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Getting a promotion for my husband

How I fucked the boss to get my husband promoted
As most of my friends know, I'm marriedto Johnathon, a very successful businessman. Johnathon is very kind, generous and thoughtful. We have fine cars, several homes and a large yacht. We also enjoy exotic vacations several times a year. I really enjoy the lifestyle and would not give it up for anything.

There is one area where Johnathon falls short, he is not very good in the bedroom. Jonathon’s cock is rather small, perhaps 4 or 5 inches. It's not the size of his cock so much as he just is not interested in sex and is a very poor lover.

Johnathon, my husband, has been steadily working his way up the ladder at the financial management company, and is now in the running for a promotion to Vice President. A few weeks ago we received an invitation to a company dinner party, for the companies top executives. This would be my first opportunity to meet the company President Mr. Mc Farland, and I wanted to make a good impression.

Under Mr. Mc Farland, the company had grown by leaps and bounds in the past year, he is apparently an excellent leader, and Jonathon always speaks very highly of him. It seemed like he really knew how to get things done.

Since this was to be a formal dinner dance, I went shopping for something appropriate. I figured turning a little charm on for Mr. McFarland would only help Jonathon's chances. After much shopping I selected a strapless evening gown, that was rather low in the front. I planned to wear it with a strapless bra that really put my 38 DD's out there, if you know what I mean. I'm only 5 foot 2 inches tall and even without the bra my boobs look rather large on my otherwise petite body. I'm definitely not ashamed of what I have and love to show off. The dress had a slit in the back that went from just below my bra strap down to the top of my butt. The dress was a satin black that really worked well with my tanned skin.

That evening we arrived at the dinner and were greeted personally by Mr. McFarland. Mr. Mc Farland was quite tall, I would guess at least 6 foot 4 inches and towered above me. He was dressed in an impeccable custom made business suit. He was very handsome, had long,wavy dark hair, and had the deepest sexy voice. I almost melted when he said with a broad sexy grin, “ Hello Beckey, I have heard a lot of good things about you, but you are more beautiful than I had imagined.” Of course he was standing there towering over me looking directly down my dress with my breasts jutting out there for all to see.

In the center of the room was a large round ornately decorated dinner table with 16 chairs. There were ornate name tags by each setting indicating each couple's place at the table. Our place was more or less directly across from Mr. McFarland and his lovely wife. Mr. McFarland was the life of the party, telling jokes and touting the many recent triumphs of the company.

A few moments after we were seated we were served two of the largest shrimp I have ever seen as an appetizer. I decided I would see of I could get MR. McFarland's attention. I took one of the shrimp by the tail, dipped it in a little sauce and very seductively began to suck the body into my mouth. It worked he could not take his eyes off of me. I would suck a little into my mouth, work my lips on it for a moment, then bite a bit off. Then I would repeat the process, each time making love to the shrimp with my mouth. Mr. McFarland was all smiles.

During the dinner Mr. Mc Farland kept looking over at me. Hew would first look me in the eye and than his eyes would focus on my breasts, then briefly back to my eyes, with a big smile on his face. Seemed like he just could not help looking at my boobs. Occasionally I would take a deep breath or lean forward a bit to give him a better look.

As the band started a slow dance Mr McFarland came over and asked Johnathon “May I have this dance with your beautiful wife?”

Jonathon “replied of course.”

Thank you “Mr. Mc Farland” I said. “Oh please call me Brock, we have got to get to know each other much better.”

We started dancing at arms length, but I knew that he was taking another long look down my dress. “You are a very beautiful woman Beckey” Brock then motioned to someone and the lights dimmed. As we danced he began to draw me closer, and as he did I could feel his cock beginning to brush against me. Soon it was clear that he was getting a full blown erection. He drew me closer and closer to him. He slid his hand into the slit in the back of my dress and nearly down to my ass, and press against it. Soon he was grinding his hard cock into my bottom. It was becoming pretty clear what he wanted and I wondered what he would do next.

As we danced , he whispered to me that “Jonathon is being considered for a promotion, but the top management group is very special and that I have to be sure that I will fit in. I will be in touch with you to set up a private meeting to determine how I would fit into the companies overall plans.”

