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H takes her pleasure

Learning to eat pussy
After that fateful first date, H and I made time to see each other whenever we could. I started my junior year in high school, only working on the weekends. So H began picking me up from school so she could see me every day. We usually found a discrete place to park, so we could have an hour long quickie.

When I get into H’s car after school she declares, “Today, I'm fucking you in my bed.”

I climb obediently into the passenger seat of the car. I like the idea of having more room and privacy. Though I start to wonder why we have never done this before. I never really thought about this before, because I am young. H has an apartment with no parents; so it is odd that we never went there.

After a few minutes I find I have the courage to ask, “Why haven’t we gone to your place before now?”

“Because my husband was working nights and sleeping during the day,” H replies.

I sit in stunned silence as I take in this new information. On the one hand I am helping a woman cheat on her husband, and that is a bad thing to do. On the other my pride won’t quit shouting at me that H chose me over her husband. That I was wanted more than the man she had married. I feel so happy with this that all guilt about our infidelities washes away. I sit with a huge grin on my face and the beginnings of tears in my eyes.

H continues, “Yeah, Mr. A and I are married on paper, but we practice a full disclosure polygamous relationship. This is the first time I have branched off from him and not the other way around. He knows we are together, but disapproves of the age difference.”

When we get to H’s apartment, I can’t help but feel a little intimidated. This beautiful woman has a place outside of her parents. H has a husband; I don’t really know what she expects of me. Lucky for me H will lead me to where she wants to go. I don’t really get a chance to look around. H has grabbed my belt and is towing me to the bedroom.

H stops and sits on the king sized bed facing me. She takes a moment to look me up and down. I am dressed in khaki pants, a baby-blue button up shirt and a new necklace with a Catholic cross pendent. I lean forward. H starts unbuttoning my shirt; as I lean her back with a passionate French kiss. She has my shirt undone as I scoot her towards the middle of the bed.

I can feel how smooth her hands are as she caresses my chest and stomach. I roll aside to arch my spine like a playful cat. Directing H’s petting hands to where it comforts me the most. Laughing, I roll onto all fours, moving till her fingers are playing in the hair behind my ears. H humors me for a moment, and then takes a light grip on my hair to pull me back into her smoldering kiss. I can hear a slight growl escape her throat in frustration at my antics.

I let H guide me to her lips. Kissing deeply I let my hands pull up H’s shirt. I press our bellies skin to skin; knowing this intimacy will please her to no end. H can’t help but respond with a slight thrusting of her hips and a groan deep in her throat. I lift H by the shoulders removing her shirt and lacy black bra, as she removes my belt. My cross necklace swings forward and bumps her skin.

"Take that thing off. I can't fuck you when you are wearing a cross, it makes feel like a sinner. And I am not even religious," H requests.

I reply, "Ok, no biggy," while I remove the cross.

I now start kissing and licking my way down H’s body from ear to navel. I take my time and try to touch her the way she wants. I really like that H will guide my efforts with little tugs and nudges on my hair or head. I keep my attention on her breathing and reactions so I can decipher what her body is telling me about my performance. When I hear her moan or sigh, I remember the spots so I can be sure to experiment with them in the future.

I listen to her steadily increasing breathing and moans as I get nearer to H’s waist band. Feeling courageous I decide to lick just inside her waist band. I let my breath and tongue tease H’s sensitive hips just under the fabric. I play here; enjoying the tense hold she has taken on my barely graspable hair. I bask in the loud panting and sensuous quivers I pull from H’s body. All these responses turn me on more than any sensation played upon my own skin ever can.

I want H to writhe with even more pleasure. I want to hear her call my name to the heavens with delirious enthusiasm and love. So I remove H’s jeans, leaving her panties on. With the added space a bed provides; I find I am able to taste H’s thighs to our hearts' content. I let my hands move over her wet cotton panties, as I outline them with my lips and tongue. I take wondrous glee in the uncontrolled squirming of her hips and thighs.

I pause with my mouth over the wettest spot on H’s panties. I look into her eyes as I merely breathe over her pussy. I let my breath breeze over her moisture, sending shivers throughout H’s whole body. I lower my mouth to just above her pussy and wait; as I pull the fabric down to her knees. I devour the newly revealed flesh without making direct contact with H’s sex. I tease her shaven pussy by blowing softly across the glistening mound.

After a few minutes of this, H’s lips are dripping moisture between her legs. I lower my attention in curiosity. I have never tasted vagina before. I enjoy the smell and wonder what it would be like on my tongue. When H lifts her hips in response to my breath on her sensitive clitoris; I take the opportunity to lick just between H’s pussy and anus.

I can barely describe the taste that fills my mouth. H’s thighs immediately spread wider with invitation to do more. I listen to her louder moaning, as I use my mouth to clean the damp flesh around the two orifices. I lightly suck and nibble at her when I discover a place that brought a moan from her lips. H leans forward to take my cheeks in both hands. Her mouth closes over mine as she laps her own sex juice from my lips and tongue.

Breaking away H declares, “I love the taste of my pussy from your mouth. I need you eat from pussy the way you have been feasting on the flesh that surrounds it. I will cum so hard for you. Then I am going to pin you to my bed and ride you till you beg me to stop.”

I want to give this enormous pleasure to H so I sheepishly say, “I have never done this before. So I will need you to tell me what feels good.”

H replies, “Just do what you have been doing, and use small, clockwise, circular licks around my clitoris. When I get really worked up put two or three of your fingers into my pussy. Like this.”

H moistens both the middle and ring finger of my right hand with her mouth before guiding them to her sex.She uses a slight pressure on the back of my hand to indicate that I should enter her. I enjoy her breathy moan as I feel her body clench. H turns my hand palm up, and then inserts one of her own fingers beneath mine. Guiding my fingertips up and forward, just behind her pelvic bone, where I feel a slightly different texture.

H loudly moans and pants out, “Uh, yeah, that spot. Huh, huh, that’s my g-spot. Oh god, It will, huh, make me cum, mmmm huh, and intensify my orgasms, oooh, three fold if you use it in, uhmnn, tandem with my clitoris. On second thought, God, keep your fingers moving, ooh, and start licking me. NOW!”

H removes her finger and collapses onto her back. I nervously lower my mouth to her quivering hips. I can see the clit peaking out of her fleshy vagina, so I know where to go. When my lips close on the surrounding flesh, I hear H gasp in pleasure. I tentatively let my tongue explore the folds of flesh that meet my mouth, keeping my eyes on H’s face for signs of approval.

When my tongue grazes over the little lump of flesh in the middle of my mouth; H grabs me by the hair and shouts, “Lick me there, right now!”

I obey H’s command. I use the circular pattern she taught me, with varying speed and pressure. I am trying to learn what pleases H best. So I use a variety of intensities in my efforts. I suck lightly while licking slowly, yet firmly. I lick more lightly while sucking a little harder. H seems to enjoy the variety. She encourages me with her moans and gyrating hips, allowing me to build confidence in my actions.

I make sure to use my fingers, finding that using a ‘come hither’ motion with pressure on the ‘toward me’ stroke is what works best. I love how expressive H’s body movements are. She's humping my mouth and fingers with reckless abandon. Her hands grasp my hair tightly, holding my face against her opening. I bask in the sound of H’s wordless screams as her body tension builds with her approaching climax.

I increase my efforts to give more intense pleasure to H. I roll my lips over my teeth and begin to gnaw on her clit, licking in between nibbles. My new effort pushes H over the edge. She thrusts her hips into my face. All of H’s muscles seem to seize, and I hear her scream my name in one long, loud, exclamation.

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