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Her First Riotous Kiss

He helps out a woman, takes her home, and oral sex results in his apartment.
She’d heard, just a little bit earlier that something crazy was going on outside. At first, it concerned her but when she “closed down” and got all her stuff so she could head home she found out what everyone meant.

Emily, one of the newest employees walked out alone. She froze when she saw it. She could not believe her eyes. Buildings all around her, for whatever reason, were on fire. People were rioting and she had no idea why.

She was frightened to death. Never before had the young woman experienced anything like this in her life. From a very small town, this naïve simpleton, so to speak, couldn’t seem to move a muscle. She just stood there, frozen, and looking at people screaming and holding torches while she heard the “bullets” going off out of nowhere.

“Get out of here,” someone said from behind her. “Go on, run that way, over there,” the coworker said. “Just run,” is all she heard.

So that was what she started to do. Fearing for her life, this sweet and slender young woman with her long curly like hair began to run. Scared to death having never been in a mess like this before, she looked around, and Emily started to run.

There were people screaming left and right. Arms were raised up as they, for whatever reason, yelled obscenities, and threw all sorts of things into the crowd behind her. She kept running although she was scared and once she was far enough away, Emily decided enough was enough.

She fell to the ground. Flat on her belly, despite that she was out in the middle of the street, she covered her head up, and lay there. She didn’t care what she had on. She didn’t care if she was wearing her new skirt that day. She didn’t even care if she had on that new sweater either.

She covered her head up and laid there, on the pavement, and Emily did not move. She was scared to death. She was not going to move whatsoever. Police were called in from everywhere and so were more fire departments to hose down all the fires. That day, she’ll always remember, was a madhouse, but one man, one marvelous young man, came and made her day.

His name is Jeff Peters. Jeff was kind of doing the same thing as she was. Although she was only 22 and a not even a year out of college, he’d seen it all once about a year and a half ago himself. He wasn’t thrilled by this crazy mess either. He was running away too.

However, as he was running out of it all, he saw something, or was it someone. Jeff slowed down, at first but when he saw it, or her laying there, he stopped and stared at her.

“Miss, hey miss?” he said. She didn’t move, at first. “Hey!” he exclaimed. “Hey there, are you okay?” the nice young 25 year old said.

She lifted her head, just barely, and glanced up at him. He called out again as he looked down at her. Behind them, about 75 yards away, the relatively small town was in flames. It had to do with politics. That’s all he knew. He’d explain that later. It would settled down. He knew that of course.

“Are you alright, miss?” he called out again.

She didn’t say a word, she didn’t even hardly move a muscle, and other then to nod her head, he wasn’t sure he even saw her do that. He stood there looking down on her. “Miss, you can’t stay here like this,” he went on to tell her. He was looking for something else to say. He didn’t know what to tell her either. Then he found the words. “What about your clothes? What about that sweater and skirt?”

She finally uncovered her head. She finally looked up and her potential suitor. He looked down at her, smiling kind of. Still laying down, she adjusted her body so that she could look at Jeff more comfortably.

“I’m Jeff,” he said all of a sudden.

“Hi,” she said but without smiling. “Uhhh, I’m uhhh Emily,” she replied quietly.

She looked away and out at the riotous mess where the people were screaming and pushing and rioting all over the place. Still, Emily was on her belly and she still felt worried as ever for her life.

“What’s going on?” she said as she pointed to the riotous mess. “Why’s that going on?”

Buildings were burning. They heard “bullets” all over the place too. In truth, those bullets were some form of a firecracker, but no one knew it at that time. In addition to the police and fire departments, TV stations were there as well, but despite all the security she still had not moved at all.

Instead of leaving, he slowly lowered himself to the ground, and Jeff sat down beside her.

“What are you doing?” she asked in an unsure tone of voice.

“Staying with you,” he told her. “Don’t ask me why but you seem a little lost, kind of.”

She didn’t say a word as the two looked on at the riot up the street a little ways. Every so often, she’d look at him as he continued to look at the riotous mess in the uptown district they’d just run from.

She studied him as he kept on studying the people and the fracas which continued. She did not know why but there was something about this guy she kind of liked and she found it inviting as well.

She smiled although Jeff didn’t see it and she looked at him some more. Although he wasn’t paying any attention to her, all of a sudden she leaned into her “rescuer,” and Emily suddenly kissed his cheek.

He “jumped” back a little. “Whoa, what was that for?” he said.

She wore a smirk on her face as she looked at him. “I don’t know,” she said. “I uh wanted to tell you uhhh thank you I guess. So thank you uhhh for uhhh helping me out.”

He was still a little “shocked” at what she’d just done although he liked it. He smiled and she smiled back. He looked at her and she looked back at him. “Any time, Emily,” he said. “You seem nice enough, so anytime.”

