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Good Friends

You invite me to your apartment and I open the door unannounced as I always do.

There you are, going about your business in that flowy black dress. You use it as a night gown but I think you look beautiful in it, as always.

You turn around to face me, a sweet smile on your lips. You walk up to me and take me in your arms. After all, we haven't seen each other for a little while. 

I pull you against me for a little longer than a friend should before letting go, reluctantly.

You tell me you're a bit tired, turns out I am too. I smile, glad we are going to spend a quiet evening together.

You take out the snacks, I take out the wine. We both sit down on your couch before you start the movie you invited me to watch.

The movie starts and I can't help but look down at your cleavage, such delicate bra to be found.

I think of the last time we forgot we were friends, the last time we kissed, the last time I pulled a similar dress off of your body and we made love. Or did we fuck? I don't actually know. 

You are so very absorbed by the movie. It is good after all. you have such taste for cinema. But I don't care for it anymore, I'm absorbed by you. I want to feel your touch... to taste you... to take your breath away...

I'm pulled out of my thoughts as you can feel you're being observed and your head turns to me. You chuckle and smile.

''What?'' you ask.

That single word makes me melt. I want to tell you how much you attract me, how much I care, how much I want you for myself...but you always leave me speechless. I know what you'd say: ''Typical, if only you weren't afraid of your own feelings.''

And you're right. I'm not afraid of what you'll say. I'm not afraid of what you'll do. I'm afraid of me, what I'll commit, what I'll confess.

''You're always so stunning that's all.'' I smile, making you chuckle. I'm always saying things like that, half jokingly. You know perfectly well I mean exactly what I say. I wonder if you know what else is going on in my head...

On the screen, two women start fighting about what they feel for each other, screaming and crying. You know it's coming, I do too. That cliché moment where one says I love you and they suddenly stop fighting and kiss in a steamy scene. We know it,s coming, we like it anyway.

Like clockwork, my predictions unfold on the screen. She pushes her onto the bed, gasps, groans and accelerated breathing.

I see you change positions on the couch and I just can't take it anymore...

I lay my hand on your thigh, caressing it gently. You look up at me and ask with an amused smile what I am doing.

''Just watch the movie,'' I say as I slide to the floor with a smirk on my lips.

I kiss your knee as I kneel before you on the floor, both my hands on both your thighs.

You protest again, asking the same question, ''What are you doing?''

I look up at you with determined eyes. 

''You know exactly what I'm doing. Either you want me to stop or to let me do it.''

I look with hope in my eyes and what I hope is a comforting smile.

''What will it be?'' I ask.

You look down at me, your hand on my cheek and then look up at the monitor, the lips of one of the women slipping on the other's navel, followed by a close up on the other woman's face. 

Thank god for feminist/lesbian movies and their long sex scenes!

You look down at me as your hand slips from my cheek to my hair, pulling me to your thigh as you spread your legs.

I smile, knowing what is now wanted of me. 

My hands take hold of your thighs as I kiss them, slowly trailing my way up your legs.

I can smell that delicious scent I haven't tasted in such a long time, I can feel the heat between your legs as I kiss and lick closer and closer...My hands leave your thighs and make their way under your dress to drape over your ass cheeks, pulling you closer to the edge of the couch.

You let yourself lay on the couch as I run out of thighs to kiss... It's unlike you not to wear underwear, but it seems like it's my lucky night.

You look at the screen and see the actresses are mimicking what I'm actually about to do to you. Kissing each other's hips...groaning and playful biting.

My hot breath teases your moist lips seconds before my tongue traces the lines of your cunt. Your grasp on my hair tightens and a strong breath is forced out of your chest as you close your eyes.

My tongue presses along the whole length of your slit slowly... opening it slightly and making you groan as you try to keep your eyes open. On the screen the steamy scene continues, I don,t know what you see but I can hear the moans coming from the monitor.

My lips surround your clit and I start to suck on it lightly, my tongue flicking it every once in a while.Now you have both hands on the back of my head and you have slipped further down the edge of the couch.Pulling on my hair and whispering my name you grind your pussy against my hungry lips as my sucking becomes more and more intense... as I press your clit between my upper lip and my tongue and flick it.

My knees on the floor, I couldn't be hornier. I love making you feel like this. Making you writhe, making you ache for more and moan my name. God you taste good. Your juices running down my chin as I go down on you. I've missed this. The taste ,the scent, the sounds...

I keep sucking as two of my fingers trace the outer lines of your pussy as my tongue has before...You smile with your eyes closed... the sex scene long forgotten, life has long since become more exciting than fiction.

''You fucking tease...'' you say half angrily, half smiling.

I push my fingers inside you for only response. I curl them insid you and don't hesitate to accelerate steadily the pace of both my licking of your clit and my fingering of your tight and warm hole.

You cry out, it's too much now. I can feel you shuddering against my mouth. I don't stop, letting you ride your orgasm. You pull on my hair so hard it's starting to hurt. But it's all worth it.

I let my fingers and tongue slow down as your orgasm fades, smiling.

I come back up to my feet before I sit besides you, exhausted like you but for opposite reasons.

A satisfied silence reigns, my lips still taste of you.

We both turn our heads to look at each other, smiling and laughing lightly. Good friends once more.


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