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Grade A Performance

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Grade “A” Performance Pt. 1

What’s up? I'm Max, I'm 21 and in my last year of college. I'm not the smartest student but I get by, I do however have looks on my side. I’ve got short brown hair, no facial hair and bright blue eyes. I'm built like a football quarterback but I don’t play, just work out in my spare time to keep in shape. Thanks to my looks and my way with words I don’t have a hard time with the ladies, but like I said, school isn’t my forte. I am however very good at convincing others to help me out, and afterwards I’ll help them out with a few things.

Now I said I was in my last year of college, that’s only because I have an extra class I'm taking. The professor I have for this class isn’t much older then I am, 26 maybe 27, but the body she has, holy shit. Long blonde hair, breasts that fit perfectly in your hand and legs that went on forever, and to help with her looks she wore a tight shirt that hugged her breasts nicely and a jeans so tight that if she bent over whatever she was wearing underneath was making an appearance. It was my last class of the day and there were only a few of us left when it ended, I decided to stick around afterwards for a bit to talk with my professor.

“Hey Sam, got a minute?”

“Sure Max, what did you need?”

“Well you see, I was having a little bit of trouble with the material today and was hoping you could help me out a bit.”

“Yea I can help you out, let’s go to my office first, I have to drop my stuff off.”

So I helped Sam bring her things to her office and we talked for a bit, she helped me out and I thanked her for her time and asked if she was interested in going for a drink, seeing as how it was still early in the evening. Sam agreed only because it was Friday night and she needed a night off, she just had to go home and get ready so we agreed to meet up at the bar a couple hours later. The bar we chose to meet up at isn’t far from the campus but its not one students usually frequent so we didn’t have to worry about other students bugging us. I got there a little early so I waited outside for her; the night was warm so I didn’t mind.

“You didn’t have to wait outside for me you know” Sam said with a chuckle.

“I know, I was enjoying the nice weather, now I'm enjoying the scenery.”

“Oh stop it”

She was wearing a dark red mini dress that was cut low enough it showed more then enough cleavage and her hair was up in a bun.

“Shall we?” I gestured towards the door.

We entered the bar and grabbed a booth just off to the side, ordered a couple drinks and got to talking.

“So Max, what made you ask me out for a drink, I didn’t think students were interested in going out with their professors.”

“Well, its Friday night, we both know you’ve had a long day, chances are you haven’t been out for a night of relaxation for a while now, so I figured I might as well ask, worst you could do is say no.”

“That’s true I guess, doesn’t hurt to ask. Surprised I came out?”

“Actually yea, I didn’t expect you to say yes, what made you decide to come?”

“Well…” She raised her glass just under her lips and gave me a look; “The students aren’t the only ones who have their eyes on you.”

“Is that right, well, seems I may have to keep my eyes open then.”

As the night went on we ended up getting pretty drunk and getting pretty flirty with each other.

“You know-hic-we could get in a lot of trouble for this Max”

“I know, but doesn’t the thrill of getting caught-hic-make things all the more enticing?”

“You know what? It does.”

“Should we get going? If you need a place to stay the night I don’t live too far away.”

“I know that I should-hic-n’t but I'm in no shape to make it home. Let me get some money for the drinks.”

“Don’t worry; I got this, least I can-hic-do.”

I paid the bill, surprised that we raked up quite a bill on drinks alone, then I called a cab and we made our way back to my place. Once we got there we made our way inside and then we both collapsed on the couch.

“Nice place you have here, just you?”

“Yea, my roommate moved out a couple weeks ago, so it’s just me.”

“Must get pretty lonely here, being all by yourself.”

“It has its merits, but it can get a little lonesome.”

We continued to chat for a little, moving closer together as the night went on, until we were sitting side by side, and my arm around her holding her close.

“Hey max, I just thought of something, where are we going to sleep? I take it your roommate took their bed and things, and you only have yours.”

“That’s true, I was thinking if you wanted you could sleep in my bed and I’d sleep on the couch.”

Sam turned and looked at me, her eyes clouded from the booze.

“Or we could both sleep in your bed.”