They stared at one another some more. The stare got deeper for whatever reason as all the outside noise seemed to disappear. All of a sudden, it was Emily and Jeff, sitting there, and staring at one another.

Finally, he looked back at all the raucous going on. He watched the fires and all the people rushing around while at that very same time Emily kept on staring at him. She smiled as she looked at him.

Out of nowhere, she did it.

Emily leaned in, suddenly, and she blew him away. Before he knew it, he was flat on the ground, and suddenly before he knew it she was flat on top of his body and kissing him madly and “thanking” him in her own sweet way.

His hands weren’t anywhere near her body but hers were on his hands and arms, while her lips were all over his. He loved it but he didn’t expect her tongue as it soon found its way down inside his mouth.

The girl could kiss.

It was all out of control, he told himself as she held down his hand, and seemed to pin him down to the street. Whoa, holy cow he told himself as her tongue entered his mouth, and he allowed her to continue kissing his body.

Finally, she stopped. She finally eased up off his body. She wore a smile and looked right at him. She could tell he was totally surprised by what she’d done.

“I’m sorry,” she said, knowing that he wasn’t expecting her kiss whatsoever. “I’m really sorry, “ she said again as she looked down away from him.

“Uhhh no nooooo,” he told her. “Umm, it’s okay.”

Still looking down at the ground, she finally looked up at him. “No it isn’t. I shouldn’t have done that,” she said. “I’m not like that. I don’t do stuff like that.” She was shaking her head as she said it.

“I guess I liked it, if it makes you feel any better,” he told her, and he smiled finally too.

She smiled and sat beside him, doing nothing but thinking about what she’d done, and finally told him “Really, I’m sorry.”

About 20 minutes later he said “Want to get going?”

“Uhhh sure, I guess so, but are the busses still running this late?” she replied.

“I’ll drive you home,” he said.

Once at his car, he took her to her place, but all of a sudden she realized she didn’t have her purse. She didn’t have a key. She left her purse at work. It traumatized her. She didn’t know what to do all of a sudden.

“Well, we can’t go back there. Not tonight we can’t, “ he said. They remained parked in front of her apartment building, thinking about their options. “I have one idea but it depends on you of course.”

“What’s that?” she said.

“Well, I have an extra bedroom. You can use it tonight and tomorrow morning I can take you home.” They worked it all out. “I might have something you can wear tonight to be honest,” he went on to say.

With some hesitance, she agreed, and he headed to his apartment.

“I have something uhhh you can wear,” he said. “Go on, take yourself a shower. Go on and get yourself cleaned up.” Then he looked her body over and followed with “What’s your size? You’re what, a size 4? Is that right?”

She found it odd that he’d know and said “How’d you know?” She was wearing a smile.

“A lucky guess,” he replied. “Hold on, let me show you.”

He came back with the pair of panties he thought to be her size. She actually found that she liked them and she discovered she was impressed by it all too. She went and took a shower and carried the panties with her to the bathroom. He brought her a large t-shirt to wear so that she’d feel more comfortable all over. Obviously, she felt cleansed at that point although she didn’t have any makeup to put on, but he didn’t seem to care at all.

She came out in the t-shirt and panties and said “I’ve never seen anything like what happened out there tonight. That was crazy, wasn’t it?”

He agreed and explained why it all happened. She cared but didn’t. All she cared about was him, she discovered. She then asked him where he hailed from.

“Really, you’re from there too? I grew up in,” and she told him where she was from.

They’d grown up in nearby suburbs. It delighted her to know that and also interested him as well. He smiled knowing the two had more in common then he expected. They were able to talk about a lot more stuff at that point. As the night rolled on, everything quieted down, but it was only 8:45 and she found she had become a lot more interested in her host.

“This is quite odd you know,” she said.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“I mean, you and I here, and well I don’t know, but it’s kind of odd,” she said.

Sitting across from her, he smiled as he asked her exactly what she meant.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “It’s like well were connected. We have something in common, right? Coming from the same area and all?”

“I guess so,” he told her. “I guess you could say that, couldn’t you?”

She was nodding her head and smiling kind of as she looked at him and looked over his body in a manner of speaking. He asked her if she wanted to watch some TV. She didn’t care.

However, something started feeling odd to her. He was looking at her strangely. She wasn’t able to put her finger on it and kept thinking about what it was that made her feel uncomfortable. She’d watch TV with him. Still, something felt weird. What made her feel the way she was feeling she wondered? She could not figure it all out.

Then she realized what it was.

She turned and looked at him. His eyes were on her legs. His eyes looked at the tips of her boobs. She didn’t know what to think or say. She watched him look at her body. It kind of made her feel nice but what he was doing, what he was looking at started making her feel very uncomfortable.

