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Good Morning

She starts his day with a smile
On your side, you wake slowly wrapped in the warmth of his embrace. With his chest pressed against your naked back, you feel him stir against you. His arms move slowly against your skin caressing your breast gently.

You smile, eyes still closed, as you feel his firmness of his cock press against the cheeks of your bum. Your nipples harden as he circumscribes them with his fingertip and then follows that with a gentle squeeze. You push back against him, urging him to take your body. His hard cock feel wonderful against your skin, trailing a slippery wetness as he rubs against you.

He whispers in your ear, "I love you baby but I'm late for work."

Pouting, you turn in his arms, and look up at him with eyes that say, "Take me". He kisses
you softly holding you close. His hard cock pressed against the lips of your wet pussy. You must have it. You reach down with your hand and wrap your fingers around his shaft causing him to moan as you continue to kiss.

"Baby, I..." He stops mid sentence as you slowly stroke his firm cock. He moans again.

You love how the soft skin slides over the rigid shaft when you stroke him slowly. As your fingers slide over the head with each stroke, you spread the wetness seeping from the slit along his shaft lubricating him. You find it so erotic, to have him literally in the palm of you hand. You are in control with the ability to give him pleasure. You increase the pace and kiss him hard on the lips before pushing him on his back. You so want him to cum.

You straddle his chest facing his toes and spread your thighs wide giving him the most wonderful view of your dripping pussy, and just beyond your beautiful breasts hanging as you lean down, erect cock still in your hand, and lick the tip. His cock jumps at your touch. You let saliva from your mouth drip along his shaft, before stroking it noisily. Up and down you stroke, his moans increase with your pace.

You taste his cock between your lips and run your tongue along the underside of his shift. You flick the slit playfully before surrounding the head with your lips and pushing down letting it slide in and our of your mouth. He loves the feeling of your tongue as the shaft slide along it; you can feel his cock harden even more and hear his grunts as it slides in and out. You wrap your fingers around his shaft and continue bobbing up and down his cock. The combined effect of your fingers, lips and tongue is driving him wild.

You cup his balls gently with your other hand and feel him lift his hips wanting to deposit his cum deeper into you. You feel the head of his cock press against your throat and you you fight the gag reflex. He is so close to cumming. You lift your head letting his cock slide out from between your lips so that you can watch him cum. You stroke his cock faster now, and wait with a smile.

You can feel him tense and squeeze trying to prolong the pleasure. You will have none of that as you quicken your strokes. You watch with a smile as his body starts to quiver and he lifts his hips with each stroke thrusting into your hand, the head emerging between your fingers. He is so hard. You feel the spasms of his cock against your fingers.

"Yesssss, cum fore baby," you coax. He grunts and lifts, body jerking, and then the violent spurts erupt from his cock, arcing into the air, landing on your fingers.

You so love when he cums.
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