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Going For My Prize

My insatiable hunger for your cock.
It was a warm day, and a cool breeze was blowing across the bay towards your apartment. You are on your balcony stretched out on a lounge chair enjoying the warming rays of the sun. With your computer in your lap, you are typing away at your next erotic story. I enter your apartment and move out onto the balcony, you look so hot without a shirt, wearing only sunglasses, and board shorts. I can't help but want to disturb your quiet time, just like you had done to me that morning when I was still sleeping.

Walking over to the lounger, I kneel beside you and take the computer from your lap. A smile tweaks at the corner of your mouth, knowing what I intend to do to you, and I can see your arousal growing already. Moving my hands to your chest, I stroke them across you pecks, I am getting aroused at the feeling of your magnificent strength beneath my fingertips. I have only one need in mind and it is constrained against your shorts right now. What I wouldn't give to take off my tank top, straddle your erection and press my hard nipples into your mouth.

Trailing my hands down over your chest and abs, I pause to tease along the ridge of your waist band. I can't wait to have you exposed and on full display for the world to see how beautiful you are. Undoing the front tie on your shorts, I brush my arm against your hardening erection, sending shocks of desire through my body. Pulling the Velcro apart in one quick motion, it makes that lovely sound of pure delight as I get closer to my prize.

With your waist band spread wide, you are kind enough to lift your ass, so I can move your short over your hips and down your legs. You look amazing sitting there with your prize on display; you cock all thick and hard just waiting to be devoured. I don’t think anyone can see us and I really don’t care, you are just gorgeous. I trail my fingernails up the inside of your thighs straying past your balls and around your cock.

Teasing you, not only with my fingertips, but also with my tongue, as I glide it across my moisten lips. The head of your cock bobbing with excitement, as you watch me.

Now who is teasing who?

My hand trails back and grabs your cock holding it up, as my mouth moves down over your balls. Taking one into my mouth, I suck and roll it across my tongue, letting it slip out, and then suck in the other. My hand stroking up and down your shaft, as I take both of your balls in my mouth, swirling my tongue around them, making them all wet, as I suck them into and out of my mouth. Releasing your balls, I slowly draw my tongue up the shaft of your cock, gently licking the rim of your head.

Um, I can't help my hunger.

With a tight grip of my hand, I pull up your shaft producing the most wonderful beads of wetness on your head. Moving my tongue over the tip of your head, I lap up all of your juice, slipping it into the eyehole getting every last drop.

This initial taste of you sets a fire in my pussy. I need more!

Looking up into your eyes, as my mouth parts, and I slowly open and wrap my lips around your shaft. Sucking you deep into my mouth before, I draw back and rest my tongue on your head. Then I slowly and teasingly move over it to swirl circles around your rim. I suck and flick my tongue against that sensitive spot around your rim and swirling it around creating a pool of spit in my mouth.

I open my mouth a bit wider, and I slowly take every last inch of you into my mouth. My nose presses into your torso, as my chins rest on your balls. My spit is running out of the corners of my mouth, down over your balls and into your butt cheeks. Easing my mouth back up along your shaft, I slide one hand into the space left by my withdrawing mouth, as the other works the spit around the base of your shaft. I know what I want from you, and I am on a mission to get it, but the delight of your magnificent cock has me eating up every moment of pure lust.

Tightening my lips and suction around your head as I work one hand along your shaft and the other massages my spit into your balls. Sucking and thrusting over your cock, flicking and licking my tongue over your head. I can feel you tensing beneath me. I can feel your balls getting full and tight. I move my hand up and down your hard pole twisting and stroking, as I continue to suck.

Moving your hands through my hair, you grip my head and holding me, forcing me to take you all the way down my throat. Over and over you repeat these torturous thrusts, while I am feverishly sucking your head. You are thrusting your hips up and down, fucking my mouth with your cock. Finally, I feel your body start to stiffen.

You let out a loud moan and several “fucks”

You shoot squirt after squirt of your sticky sweet cum, spraying the back of my throat. Over and over again you coat my mouth, as your balls bang against my chin. Drawing back my head, letting me breath, I lick and swirl the last drops of cum that is still oozing from your head. I feel your body finally relax and rest back in the chair.

You’re breathing is heavy, as is mine. Fuck you taste so good. Your cock the perfect fit for my mouth. I stay there for a moment slowly cleaning your cock and balls with my tongue, as your erection grows soft. My head rests in your lap, as I look at you and smile. You are truly delicious.

edited by Always111 - thank you for all your help.

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