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Helping Out A Friend...and Myself

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My friend, Betty, asked me to help out her friend, Karen, and show her the pleasure of oral sex.
Chapter 1

When I lived in Sacramento a few years ago, I had met a neighbor, Betty, at a local bar, who was attractive and currently unattached. I was seeing another woman right at that moment but we did talk and email back and forth, sometimes talking about sex and the like.

My relationship with the woman I had been seeing was definitely headed downhill, so when Betty told me one day in an email about her friend, Karen, who was not happy with the sex in her marriage and asked if I would like to meet her, I quickly agreed.

She told me to come over on Saturday morning about nine to meet her friend and talk and get to know each other. What's to lose, I figured.

Betty answered the door and ushered me inside.

"Ron, this is Karen, who I told you about. Karen, Ron. Have a seat."

We did the usual as Betty got coffee. Now, Betty was, as I said, attractive, probably around twenty-eight or so, brunette, dark brown eyes, slender, nice figure, fun to be around, and her friend, Karen, was blond, athletic-looking, deep blue eyes, also slender, tanned and with a very nice pair of boobs, about the same age as Betty. Me, I'm twenty-four.

After coffee was brought out, Betty leaned forward and said, "Now, Karen, explain your situation to Ron, here."

"Well, the situation is the husband. He just never treats me like he did when we first met, now he just crawls on, does his thing, and crawls off. Two minutes, he's happy, I'm frustrated."

"I don't know why, Karen, you're really a beautiful woman. He should know better; if he treats a pretty woman that way, she's gonna look elsewhere."

"Well, Ron, that's why I wanted you two to get the chance to meet each other. You didn't seem to be the kind to treat a woman that way," said Betty.

"No, my mother'd kill me for one. No, I respect women, that's just the wrong way to treat anyone, and such a pretty one, well, that I really don't understand."

"See, I knew Ron was a nice guy, Karen."

"So what would you do different, Ron?" Karen asked.

"Well, I don't just jump into things, first of all. Take my time. I love to start out with a nice snuggle and kissing, you know, all the mushy stuff, and I always try to make every part of a woman's body tingle before I ever put anything inside her. And, oral, I want her to be so ready, I get her ready with lots of oral, all she wants if we have the time."

Betty looked over at her friend who raised her thumb up, smiling.

"What's going on with the thumbs-up, ladies?"

"Well," Betty answered, "Karen and I decided if we found the right guy to, well, take care of her needs, shall we say, she'd let me know. I think, Ron, she just let me know."

"Yes, and Betty agreed to something else, too, Ron. Come on, tell him."

"Well, I half-jokingly told her that if I found her the right guy, I'd demonstrate to her just how I give a great blowjob."

"Tell him all of it, Betty."

"And I'd demonstrate it on the guy I'd found for her."

I sat there rather stunned and not just a little aroused at the prospect.

"Looks like you've got yourself a blowjob, Ron. And I get to watch," said Karen. "This should be fun. And lots more for you, Ron. Betty tells me she's the best."

"Looks like I've walked into the best day of my life, ladies."

"You might just have, Ron," Betty said as she pulled me up and kissed me. Then, she knelt down, undid my belt, opened my pants up, slid them down, then pulled my briefs down to the floor. Out flopped my best friend, who I sensed was in for a very good time today, and Betty had me sit on the ottoman, removed her blouse and bra, saying she thought I'd be helped along that way, and she was so right. Her breasts were large, maybe D-cup and nice, they fell a little but not much and she had small red nipples which were really standing out. She gripped my shaft and began licking around and around in circles on the head of my cock.

Karen moved over to watch, she really was watching, maybe she didn't know how, is that possible these days? Or maybe she just didn't think she did it very well. Any way, I was quickly learning that her friend, Betty, certainly knew her way around a guy's cock. Then she planted a big smack on the tip complete with sound effects as she then slid her lips over my head and began slowly sucking me over and over.

She was pulsing her sucks which felt really good, I'd never had it done quite that way before. Then, she slid her hand away and dropped her mouth all the way down on me and began going up and down. She took it all in, every bit of my cock, no woman had ever done that before, I felt like the tip of my cock must have been in her throat, I was being deep-throated, I guess, never had that before. My hands were down on her generous breasts rubbing up and down as she knelt between my knees.

In a few minutes, she was back up to sucking the tip, which did feel so good, and she was getting me nearer and nearer, clearly Betty was good, really good.

"Oh, oh, wow, Betty, oh, hon, that is so, so good. Oh, I'm gonna cum in a minute."

I always like to let the woman know, just in case swallowing my cum is not her thing, it pays dividends in the long run. In this case, Betty just kept on sucking, smiling up at me as Karen looked on, hopefully taking mental notes.

