Helping her get the rhythm right

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Helping my lovely girlfriend get the rhythm right in pleasing me orally
Amanda and I had been going for about 5 months now. And we were great together. She was good looking, sweet, mature, an awesome lover and so into me. The emotional connection we had was absolutely magic.

Our lovemaking was absolutely amazing. On weekends when we could spend quality time together, our loving would start out slow and deliberate and we would keep going for hours, only resting when completely exhausted. It was nothing strange for her to have around 30 orgasms, and for me to have up to 5 orgasms, during these lovemaking sessions.

This Saturday was no exception. I had left work a little early, but when I got home she was already there. Meeting me at the door with that loving, adventurous look in her eyes that said: “I want you!”

We kissed just in the doorway, our kisses becoming more and more passionate, my hands roving over her swaying hips, hips that coached my near erect penis into a painfully hard state. My right hand found its way under her dress and I started stroking her hot mound, that was turning so wet at the core.

With our mouths locked in a deep kiss my hand slid under her little panty, my index finger finding its way between those lovely long lips, touching the very wet, hot core. She moaned softly in my mouth.

My finger started stroking the length of her slit, running from the very wet core, up the valley, around the little knob of the clit, up, up along that nice long clit stem, over the top, and down the other side again. Her passion and impatience were building up with each stroke.

Her breath became rapid, she needed more air and pushed her face in my neck, breathing heavily, this as the sign I knew so well, she was ready! My finger now found its way a little upwards, the moist centre of the finger pressing down on the length of her clit, the point of the finger fluttering rapidly on the upper part of that very hot vaginal opening. She exhaled in little spurts as she came. Clinging to me to stay upright, sharing that experience with me by virtue of her face in my neck and her breathing in my ear. Oh this woman was just such an expressive, “external” girl, she drove me wild when she came in my ear like that.

After a minute or two just embracing, well me holding her, keeping her weight off those jelly knees of hers, she kissed me and said, “Hello babe.”

She took my hand and led me upstairs. And I knew this was going to be one of those evenings.

We undressed each other on the way to the bed. I flipped her on her back and pressed my face into that warm, glowing wonderfulness that I had stroked just minutes before. I knew her clit would still be very sensitive, so I concentrated on those lovely long lips, sucking them softly, running my tongue up and down the edges of her slit, touching those lips all the time.

As her excitement built up, I switched my tongue to that wet, wet slit. Licking from bottom to top, sucking softly. Her bum muscles tightened, her inner thighs started quivering and I roughly licked her centre, my tongue slipping an inch or so into her. She came hard, all the muscles from the ribs to the knees contracting in a spasm, her arse lifting about a foot off the bed.

I left the sensitive area and crawled up to her, looking into those loving eyes.

As we cuddled she said, “Oh boy, babe, that tongue of yours is magic!”

After cuddling for a minute or two, this adventurous, sharing, loving creature wormed her way down to my crotch while I lay on my back. Her tongue running up and down my hard shaft, making turns over the swollen, pre-cum lubricated head. Her tongue making delicious twirls around the outer rim of the head, making me gasp in pleasure. Her impatience boiled over and she greedily sucked the full length into her mouth, head bobbing up and down, tongue applying pressure to the one side of the penis, whilst her palate applied pressure to the other. The sensations she created was overwhelming.

But getting me off in this way was hard work. And despite her great efforts, I was still a way off from cumming. She, the wonderful little creature that she was, was getting both excited and frustrated. Excited by my excitement, and frustrated because, like so many times before, she was getting tired and I was nearly there.

I simply could not stand seeing her this excited, so I pulled her hips towards me, pushing my head between her thighs, my mouth reaching for that wet, warm honey pot above my face. We sixty-nined, my mouth sucking on her lips and clit, whilst my tongue fluttered along her slit and clit, her mouth bobbing up and down on my shaft rapidly. She came again, the intensity of which forced her to give up on riding my shaft with that warm mouth of hers.

Like so many times before she became discouraged by her inability to bring me off quickly with that warm, delicious mouth of hers. Once again I was a little disappointed that I did not come, not for my own sake, but because she was starting to doubt her ability to please me orally. And what she did to me with her mouth was absolutely amazing, but somehow the rhythm and build up of the intensity was just slightly off, and it literally took hours of hard work for her to get me off in this way. And I felt bad about my inability to orgasm quickly, because I knew how much she wanted to please me orally, the way I was pleasing my little external girl.