At the end of the dance Brock returned me to my table, as he walked around to the other side of the table, I could not help but notice the large bulge in his pants. I could not take my eyes of it, his cock must be huge. As he reached the other side of the table he noticed my stare, he briefly pulled his suit coat back, giving me an excellent view of his enormous cock, he then gave me a big smile and sat down as though nothing had happened.

The next day I received the following text message. Please go to this exclusive dress and tailoring shop.

Ask for Mr. Barnes. I have given him very specific instructions on an outfit I want him to select and tailor just for you. Plan to arrive around noon and spend a good part of the afternoon.


Brock Mc Farland


The nerve of this guy, he is going to not only tell me what to wear but have it tailored to his liking!

I was kinda pissed but also curious, after all I love clothes and this could be fun.

I went and found his Mr. Barnes. Barnes said that Mr. Mc Farland had given him very specific instructions on exactly what he wanted.

After much measuring and fitting what Barnes came up with was a simple version of the classic little black dress, except that it was red and made or an extremely thin clingy very sexy material. It was cut low, very low. He modified the dress so that it gave me just a hint of support, making my ample breasts really pop out. It scooped so low that it barely covered my nipples. Even though they were not aroused they stuck out prominently thru the sheer material. Oh yes did I mention the dress had very thin spaghetti straps that fell on the outer edge of my shoulders. If I was not careful they would slip off.

The dress was also short, in the back it hung about an inch below the bottom of my but. Mr. Barnes told me that it was to be worn without any undergarments. That is what Mr. McFarland wanted.

Barnes then pulled out a pair of large hoop ear rings, that were studded with red rubies that perfectly matched the color of the dress. He then had me try on several pair of high heeled shoes. We finally selected a pair of glossy red stiletto’s with 5 inch heels.

He finished the ensemble off with a heart shaped necklace, studded with more red rubies. He then modified the chain until the heart was slightly down my ample cleavage.

When he was finished I took a good long look at myself in a full view mirror. I had to admit it was the sexiest outfit I ever had. My boobs looked perfect jutting out from my body and the dress barely covering my nipples was perfect, the view from the back was not bad either. I absolutely loved the dress, but it made me wonder, did I look like the perfect lover, or simply a whore with too much money?

The next day I received the following text Message “ I'm sending Jonathon out of town for a few days, my driver will pick you up at 8:00 tomorrow evening and will give you further instructions.


Brock Mc Farland


God, I thought to myself this guy is really a control freak!!

The next day I received a FEDX package. It contained French bath oil and perfume, and a tube of red very high gloss lipstick. I tested the lipstick. It was the glossiest, wet look lipstick I had ever seen, I had to admit, I liked the way it looked.

That afternoon my head was full of emotions, he was so pushy, choosing every piece of clothing for me!! The nerve of this guy. At the same time he was so handsome, and in a way his taking control was a big turn on for me.

That evening a huge limo pulled into our circular driveway and the driver came to the door. He said his name was James and that we would be going uptown to a very exclusive hotel. Upon arriving he told me that I was to go to the bar and wait for Mr. McFarland.

As I sat at the bar several men tried to buy me drinks, but I refused. Then the hotel security guy came buy and tried to throw me out. I guess he thought from the way I was dressed that I was either a hooker or a slut or both. He said “ This is a four star hotel and we do not allow that sort if thing here, you will have to leave.” When I told him that I was waiting for Mr. Brock Mc Farland, he immediately apologized and backed off. Finally after about 15 minutes he came walking in. Why did he make me sit here all this time feeling like a tramp?

He was dressed in a loose fitting white silk sport shirt and a pair of black spandex pants that had a shiny black leather like look. The material was very tight and stretchy. The pants had no belt loops, and no pockets, they were very snug around the hips and crotch but somewhat loose below the knee. It was as thought he was trying to showcase something. Then I remembered Barnes, I'll bet he had those custom made. I could plainly see the outline of what appeared to be a rather large but soft cock. Hum, I'll bet I can change that, I thought to myself.

“ Come with me my dear, I have reserved a penthouse suite for us.” He put his arm around my waist as we started toward the elevator. I frequently wear high heel shore but these 5 inch stiletto’s were higher than usual. As I walked my ass had a pronounced sway and my boobs would take a pronounced bounce with each step. None of this was wasted on Brock, his eyes seemed too be glued to my breasts, which were constantly in motion.