The inevitable does happen and I could feel the excitement tingling in the tip of my cock as Betty sucked and sucked. So far, it was the greatest blowjob I'd ever had, yes, she was the best. Then, it hit, my cum rocketed up into her mouth as she gulped it all down. She backed up off my cock, held it in her fist and licked eery trace that seeped out after.

I sat there in a bit of a daze, almost sucked inside out, a very happy man.

"Betty, can I return the favor? I've been told I'm pretty good and, after that, well, you are the best, my dear, just the best. So, I'd be happy to do you."

"Well, Ron, that's something that I'm never likely to turn down," and I took her hand, lifted her up then removed her pants and pulled down her panties, kneeling before her beautifully-shaved pussy. I had her sit on the leather sofa and lean back as I approached her on the floor and put my face up between her legs.

I took hold of her knees and spread them as far as I could then began running my tongue all around underneath her. Karen sat and watched and I could see that she was rubbing her pants along the seam of her crotch. I hope I get to do her next.

"Mmm, oh, Ron, mmm, you do know what you're doing. You're teasing me, aren't you. Just going all around my pussy, making me want it, you devil."

I looked up and smiled at her as I licked wide circles around her pubic area. Then, I started licking straight across from side to side, letting my tongue slide across her labia then on to the other side, back and forth, sweeping from one side to the other.

"Oh, I am so ready, Ron, you can get to my pussy any time now. Oh, just wait Karen, Ron knows what he's doing. You'll love this."

I was tonguing across and around her pussy now as she reached down and spread her pussy lips open.

"Lick me inside, Ron, up inside my pussy."

I began tonguing up into her opened hole, running my tongue around and around as she moaned, "Mmm, ummm, unnnh, oh, Ron, oh, Ron."

I could tell that it was really getting to her and, then, "OOOH, OOH, UUH, oh, Ron, oh, Ron, oh, you make my pussy such a happy girl, mmm," as I continued licking and tonguing her.

I looked up and she pulled me up by the shoulders and began kissing my wet face all over.

"Oh, Ron, you were so good, you can do me any old time you want, hon."

"You've got my number," I replied hopefully.

"Well, why don't you two go use my bedroom and have fun?"

So, I stood up, reached over and took Karen's hand and led her down the hall to our hostess's bedroom and closed the door.

Chapter 2

"Well," Karen said, nervously.

"I do kiss, Karen, but I don't bite," as I put my arms around her and gently pulled her to me, "May I?" I asked and she tilted her head up and I softly kissed her.

After a bit, she pulled her lips back, then pressed them to mine again, this time, slipping her tongue into my mouth as she pulled me closer. I slid my tongue inside her mouth and she began to suck on it in a rather seductive manner, things were getting better, I thought.

"So, I guess, we're here to do more than just kiss, Ron. Betty's set this up, I guess you know what it's all about, right?"

"Yes, and I'm assuming you want to have it happen, right?"

"Look, Ron, I'm just nervous, I mean…".

"I know, Karen, it's perfectly understandable. Until this morning, we'd never even seen each other. Now, well, we're supposed to become intimate."

"Exactly. And, I've never done anything like this before."

"Well, Karen it's kind of new ground for me, too."

"You could start by undressing me," and I took the bottom of her teeshirt and pulled it up over her head, leaving her standing there in a white, lacy bra and jeans.

"I'll bet you know how these come off," she said as she turned and I pushed the two sides together, unhooking her bra. She shrugged her shoulders and off it came in her hands as she dropped it to the floor.

Karen's breasts were beautiful, really stunning. They were pretty sizable, maybe C-cup, and had no droop at all, they were lovely and firm and were tipped with pretty, pink nipples which were very erect.

"Oh, Karen, you are beautiful," I said as I reached to her and held them in my hands.

"Thank you, Ron, it's nice for you to say that."

"Oh, hon, they are just perfect. Can I kiss them?"

"I'd love that, yes," and she raised her head back as I bent down and kissed them, first one then the other, and on to sucking each hard nipple.

"Mmm, that feels nice, I've missed this, missed it a lot. You're nice, Ron, really nice."

I sucked her breasts for a few minutes more, they were really so nice, I didn't want to stop but I knew I was here to do something specific and needed to move things along.

Kneeling down, I unbuttoned her jeans and began tugging them down. They were tight and didn't yield right away but I did work them down to her ankles where she stepped out of them.

She stood there in front of me in a pair of light blue low-cut panties with a fringe of white lace around the edges.

"I'm afraid they're the sexiest ones I have."

"Well, I think you should wear some panties that show off just how beautiful you are, Karen, you deserve to look good."

"That's very sweet, Ron, you say the nicest things."

