taste her. We turned to see how Jessica how was recovering, who was watching us, dazed with a sleepy smile and half-open eyes, sitting in a pool of cum. Me and Tara walk over, help her stand, and let her taste herself and Tara. She perks up then, and tells me: “Fuck me, I've never squirted like that in my life! But I don't think you've cum yet, have you?”

“Not yet. I bet I could match the amount you put out”

“Oh really? Let’s go see!” she says as she slaps Tara’s ass and I follow them to Tara’s bedroom. I walk behind them to watch their pert asses sway back and forth, one shining with cum, the other still red from the spanking. They get on their knees on Tara’s queen-size bed, and I come up to them, closing the door behind me…

Well that is Part 1 of “Fringe Benefits”. Part 2, immediately continuing from Part 1, will be coming shortly

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