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Helping Hands II: Blown Away

The Physio returns and offers more than just a helping hand this visit!
Helping Hands II: Blown Away

It had been several days since my physiotherapist, Julia, had last visited me to see how my recovering after my accident. I had never expected to be taken care of in such a way as she did with me, which in the end was pretty much hands on. After discovering that I began to have an erection around her, she offered to help jerk me off, since I was unable to do so myself due to my injuries.

As I heard the doorbell ring and my parents answering it and the muffled sound of them all speaking in the living room, my heart beat faster. My cock was already beginning to get that itching feeling of arousal growing within it. The door opened, and Julia entered, dressed in her white uniform and carrying her bag.

"Hi there, how are you doing today?" she asked me as she stepped across and stood at the side of my bed.

"Okay, thanks!" I replied.

"Good!" she smiled and looked down upon my legs in plaster and arms in slings.

She then began to check my body to make sure I was healing okay where she could, as she informed me that my parents had gone out for a little while. She began to give me a slight massage upon where my muscles were unable to get much movement as I could feel my cock already beginning to stir even more.

Her soft palms glided back and forth around my feet and across the upper part of my thighs, close to my boxer shorts. It didn't take long until the tent began to rise. I tried my hardest to not get too aroused over her touching me, but it felt too good and the feel of her hands and warm scented oil upon my skin just was taking me over the edge.

"Looks like your getting a little worked up again hun. It's okay, you don't have to be ashamed of it!" she informed me and smiled as she looked up at me. "I guess you haven't been able to still jerk yourself off since my last visit?" she asked.

"No!" is all I could say.

"Why don't we take these off, and see what we can do then hun!"

She took the hem of my boxer shorts and pulled them down slowly.

My cock bounced into life on it's own as it flew from under the underwear and into freedom of the cool air. It flopped back and forth of it's own accord, as I laid there helpless and unable to cover myself up. Even though she had seen me naked, I still had that sense of embarrassment about being exposed like this in front of her. She slipped my boxers down over my plastered legs and slipped them upon the end of the bed.

She stood there, and looked down at my cock, pulsating and hard in it's stance. The eye upon top almost staring up towards her with glee and happiness at being discovered. She poured a little more scented oil on her palms and then began to slowly caress and ease her fingertips up my inner thighs. The fire inside of me was burning with pure lust and desire as she drew closer to my cock. She drifted her hands back and forth, and worked her way upon my groin area, caressing my balls and squeezing and gently rubbing upon them. My cock swung around all over, desperate to be touched.

All I could do is lay there and watch as she caressed my balls, around my groin area. She moved in and one hand gently wrapped her fingers around the base of my shaft. She then began to move upwards, gripping just a little tightly upon my thick hard cock and began to slowly jerk me off. My foreskin pulled back, revealing my swelling and engorged head which was pulsating from the touch of her hand upon me. I let out gasps of warm air from her caressing and jerking upon my cock.

She continued to play with me, one hand slowly stroking my cock up and down, jerking me off, as her other hand began to caress and play with my balls below.

"You must be full of lots of cum waiting to explode hun. Let me help you cum again!" Julia said to me, in her soft whispering and sexually toned words.

I closed my eyes, enjoying this wonderful moment of her jerking my cock in her hands, and then felt it. I quickly opened my eyes and looked down to see her leaned over, and her head settled between my legs. Her tongue slowly guiding it's way from my balls up the length of my shaft and to the tip. Licking her way from the base to the rooftop of my cock, as I groaned at this sensation ripping through my body.

She moved back down and once more left a wet saliva trail leading from my ball sack up to the swelling head of my cock. Moving back down, she opened her mouth and softly placed one of my balls within her lips and gently suckled upon it. I could feel her tongue slipping and sliding against it inside of her mouth, twirling it around inside as she sucked upon it. I wanted to grab onto something, but my arms were stationary and I couldn't move.

She moved onto my other ball, and did the same, suckling upon it gently in her grasp and playing with it using her tongue inside of her mouth. All the while, her other hand slowly moving up and down, up and down as she jerked my cock in her grasp. The base of her thumb softly rubbing against the tender and sensitive underside upon the edge of my engorged head, almost causing shivers and shakes upon all of my body.

She flicked her tongue across my balls, over and over as she continued to enjoy playing with them as I laid helpless at her mercy. Groans erupted from my lips into the open air, with no one to hear them inside the house. She worked her way up once again, as her wet tongue trailed it's path across the underside of my shaft and reaching it's destination of my head. She flicked her tongue, over and over back and forth across the sensitive underside of my head causing it to shake and pulsate in her hand.

The eye opening just a fraction as a small bit of pre-cum oozed out of the tip and down the edge as she moved up. Licking every drop of it into her warm, wet mouth as she licked all around my swelling head. She opened her mouth as I stared down to watch her, and see my cock disappear into the bowels of darkness within her mouth as she wrapped her lips tightly around the middle length of my shaft. I could feel my cock inside, warm, wet, her own wet saliva swirling around my cock as it rested gently upon her tongue. She rolled her tongue around, back and forth, around and around, swirling it against the length of my cock inside as she teased it, played with it, caressed it in her own sexual way.

She then began to slide her mouth up, as she sucked on my cock inside of her wet mouth and began to give me a blow job that I had dreamed off all my young life. Her head slowly rising and lowering, up and down as the length of my cock appeared and disappeared in and out of her mouth. Her lips tightly shut against my foreskin as she sucked hard within. Rocking her head occasionally from one side to the other, as she continued to suck me off and feel my cock pulsating inside of her warm, wet mouth.

I knew I was growing closer, as my cock pulsated hard and she knew to. I screamed out. "I'm gonna cum....!" as she pulled her head up and my cock plopped out of her mouth and she took hold of it with her hand jerked me hard. A tight grip of her fingers around the length of my shaft, stroking it hard and fast as I was building up from the tension and ecstasy that was growing inside of me.

I groaned, hard.


A wave of thick, white, gooey cum splattered it's way out of the slit upon the swelling head and shot into the air and back down upon her hand. She continued to jerk me hard, squeezing just a little tighter as a smaller, second wave of cum just spewed out of the slit and down the sides as I groaned with the orgasm exploding inside of me. My body shook, as laid there, gasping for air as she grasped my cock with both hands and raised them from the base, rising and dripping every last drop of cum she could get from inside out of me.

I slipped back down upon the bed, as she smiled up at me.

"There we go hun, hope that was alright for you. Thought you may like something a little different!" she said as she pulled her hands away.

My cock began to slowly become limp from being drained of all my cum within. She reached down and pulled some wipes from her bag and began to clean herself off and wipe up some of the cum that was splattered around my groin.

"Right hun, let's just clean you up again before your parents get home and then we'll see about getting you dressed again!" she added, as she rose up off the bed and disappeared out of the room.

I laid there, almost breathless and trying to regain my composure. After the last time, the most I could have ever hoped for was another hand job, but to have her sucking me off was the next level and I wondered how far she would go to help me recover.

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