"Only because they're true, Karen," and I moved my head forward and kissed her on her panties. I could immediately tell that her breathing got heavier and there was the slightest moan when my lips touched her.

I wasn't sure if Karen just wanted oral sex or whether she wanted me to get naked or what, so I thought I'd just ask her, "Do you want me to stay like this or take my clothes off, too, Karen, it's up to you."

"Off would be nice, Ron," so I pulled off my knit shirt and unbuckled my belt and slid my jeans off and stood there in my briefs, rather bulging out. I took her hand and we got on the bed and lay down along side each other.

I thought that I would take it slow so I put my arms around her and kissed her, waiting a bit before sliding my tongue in her mouth. As we kissed, she raised her upper leg over my hip and began pushing her pubic area on me; it looked like she was getting into things. Then, her tongue slipped into my mouth as her hand slid down my stomach and began rubbing the front of my briefs.

I began kissing her neck and throat, working down to her shoulders and chest, on to her breasts where I decided to linger. She was now rubbing my cock through my briefs as I felt her hand slip under the elastic and grip my hard cock. I had one nipple in my mouth as I fondled her other breast, her chest rising and falling faster and faster.

Then, I decided to move on and began kissing and licking down along her stomach and into her navel as she continued to rub my cock. Her other hand was petting my cheek as I travelled down her body.

"Mmm, that's nice, Ron, really nice," she murmured as I licked a trail down onto her abdomen.

My hand was on her panties as I dragged my fingertips down onto her pubic mound and rested my hand there, pressing and rubbing gently.

"You can take them off, Ron, my panties, go ahead, please."

Okay, I thought, so I took the bottom hem on each side and pulled down as she lifted her hips up. I already knew she had dark brown hair on her pussy, it showed through her panties. Then, she spread her legs wide for me as I bent down and planted a nice, wet kiss right on her slit. I felt her shiver a bit as her hand caressed my face.

"You can take yours off too, Ron, your underwear," so I slipped my briefs down and kicked them off to the floor and knelt up on the bed next to her, my cock out in front of me as I watched her hand reach up and put her fingers around it, gently squeeze and rub it back and forth while she smiled at me. I was thinking that her nervousness is pretty much over.

"You're really big, Ron, more than I'd expected. I'm so excited."

I bent back down and kissed her right in the middle of her pubic mound as she spread her legs open. I moved between them and lowered down and gave her wet slit several licks. The first lick up her slit caused her to jump but after that, she held very still.

I pushed her knees up and a little wider as I gently rubbed my thumbs on each side of her pussy in the wetness and licked her up and down.

"Oh, Ron, oh, oh, I never…oh, that's just so…don't stop, please don't stop, it's so…oh, it's incredible, it feels sooo…mmm…oh, yes, Betty was so right, oh, you are so…oh, OH, OH, AAH, AAH, AYYE, mmm, mmm, oh, don't stop, it's wonderful, please do more."

I think Karen had a lot of pent-up horniness inside her and she's now letting it out. So, I just kept on licking and sucking and tonguing her. She's moving her hips under me as I lick her so I know she's enjoying every swipe of my tongue.

"Oh, Ron, that's just wonderful. I never knew anything could feel so good. I am so turned on by you doing this, it's everything I'd ever dreamed about. That was the best orgasm I've ever had. Oh, just wonderful. Please do it more."

I'm not one to disappoint a woman, so I did just as she asked. After all, it was one of my favorite pastimes and I figured that Karen deserved some male attention after all the jump-on, jump-off sessions with her husband.

So, I gave her a second orgasm which I'm sure Betty must have heard in the front of the house, Karen really let loose. She pulled me up to her and kissed me over and over my wet, smiling face.

"Oh, oh, Ron, oh, I can't tell you how wonderful you are, you've made me so happy, I just didn't know a woman could feel this good. Oh, my pussy, oh, Ron, you've made my pussy so happy. Mmm, twice. Oh, I've never cummed twice like that. They were the strongest, best orgasms of my life. You are just the best and Betty was so right, you were the perfect guy to do it. Would you fuck me, too? Please, I want to know how it should feel when you do it."

Chapter 3

"Well, sure, Karen, I'd be privileged to, you're a beautiful, sexy woman. Do we need any protection?"

"Oh, no, I'm on the pill, so that's not a worry. I really want you to do this to me, I am so aroused by what you just did to me, oh, I want you inside me."

I got up over her as she spread her legs wide, gripped my cock and wiped the head up and down in the wetness between her legs and began pushing into her. One good shove and I was about halfway inside, she was tight, so another push or two had me all the way inside.

"You feel big, Ron, bigger than…well, nice and big."

I began moving slowly back and forth as she raised her knees up and when I went in, I pressed down into her and moved my hips around trying to rub the head of my cock deep inside her.