“Why are you doing that?” she said.

His eyes looked up, suddenly. “Huh, doing what?” he asked.

“You know,” she said. “You keep looking at me. I watched you look at my legs and I saw you look at my uhhh chest too.”

He didn’t know what to tell her.

“Don’t do that, please?” she said.

A few minutes later she got up and said she was going to bed. She thanked him for all his help and told him she’d see him in the morning. He stayed up for a couple more hours but wondered about her quite often.

About 10:30 or so, he went to bed, and lay thinking about Emily while in bed. He finally fell asleep and all of a sudden she got up and started doing something she’d been infamous for a number of times in the past.

She began sleep walking. She walked around his apartment but hadn’t disturbed anything at all. Then she headed back to bed. However, she didn’t go to her room. Emily walked into his bedroom and laid down beside him, although she was still asleep.

He realized what she’d done. “Emily,” he said. “Hey Emily,” he said again as he looked at her angel like face as she cuddled up beside him. “What are you doing?” he asked.

He watched her. But she hadn’t acknowledged him at all. He watched her sleep. She was as cute as a button. He thought about taking her body and wrapping his arms around it. He didn’t and instead listened to her breath, quietly, as he studied her facial features.

He fell asleep.

In the morning, way before she woke up, he got up, and took a shower. He called out her name. He had to do it twice before going up to her and shaking her, by her shoulder, to get her to wake up.

“Huh, what?” she said, quietly. “Where am I?”

He told her it was time to get up. She realized where she was, finally, and asked how she got in his room. He told her she must have been sleepwalking which threw her off a little.

“I haven’t done that since my freshmen year in college,” she said.

“Well, let me assure you that I was a good guy. I didn’t do anything wrong,” he told her.

She teased him saying “I wish you would have.”

She started smiling once she said it but ran and got dressed. He took her to work so she could go and get her purse and then took her to her apartment. He liked it a lot too. From there, they started dating, and went out all the time. He was a perfect gentleman.

They did all sorts of stuff together. However, never did he try and get her into bed.

They’d dated, for seven months, and still he was the perfect gentleman. Finally, she said “I’ve got a question for you.” He asked what it was. “How come you haven’t tried to sleep with me?” she said.

“I don’t know,” he told her.

She looked at him and studied his face and then she said “You do too. Don’t you find me sexually attractive?”

She stared at him some more. She thought about their time together. It had been seven months now and he hadn’t once tried putting the moves on her. He hadn’t even kissed her for that matter except for on her cheek, but never had he kissed her lips.

“Do you know what I really want?” she asked.

He knew what she probably wanted but waited for her to tell him.

“I want you to take me to bed and sleep with me. I want you and me to lay down with each other and you know, maybe, kiss and play around with one another,” she told him.

It was the middle of the week. He knew he didn’t do things like that, not in the middle of a work week, and taking a woman to bed to do stuff like that, well that was out of the question, normally. However, she was telling him, flat out, what she wanted him to do.

He wasn’t too surprised about what she’d said although he still said “Tonight, really?”

She looked at him and with a straight and serious look on her face, as she stared at him, she nodded her head. As she looked at him she noticed how his eyes and overall look, to her, seemed soft and warm.

It had her wondering. If he was the kind of lover a young woman, such as her, really wanted would he be all that good? Did it matter? No, it wouldn’t matter. She wasn’t a type of woman who had any real experience anyway. She asked him to kiss her on her lips. He didn’t say no but he hadn’t said yes yet either as these two stood close together.

She couldn’t wait for a kiss from him that she wanted.

Her eyes were glued to his. She felt her heart beating a little faster as she waited for his kiss. As she waited, she reached forward and touched his arm. Her voice was soft and quiet as she said it again. “Will you kiss me on my lips?”

He took her by her arms and held her softly. Leaning in, he kissed her on the lips. Finally, he kissed her, and she felt his lips on his. Her body “exploded.” Something irrational, illogical unleashed itself inside her all over. Never before in her life had she ever felt the substantial obsessive series of emotions in her body that she felt at that moment in her life. It started in her belly, ran its course up into her breasts, and zoomed quickly down into her thighs as his kiss instantly recorded its moments with his lips. Her body “screamed” for more. Her body cried out for his. She knew there had to be more but all of a sudden there was nothing.

He pulled back. She was in awe of his kiss he’d given her. She was speechless. She looked as though she was in a daze. She didn’t say a word and he said “Emily hey Emily, are you okay?”

He looked at her and waited. She was still stunned due to powerful emotional reactions she was having from that very first kiss she’d gotten. He leaned in again and then he did it all over again too. With tongue this time, he kissed her a little longer so as to gauge she felt about it all.

Out of nowhere, her arms reached around him. She hugged him more firmly then ever.