Out of nowhere Sam leaned in and kissed me. Gently pressing her lips to mine she leaned in even more, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer as I gently leaned back, laying on the couch pulling her with me. As we kissed our mouths parted and as they did I slid my tongue inside her mouth, she slid her tongue into my mouth as I pulled my tongue back. Her hand began sliding up my chest, lifting my shirt with it, as it got closer to my head I leaned forward and let her take it off. She began kissing my chest, tracing circles as she moved up my chest and towards my neck, sucking and biting as she went.

I let my hands go to her shoulders and began sliding her dress down her arms, she lowered her arms so I cud get the dress off then moved them back up to my chest as she wriggled out of the dress, revealing a strapless red lace bra and matching thong.

“Hmm, somebody dressed up for a special night.”

“I thought you might like these.”

As we continued to kiss I unclipped her bra and let it slide to the floor, letting her breasts fall out. She leaned back, placing her legs on either side of me as I leaned forward, taking one of her breasts in my lips, gently sucking on the nipple, drawing a moan from her. Using my teeth I tugged at her nipple until it stood erect, and then I moved over to her other nipple, sucking and biting as she moaned. As I began moving back up towards her neck her hands reached down and began unbuttoning my jeans, trying to slide them off as far as she could. I lifted myself up as I was sucking on her neck and she slid my pants down my legs before leaning away from my lips to take them off completely. Once my pants were off she reached into my boxers and began stroking my cock, as her hand began stroking up and down I began massaging her breasts, one in my hand, the other in my mouth.

We continued like this for a short time before I lifted her up and laid her down on the couch, slowly kissing my way from her breasts down her stomach, sliding my tongue down as I went, circling her belly button before reaching the top of her thong. Sliding my tongue around the edges and kissing her sweet spot through the fabric drew a few moans from her, I smiled a sly smile then I slipped my tongue under the top and lifted it up just enough for me to bite the fabric and begin sliding it down her legs with my teeth. As I slid it down her legs my hands followed down the outsides of her legs, caressing her as I got lower and lower. Once I had her thong off her legs I let it fall to the ground as I began making my way up her legs, kissing every so often and sliding my tongue in between kisses, making my way up to her pussy. As I drew nearer she began to moan louder and breathe deeper, I reached up and began rubbing her clit with my thumb, teasing her with what’s to come.

I made my way to her pussy, sliding my tongue up and down flicking her clit, each time drawing a moan from her. As I slid my tongue over her clit I slid a finger inside her, slowly moving it in and out, drawing more moans from her, then I slid in another finger, bringing out louder moans and causing her to begin breathing faster. As I started moving my fingers faster she reached down and grabbed the back of my head, pushing herself towards me grinding her pussy into my mouth desperately trying to get closer to my tongue. I picked up the pace once again, drawing even faster and louder moans from her, and then she arched her back, moaning loudly and pulling my face even closer to her as she came. I licked up all I could and then lifted myself up to look at her face, which was covered in her hair which she must have let down while I was eating her out. Her chest was rising and falling quickly, her breaths were short and ragged, but the look in her eyes said she wanted more.

She looked at me before moving off the couch, sitting me down on it while she knelt on the floor in front of me, pulling my boxers off as I sat down. She reached for my cock and began stroking it again, then after it was nice and hard she lowered her head and took it in her mouth, wrapping her lips around the head of my cock. She slid her lips down the shaft and slid her tongue up the bottom side when she came back up, flicking the tip as it came out of her mouth. I started moaning myself as she continued bobbing up and down, my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, her tongue increasing the pleasure as she slid it around the head. She started going faster and faster bringing me closer to climaxing myself, I moaned more as she continued and then I let a bigger moan go as I came in her mouth. At this point she took as much of my cock in her mouth as she could, my cum spraying down the back of her throat, she continued to slid up and down, drinking up every drop she could.

“Looks like teaching and drinking isn’t all your good at.” I said with a smile as she made her way up beside me.

“Who ever said it was?” she said with a chuckle.

“You know, if someone were to find out about this…”

“They won’t, but we still need to be careful.”

“Yea, until next time.” I looked at her teasingly.

“Yea, got any plans for next weekend?”

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