"Oh, Ron, you reach up into me so nice and far, oh, and I love it that you go nice and slow like this, not fast like you're in a hurry to cum. Mmm, I could do this all day."

"I'm in no rush, Karen, I love being with you like this, I just want you to be happy," and I bent down and kissed her as my hips moved back and forth. She raised her legs up around me, locking her ankles behind my back and whispered, "Ron, could we do this more than just this once?"

"You mean today or in the future?"

"Oh, I see, well, if you can do it twice, yeah, that would be wonderful but what I really meant was again in the future. Like once or twice a week, you just make me feel so good."

"Well, we can see after we finish about the second time today and as far as in the future, if you want to, Karen, I'd be privileged to have you in my bed as much as you want."

"Don't say that, Ron, I might want you to fuck me every day, this is so wonderful, you are the perfect lover."

"That's nice to say, Karen, I don't think a woman has ever said that to me before. Thanks, I do try."

"Mmm, you do, and I love that you do. This is what I've wanted. Everything that I've wanted for so long. Oh, and your oral sex, it was wonderful, I've never felt so sexually turned-on, ever. The most exciting thing in my whole life."

"I'll be glad to do you as often as you want, I loved doing it."

"You're so sweet, Ron, mmm, and such a wonderful lover."

"It's easy to be a lover for such a beautiful, sexy woman,"

"Mmm, you do say the nicest things. And you do the most wonderful things to my body, this is so wonderful."

"You are wonderful yourself, Karen. You make me feel good, too, I'm feeling pretty close to cumming, are you?"

I had already had a blowjob , as you know, but Karen was nice and tight and was doing some nice moves underneath me, she was certainly getting into it and losing all her initial shyness. She was great in bed, too bad her husband didn't give her a chance.

"You are the perfect man to make me happy, Ron, I can never thank Betty enough for getting you to show me how wonderful sex really can be. I hardly ever have an orgasm, well, except by my fingers, and I am feeling like I'm ready to explode. It's the most excited I've ever been."

"Mmm, it's feeling pretty exciting to me, too, Karen, you are a sexy woman and any man would be proud to be in bed with you."

She pulled my head down to kiss me, then said, "Well, at least I know one man that seems to like me in bed and I sure like him in bed, and him in me," as she wiggled her butt while I stroked in and out of her.

I had taken her hands and raised them above her head onto the mattress above her, holding them down and was arched over her, my cock slowly running down deeply inside her, then slowly back up out of her, over and over and over.

"Oh, Ron, I've never felt so good, I'll do anything you want, Ron, anything, this is just so good, I'm really in heaven. I'll fuck you all you want, suck you, I'll do whatever you want me to, just say you'll fuck me from now on, please."

"I want you to be happy, Karen, if you're happy, then I know you'll make me happy, too."

"You sure are making me happy, happier than any man I've ever been with, not that there's been many. Oh, Ron, oh, your cock just feels so good sliding in and out of my pussy. Oh, it feels so good."

"Your pussy sure feels good to me, Karen, I am so happy we're together like this."

"Oh, Ron, OH, RON, OOH, OOH, oh, oh, mmm, mmm, oh, I've never felt so good, oh, don't stop, Ron, just keep fucking me, it's so good."

She was gyrating her hips as I fucked her, making my cock feel so good, I knew I was close, that I was just about ready to cum.

"Mmm, uuh, uuh, uh, mmm, oh, Karen, you are so good, Karen, oh, that was so good."

I was still slowly stroking in and out of her, my cock still fairly firm and very electric feeling, just sending pleasure all over me, all over my body. Karen had her legs wrapped around my back and pulled me into her, whispering, "I'll never let you out of my pussy, Ron, not ever," as she drew my face down and kissed me hard.

"When can we be together again, Ron?"

"Well, I do work several evenings a week, so I have those days off. What about you?"

"I work from home and have time that I can use for whatever I want, and this is what I want," she said as she gently squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles.

"Well, Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm home all day, what about that?"

She pulled me down and kissed me long and hard.

"Oh, Ron, I can be at your place by eight, we'll have all day. You can fuck me all day. Oh, and I want to suck you, too, and make you happy as I can."

"I'm sure you'd like some more oral sex, too, right?"

"Well, that's kind of what started all this, isn't it. And, oh, you do it so well. My pussy'll never be the same."

So, that's what started the bi-weekly trysts with Karen, every Tuesday and Thursday morning, she lets herself in (yes, it was only after about a month when I gave her a key to my place), takes her clothes off and slips under the covers with me. We spend most of each day together making each other happy, that always includes oral sex, Karen just loves it so much, and I love doing it.

I've also gotten to know Betty rather better as well, but that's another story altogether. And, yes, it includes some of her fabulous blowjobs. Mmm.

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