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From Me to You

Just something for my male audience, enjoy.
You smile as I enter the room wearing nothing but stockings. You have been waiting for this moment all day long, and it is finally here. I stand in front of you, flaunting my goodies as you watch on. The suspense is just killing you. You want my sweet, petite body, but teasingly I will not give you it just yet. I open my legs slightly, letting you see more of my pussy as I squeeze my tits together. Your bulge begins to grow more.

I turn around, letting you see my beautiful, rounded ass. My hands slap against the cheeks, squeezing them gently. I look over my shoulder to see your hand in your boxers, fiddling with your pride and joy. I smile seductively at you as I begin to part my cheeks, letting you see my asshole. Slowly my torso begins to slide down, bending over in front of you with my cheeks still spread. You are tempted to come to me but maintain your position on the bed. I smile once more as it seems you aren’t as easy as I thought.

My hands begin to slip down to my pussy. I spread it with both my index finger and middle fingers, letting you see my pink interior. You start to stroke harder at the sight of my little wet hole. I lick my lips as you do, waiting for you to give me what I want. I step backwards a little bit, feeling your warm breath against my lower lips. I take another step. Your waistband slaps against you as you place your hands on my ass, reeling me in to you. Your tongue begins to flick against my pink insides, tickling me slightly. I let out a whimper as it starts to go into the hole, licking it rabidly. You close your eyes enjoying the taste of my sweet nectar surrounding your tongue.

Your face presses against my ass, getting your tongue deeper into my pussy. As it flicks and licks, I begin to moan louder and louder, feeling the bliss that you have to offer me. My hips begin to grind against your face, wanting more pleasure, more delight. You do not disappoint me as you begin to push a finger into my ass. With your tongue licking my pussy and your finger penetrating my ass, I have no option but to subdue to the immense pleasure. Your finger pumps in and out faster as your tongue swirls around my hole, turning my legs to jelly. I feel my climax nearing.

Your arm begins to wrap around my leg, pulling me playfully as you see that I am unstable on my feet. You want my juices to flood your mouth and you want them now. You retreat your tongue from the hole and begin to move down to my clitoris, making me squirm more. Under your groaning, I hear a chuckle. You just love the power you have over me, the power to make me wriggle and want more of you. It makes you feel dominant and masculine when I moan over your tongue. A sense of complete control makes you thrive.

Your fingers pump me hard, pushing against my rectum. Your tongue sucks and nibbles my clitoris. I push your face into it, showing you how much I love it. Without any warning, I begin to tremble; my pussy begins to flood with my sweet cum. You move your tongue back to my hole, lapping at the juices that had just appeared. You just love the taste of it, slurping every last drop from me like it was going out of fashion. You ease your fingers out of my ass, and with one final slurp at my juices you move your head away from my crotch. I stand up, still shaking from the orgasm you just gave me but this encounter is not over, not for a long shot...

You lie back, your hands behind your head. This is the moment you have been waiting for. I drop to my knees, moving in between your legs, which hang off of the bed. You breathe heavily as you feel my nude body against your thighs. You know what’s coming. My hands creep from your thighs up to your torso, stroking your body. I begin to slip my hands under the waistband of your boxer shorts, licking my lips as I do so. I slowly begin to peel away the material, your cock springing up into my face.

I quickly take the head of your cock into my mouth, sucking just the tip for the time been. Your eyes roll as you feel my mouth of velvet around your helmet, softly suckling on you. My tongue races around it, giving exquisite pleasure to you as it brushes over your banjo string and eye. You moan and groan as I continue to suck on your head. Oh how the tables have turned, it is you who is squirming now as I gobble on it.

Looking up at you, my mouth slowly begins to descend down your long, fat cock. My lips stretch and your head bulges my cheek as I struggle to fit all of you in. I reach the base, your pelvis against my forehead. Holding there for just a second, I hear you grunt as your head meets the back of my throat. You look down into my eyes as I begin to come back up, gasping for air. Your hand caresses my cheek as I place my hand on the base of your cock firmly. I begin to slide my hand up and down your shaft, before placing the head inside my mouth yet again. I start to glide my mouth down your shaft as I wank you gently. I moan softly as your big, erect penis fills my mouth once more.

Bobbing my head a few times, I pull my head off of you, smiling at you again. You smile back as my mouth disappears behind your cock. You feel my tongue make contact with your banjo string, licking it tenderly. You groan with delight as it rolls over it again and again. I begin to lick and kiss my way down your shaft, savouring and loving every inch. My tongue meets your sack quicker than I thought. With a swift motion, I plant a passionate kiss on your balls before parting my lips slightly. I take a ball into my mouth, sucking it lovingly as I tug on your cock. You gasp as you feel my tongue rolling over your testicle.

I move my head over to the other ball, and repeat the process. Giving it a big sloppy kiss, I take it into my mouth, sucking it more swiftly than the last. You begin to run your fingers through my hair as I work your cock and balls, letting out a gasp every now and then. I close my eyes, loving the taste of your balls and the feeling of your hardness in my hand. I carry on sucking and licking as you squirm.

Your ball tenses in my mouth, telling me to finish you off. I quickly agree, and begin to lick and kiss my way back up your throbbing member. I reach the top of your twitching shaft, looking deeply into your eyes. You look back at me, wondering what my next move is going to be. With a cheeky smile on my face, my hand starts moving up and down your shaft slowly. My tongue starts to lick the eye of your cock before my mouth encases the head for the last time. My hand speeds up, wanking you hard and fast into my throat. Your hands move away from my hair and begin to squeeze the bed, your toes curl and your cock tenses up even more. My mouth goes further down your shaft as your cum squirts into me, string after string. You groan loudly as your orgasm fills my mouth. The salty taste of you covers my whole tongue, but I’m not complaining. You lie back exhausted as your cock softens.

With one final suck, I release you, letting your cock slap against your abdomen. I close my mouth and begin to gulp your semen down. You smile at me as I do. With another cheeky smile, I open my mouth, revealing that all your cum is gone.

“My, you are a naughty girl,” you laugh as I come to join you on the bed.

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