He then knew exactly how she liked it and kept on kissing her and she kissed him back. Neither stopped kissing one another. It was powerful. It was emotional as ever as their lips embroiled into one humongous kissing “battle” which both loved and adored.

She pulled back all of a sudden. Her eyes were large and she was engaged in passion she did not really know existed. “Wow ohhhhhh wow,” she said as she smiled, finally, and looked into his face. “Wow and I mean ohhh wow, Jeffrey,” she added. “You don’t know how I am feeling right now.” With that, he noticed her eyes appeared glassy as she said it again. “Wow!”

He smiled and pulled her body against his. He kissed her more passionately. She swallowed it all up allowing herself the chance to be loved like never before. Her hands were all over his body, although their clothes remained on, but she loved how he felt as these two kissed and kissed and kissed.

Before he knew it, his hands were finding their way around her body. He was into it more then he ever expected but so was Emily. As they kissed, he found he loved how soft her body felt against him and how much softer her lips felt on is too. As they kissed, her hands were pulling at him from every angle almost.

To Jeff, it all felt wild, or so it seemed it was.

She pressed herself against his body even more. Her upper body, or was it her boobs, were slamming his chest, or so it seemed, and she was grabbing at his shirt as she yanked it every which way but off.

He got turned on in a major way.

His hand, as they continued to kiss passionately, found its way up inside her top. He felt her warm soft flesh as they kept on kissing. She didn’t stop his hand from “tumbling” inside her top whatsoever. It went all over the place as he felt all of her belly, almost all of her upper body, but her boobs.

She hadn’t stopped him yet as they kissed.

His hand was just below her boobs when all of a sudden, as their lips were pressed together and moving about riotously, he felt a legs curling upwards around his waistline. Then there was another one. She hung onto his body, her arms were wrapped around his neck, and Emily was feverishly kissing him like she had ever kissed another person before. She pulled at him as her legs pulled at his body. Kissing him wasn’t just an adventure. This was something knew to him too.

He decided to go further and his hands found their way. He felt one. He felt the other. It wasn’t much but it was something, he told himself. It slithered on up a little but she never stopped him as his hand felt more and more of her boob.

“Ohhh wow, yes ohhh yes uh ohhhhhh,” she cried out as his hand finally laid atop of her boob. “Mmmmmm, that feels soooo nice, Jeffery.”

So he did what came naturally. Jeff lightly squeezed her tit. She cried out, quietly, letting him know that she liked how it felt. He did it again and again and he did it gently and lovingly too. Again, she cried out so to let him know how much she adored the sensation or feeling it gave her.

“Do it some more, Jeff. Don’t stop. Please keep doing that,” she told him.

So he did, as he raised up her top, and soon enough over her head. She was topless and she kissed him more and more. His hands, on her boobs, and gently caressing them to her liking moved from one to the other.

Before he knew it, she’d slid down her bra so he could feel the real thing. Before he knew it instead of his hands on them, he was mouthing her tits as well as licking them, and also sucking her boobs and of course her nipples.

She screamed out once her nipples were played with and they got harder and harder. She loved it. She wanted his bedroom. She wanted his body. She wanted to kiss him all over to show him she really, truly liked him a lot.

“Take me to bed, will you?” she said.

She wants to have sex, really he said to himself.

No, not really, but it sure felt like she did. Nevertheless, he did take her to bed and once in bed he took her to “task.” They kissed a lot, lot more, but in addition he kissed her body all over. He not only kissed her boobs and her belly but he turned her over and kissed her on her back as well as he kissed her ass, which he truly loved doing.

She loved that part too.

Then he was inside her legs. Down at her toes, he kissed her body all the way up into the insides of her thighs. She was so turned on by this that she was crying out and calling out his name over and over.

Before she realized it, he was licking out her pussy. That, she didn’t expect. But once it occurred, Emily didn’t stop it from happening. She “exploded.” She went haywire. She pulled down on his body and cried out over and over for him to keep doing what he was doing, licking out her pussy, until there was no more left to do.

It took him four times to do it but he got it done. She orgasmed four times. She was beat. She was exhausted. She was thrilled about it happening and though he didn’t cum it did not matter at all to him.

He made her happy. He thrilled her to death. She came. Okay, he didn’t. He’d get his chance. Soon enough, he told himself. She lay there, naked and smiling. He rested on his side watching her breath and enjoy the day, as it was, and he enjoyed watching her bosoms rise up and go down, rise up and go down.

“Have I ever told you that you’re a really pretty girl?” he said.

She smiled and said thank you and then added “Isn’t this weird? I mean us together like this all because of that crazy riot months ago. And I owe all to you.” She leaned in and hugged him, followed by a kiss on his cheek.

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