A bit further down the hall, his hand dropped onto my swaying ass. Soon he fingers were exploring the crack in my bottom. I looked him in the eye and asked “ Mr Mc Farland, are you going to be a naughty man?

He looked down at me, mostly my boobs, and said” Yes my dear, I'm going to be very naughty with you.”

As we entered the elevator he punched the button for the 50 th floor. He then turned to me and looked briefly into my eyes then down my dress where his eyes remained fixated. Finally he looked back into my eyes and said “ I hope that you like the clothes that I picked out, you look absolutely stunning in them.”

I know that he was looking down my dress, he could not seem to take his eyes off my boobs, so I took a couple of deep breaths and arched my back a little. As he looked at me I noticed his cock beginning to swell, and jerk against it's confines. The ridge around the head of his penis was now clearly visible and pushing forward as the shaft got longer and longer. By now I knew that it was going to be huge.

Then looking back down my dress he said “Beckey, let me be perfectly frank, you look like a sex starved fucking slut in those clothes, and that is exactly what I want!”

He slid a card thru the lock on the door to the penthouse and the door swung open. There was a magnificent view of the city, a fire in the fireplace, and absolutely stunning furnishings.

We walked over to the window and turned to face each other. His cock was now pointing to the side and creating an enormous tent in his black stretch pants. He looked me in the eye and said “ Beckey when I saw you sucking that shrimp at the dinner table and playing with it like it was some kind of sex toy, I knew that I wanted my cock in you mouth. Beckey, I want to cum in your mouth!”

With that he stepped behind me and began kiss my neck and gently feel my boobs thru the soft material of my dress. He knew exactly where and how to touch me. I know that he was watching my breasts move around inside my dress as he looked over my shoulder and slowly manipulated them with his awesome hands. By now my nipples were as hard as diamonds and stuck proudly thru the thin material of the dress. I reached behind myself and soon my had was stroking his cock through the thin material of those stretch pants. He immediately began to moan as his cock surged and jerked. It felt enormous. I worked my way up his cock, gently giving it short strokes, searching for the end, I thought, just how long is this monster, will it ever end? When I finally reached the end I felt the large ring around the base of his cock head. As I gently ran my fingernails over the head of his cock, his body quivered, he said “ Oh Beckey you dirty fucking slut”

He turned me around and gave me a kiss on the lips. Slowly, gently at first, then deeper, soon I felt his tongue in my mouth. I returned the favor as our tongues darted in and out of each others mouth. Suddenly I realized that Brock had a an extremely long tongue. His tongue felt as long as my husband's cock. “ Suck my tongue Beckey suck my fucking tongue like it was a cock.”

Brock began thrusting his long tongue in and out of my mouth as I sucked it on it. He was literally fucking my mouth with his tongue!

“I'm yours Brock take me, I want to feel your cock deep inside of me.”

Then slowly gently he pulled the front of my dress down just a but allowing my nipple to peek over the top. After lavishing attention on my aching nipples he slowly pulled the shoulder straps of my dress to one side and slid it to the floor. I returned the favor by slowly unbuttoning his silk shirt. His chest was well toned and nearly hairless.

I then dropped to my knees and began to pull those tight black spandex pants down that were impaled on is hard cock. As his pants dropped to the floor, I saw his awesome cock for the first time. It was even bigger than I had imagined. It must have been at least 8 inches, perhaps more. It had a prominent upward curvature to it so much that the head was nearly pointing straight up. The ridge around the head of his cock was very pronounced. Several large blue blood vessels running down the length of his shaft stood out boldly. They bulged out as though they were under enormous pressure. His groin was nearly hairless and was neatly trimmed. His balls were extra large and were drawn up tightly to his body. I could not help but think about how much cum would be spewing from them.

This man had truly been blessed in the sex hardware department!

I gently touched the tip of his cock with my tongue. He let out a loud groan as his cock lurched upward. Again and again I would touch the head of his cock with my tongue, each time making a little more contact, and each time his cock would surge upward getting harder and harder.

I then touched the head of his cock with my lips and slid my wet tongue along the bottom of his cock. Each time I would run my tongue a little farther down his cock. When my tongue would not reach any farther I began taking more of his cock into my mouth. By the time I had it mostly in my mouth he was breathing very heavily, as he urged me on with his moans and groans. “Suck it you fucking slut!”

