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Halloween Treat

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A mystery man gives a sweet Treat on Halloween night.
It was a cold October Halloween night and Linda was missing her sweetheart,Scott. They had been together for quite a while now. He told her that he wouldn’t be back in Milpitas until November at the earliest. It was difficult for Linda to get Scott out of her mind, especially since their last time together. Closing her eyes, she could envision him lying next to her. She missed him.

She made herself a Lemon Drop & raised her glass to toast aloud,“Here’s to you, Scott, whatever you might be doing tonight.” Once she finished her drink, she got comfortable and changed into her robe. She sat back in the couch & snuggled under a blanket. She had fallen asleep.

There was a knock at her door. She woke up startled & looked at the clock.

“Oh no,” she said surprised, “I forgot to leave a bowl of candies outside for the kids!” She grabbed the bowl from the table.“Just a minute!” she yelled. “I’m coming!”

She opened the door. “Trick or treat,” came a voice from behind a mask. It was a low, sexy voice coming from a man dressed in black satin from head to toe. His shirt was opened to reveal his chest and his arms were very muscular. His pants reaveled that he had strong thighs. “Well?” smirked the man in black as he pushed Linda aside and walked through the front door, “what’s it going to be? Trick…or treat?” Is this a dream, she thought.

“Alrighty then,” he commanded “You get your choice. Which would you rather have, the trick…” and then, pulling himself close to her “…or the treat?” Linda could barely respond but she answered “I’ll take the treat.”

The man sprang backward. “Excellent,” he grinned, slowly lowering himself to the floor, never taking his gaze off hers. Linda stood frozen as he moved toward her, stopping just before her lap, looking up at her and reaching upward, under her robe to caress her soft breasts. It was wild, she thought, but even wilder when he opened her robe and began kissing her navel. Then a bit lower, then kissing on her pussy.

His eyes locking on to hers, the man began licking between her legs, gently kissing her pussy lips and driving his tongue along their entire length. Linda felt her knees buckle as the man took long licks,from the bottom to the top of her pussy. She envisioned it was Scott doing that to her.

The man pulled his head back and stared at Linda’s swollen clit. Then swooped down on it, kissing her vagina as if he were kissing her mouth, soaking his tongue in her warm, wet love hole. Inside, Linda could feel his tongue swirling around her clit, driving her crazy, making her feel even hotter and wetter. He continued to lick her, each time moaning with a low hum. He placed each of his large, strong hands on Linda’s ass, gently guiding her wet pussy over and around his mouth. She began moving back and forth, unable to control her movement.

He kept sucking as his hands moved lower between Linda’s legs. Moistening his fingers with the juices from her pussy, he began to softly rub her tight, pink asshole. She rocked back and forth. Then he placed the very tip of his tongue on the outer edge of her asshole.

He took his middle finger, slippery with pussy juice, and began to tease Linda’s ass. The wet finger on her hole was more than she could take.

“Excellent,” laughed the man still wearing his mask, as he stood up to face her. “Well, there you have your treat,” he smirked. “Wait a minute,” Linda called, watching him open the front door, “Come on, now, who are you?” The man looked over his shoulder, winked at her calling back to her, “Happy Halloween"

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