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From You to Me

This is part 2 of From Me to You...beginning at its ending...
This is for Sir.

From You to Me

“MMMMMMMM, you taste so good,” I whisper as I release your softening cock from my lips. I shower kisses up your torso and chest, coming to rest just below your chin. I smile as I draw lazy circles, with my finger, around a nipple. You sigh and run a hand up and down my shoulder to the curve of my ass. “I like that,” I whisper. You laugh and concentrate on the curve of my ass, massaging circles with your fingertips. Your touch is gentle and soft at first, but soon turns to firm pressure, kneading the roundness. I cannot help but squirm. CRACK, your hand lands on my ass. I gasp in surprise! CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, three more blows land in the same spot. “OOOOOOOOO,” I moan and grind my pussy against your thigh. “No, no, no,” you say as you grasp my wrists and hold them together in one hand as you move to your knees beside me. “My turn now, my pet,” you say as you raise my arms above my head and secure them with a scarf I keep tied there.

My breath is coming in short, fast pants. I look into your eyes with a questioning glance and see yours full of mischief. Your smile is a bit wicked. “Shush my pet,” you whisper in my ear. Your tongue reaches out and traces the shell of my ear, dipping lower; you catch my earlobe between your teeth. I hiss and arch my chest towards you, begging silently. As you move your lips from my ear to the tender flesh of my neck, you place a hand between my breasts and push my chest down. I try to move a breast under your hand, but you keep your touch firm and unmoving. You bite down hard, on the spot where the neck meets the shoulder, gripping the tendon tight and flicking your tongue along the now tender spot. I whimper and feel my pussy go from hot to boiling.

You release your bite and nip your way down my shoulder, under my up raised arms and around a bra covered breast. My breasts are so heavy and my nipples are painfully hard. My ragged breathing is causing sweet friction against my nipples from the bra. You move your mouth over my left breast, pausing over the peak and nip it through the fabric. “Mmmmm, more,” I moan. You continue to the right and again pause over the peak, grasping it with your teeth. “Oh god, oh God,” I whimper. My hips are thrusting up, chest heaving, hands clenched. You move your hands to the front clasp of my bra and release it. “Ahhhhhh,” I sigh. You straddle my hips and push the cups aside releasing my ample, aching breasts. You grasp one in each hand, thumbs and fingers, pinching the pierced nipples. You press your hips down to keep mine from lifting off the bed. My lower lip is caught between my teeth, eyes squeezed tight, focused solely on the pleasure. You bend forward and catch my left nipple in your teeth. Your tongue lashes out, flicking the ring there. My nipple gets impossibly harder. You grasp the ring in your teeth and pull. My body shudders, “Oh fuck I’m cumming,” I stammer, the bed groans as I pull on the restraints and my pussy gushes. You reach a free hand down, get a handful and bring it to my mouth. I suck you fingers hard and deep, tasting myself. You release my nipple with a pop and chuckle. As you move to the right breast, you smack the left one. My eyes fly open as I gasp! Our eyes meet and there is that wicked grin again. We keep eye contact as you lower your mouth. Your tongue snakes out and flicks the ring. You again chuckle as my eyes glaze over and drift closed, focused on the sweet torture.

You leave my now tender breasts and kiss your way down my belly. Licking and kissing a slow path. You reach my navel and swirl your tongue inside. I wiggle and giggle a bit because it tickles. Your hands slide down and grip my hips, to still my movements. My giggling stops as your fingers dig into my hip bones. Biting my lip, I feel your hands slip down, along the crease of my legs. You push my thighs apart, bend my knees up and place my feet flat on the bed. You trace your fingers along the crease of my legs and push the thong aside. “You are so breathtaking my pet,” you utter, “So beautiful, so stunning, oh God, I need to taste you.” My pussy clinches at your words. I feel you lower yourself to your belly and slide closer to my snatch. My breath stops… I feel your tongue trace my soaking slit and your fingers spread my lips. My body quivers as you stab your tongue into my pussy and lick up to my throbbing clit. I scream as you bite down on that sweet little nub and flick it. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, please,” I scream. You hum on my clit and that sends me over the edge. Wave after wave of bliss washes over me. You lower your mouth and lap up all my sweetness. You moan as my pussy spasms around your tongue and you fuck me faster. Licking deep, swirling your tongue against my walls. The tip of your nose nudges my clit with every thrust of your tongue.

Suddenly you move to your knees and throw my legs up on your shoulders. “Oh hell yes” I scream, “fuck me please.” You slide in slowly, relishing in the feel of my still quivering pussy. You moan and continue until your balls rest on my ass. Our breathing is ragged. You hold still. Our eyes meet and mine widen as you begin to move. I feel your cock, inch by glorious inch. Your hands slide from my hips up my silky legs. You turn your face to the left and lick my ankle and press a kiss there. Your eyes find mine, you smile and reach toward my clit and gather it between your thumb and finger and pinch. My hips arch into your touch, pushing you impossibly deeper. You moan and begin to thrust hard. You pinch and flick my nub in time with your strokes. I feel the intensity building. You feel my pussy clenching your cock. I am pulling on the restraints, so you reach up and undo my wrists. My hands fly to my nipples and pinch. You groan and begin fucking me faster. Your hands slap down on my breasts, trapping mine in a brutal grip. Your head is thrown back and eyes are closed tight. I feel you swell inside my tightness. I jerk a hand free and move it down to my clit and begin stroking, my fingers grazing your cock. You move a hand around to my ass and smack it. “I’m gonna cum my pet,” you groan. “Oh yes, oh yes,” I scream. Your hands bruise my hips as you grab hold and empty yourself deep. I scream and my pussy grips you tight, milking your cock.

You lower my legs and settle over me. Our sweat soaked bodies are sticky and we cling to one another. You press your lips to mine and I can taste myself on your tongue. I bite the tip of yours and smile as I feel your cock stir…

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