I pulled back for a moment and took a good look at it then slowly took nearly all of it down my throat! Once deep in my throat, I worked my throat muscles and the full length of my tongue against it as I very slowly withdrew it. “Oh God Beckey no one has ever done that to me before”

Then I pulled back from him and he immediately started going down on me. Slowly at first. When I felt the tip of his tongue touch my clitoris, I felt an immediate rush of heat sweep over my body. “ Beckey your cunt is dripping wet. You taste so fucking good” Brock said. As I moaned and squirmed he kept up his relentless pursuit of my clitoris. Soon I found myself screaming “Brock I'm cumming, I'm cumming.” Bolts of lightning struck my body, waves of passion swept over me. It was wonderful.

“Oh Brock fuck me, I want to feel that big cock inside of me! Fuck me please!”

Brock replied in that deep sexy voice “Not yet my little whore, you are not ready yet.”

He started teasing my clitoris again , but then he started fucking my pussy with that long tongue of his. His tongue felt like a cock inside of me. But then every few strokes he would go back to teasing my clitoris with the tip of his tongue.

Finally after teasing me for an eternity, I screamed “ Please fuck me with that huge cock, bury it inside of me.”

Brock took me into the bedroom and laid me on the edge of the bed, as he stood beside the bed, he placed my legs against his chest, he the took the head of his cock and teased my clitoris with if again. We worked the head around in circles just barley touching me. Very slowly he allowed hiss huge cock to sink into me, then he would withdraw, and begin again each time going in a bit deeper.

With each stroke I was getting closer and closer. When his cock was fully in me he swiveled his hips around grinding it into me with steady pressure, as he did I exploded into a second orgasm, more delightful and powerful than the first. God could this man ever fuck!

Then to my delight he then started taking several slow shallow strokes, and then take a deep powerful stroke burying that huge cock deep inside if me, grinding it in with that hip motion. He repeated this again and again. Each time sending waves of pleasure through my body. Suddenly another orgasm swept over me.

My orgasm must have brought him to new heights as well, I could feel his body becoming more rigid, I knew that he was approaching climax.

He withdrew his cock and I dropped to my knees in front of him. “Suck it Beckey. Suck my fucking cock, I want to cum in your mouth.”

I took the head of his cock in my mouth and rolled my lips around it. “Oh Beckey suck it you slut!” I took more and more in my mouth running my tongue along the full length of the bottom of his cock. Then I took him deep down my throat and used my throat muscles and tongue to caress his aching cock. Each time leaving him moaning in ecstasy.

When I knew he was almost there, I reached up and took his balls in my hand and gave therm a good tug pulling them back away from the base of his cock. Brock instantly went into an earth shaking orgasm. “You fucking slut Beckey!”

I felt his cock pulse upward several times in my mouth and then I felt his sperm hitting the back of my mouth. He kept cumming and cumming shooting load after load into my mouth. I counted 7 powerful shots of his hot cum hit the back of my mouth.

I swallowed some but intentionally let some flow out of my mouth down my chin and down onto my breasts. Some of it flowing onto my erect nipples forming a drip off the end. Long strands of cum hung from my lips.

Brock looked at my cum covered face and said “ Oh Beckey you are such a hot fucking slut”

We both collapsed onto the bed, our bodies drenched with sweat. My mouth and face were still covered with cum so I gave him a nice deep french kiss. He responded by giving my mouth a good fucking with that extra long tongue of his. He then licked all the cum off my engorged nipples, that felt so erotic, I was getting hot again.

We fucked two more times that evening from every possible position. His stamina was amazing, he just kept fucking me, fucking me, fucking me, I lost count of my orgasm's.

Before he left he asked “ If I promote Jonathon would you be my personal slut whore?” I told him that “I would have to see what he offered Jonathon.”

Brock not only had a big cock, a long tongue, he knew exactly how to use them. It was the best sex I had ever had, but I despised the way he kept referring to me as a slut and a whore.

The next day I told my best friend Julie exactly what happened. I told her how great the sex was but I that I felt hurt over being called a slut and a whore.

“ I'm not a slut, do you think I'm a slut Julie” She just looked at me with a big smile on her face and said “ Well Beckey lets be honest with each other, I think we both know the answer to that one.”

Did I become Brock's fuck slut or dump him? Check back later and I will let you know.

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