Usually this would be where I flipped her on her back, penetrated her swiftly, and within minutes in that warm, tight core of hers, with those loving arms and body willing me on, becoming one with mine, I would be shooting my seed like a man on a mission, having absolutely amazing orgasms.

But not today. I so wanted this wonderful woman to feel that sense of having satisfied me orally as she so nearly does every time she lays her mouth on me. So as she turned to me, that look of disappointment and self-doubt in her eyes again, I got off the bed, extending my hand, saying, “ Baby, come here.”

This was rather abrupt and there was a look of puzzlement in her eyes, but she joined me next to the bed in an embrace. We kissed and hugged and I whispered in her ear, “Get down on your knees babe,” as I softly pressed down on her shoulders. She looked at me with a light of understanding lighting up her eyes.

On her knees, her face was at the same height as my nearly rock hard penis, and she proceeded softly and delicately, teasing it with her tongue, slipping it into that warm mouth of hers every so often. Driving me absolutely wild with the sensation of what she was doing to me.

Now as the build up of intensity and rhythm and the effort that it took to get me there, there was the problem of me laying on my back and her doing all the work. I now placed my hands very gently next to her head, and slowly, very softly started pumping my hips ever so slightly forwards and backwards. Helping her by holding her head still, resting her neck muscles, whilst having my penis slide slowly to and fro in that warm mouth of hers.

She quickly caught on and moved her hands to my arse, where she proceeded pulling and pushing me in pace with the slow rhythm we had going. I guided her in placing her right hand, palm upwards, between my legs, fingers pressing lightly at the junction of penis and scrotum, palm caressing my testicles.

She concentrated on forming her mouth as the ultimate love channel, tongue working away at the underside of my penis head, applying some pressure upwards, ensuring amazing contact against all areas of the penis head at all times, whilst it slid to and fro in her mouth.

I was starting to feel the excitement build, and so was she. Her breath became a little more rapid, and she quickened the pace, getting impatient with my slower hip movements, rocking forwards and backwards slightly in an attempt to accelerate the pace. This sometimes caused us to be slightly out of rhythm, with the result that I would be on a forward thrust at the same time as she, resulting in my penis penetrating deeper than intended, hitting the back of her throat, causing her to wretch involuntarily ever so slightly.

I expected this to upset or discourage her, but as my excitement was building, so was hers, and she forced the pace, rushing my hips forwards and backwards, quicker and quicker. Her breath becoming rapid, moaning every so often as my penis hit the back of her throat.

The pace and the warmth and pressure of her mouth had me approach the point of no return rather quickly. I felt my testicles pull closer to my body, pushing as much sperm as possible into the semi-vases, filling the system with sperm against the lock caused by the prostate ring. And all the time the nerves in the penis head were deliciously stimulated by this wonderful woman kneeling before me.

Very soon, on one of the inward strokes, I knew the moment had come, the nerve explosion was starting at my penis core in my groin, rushing outwards, tensing my arse, stomach and thigh muscles. I tried to withdraw from her mouth, as I knew the explosion of seed was coming. But she would have none of that, she literally applied an air lock around my penis, locking it in her mouth by suction.

My oversensitive nerve endings had the muscles in my core contract, the prostate released its lock, seed rushed forward in a sharp burst of sensation, I lost touch with reality and control of my body. After the fourth or fifth convulsion, I felt the burning of my thigh muscles, only now realising I was forced into a semi squat by the absolute pleasure of the orgasm, my penis still in that warm, soft mouth, of which the tongue was now circling my penis head, exciting it into millions of little convulsions – the sensation was just too much to bear. I had to take control and get my penis out of that pleasure trap.

I fell to my knees, facing this beautiful woman who had given me so much pleasure, My eyes searching hers, trying to make sure she was OK. When my eyes found hers, I could see hers shining with excitement and delight, a look of extreme satisfaction on her face as she swallowed.

I hugged her and whispered, “Wow babe, that was absolutely amazing.”

She smiled and whispered in my ear, “ Babe, I am so wet and hot, you had best bend me over the bed and ravage me from behind now!”

She got her wish, and more.