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Her Pleasure

She's not sure how to take this new man. He only does things to make her happy. The finger fucking, the oral sex, the licking of her nipples, and soft gentle touching and kissing. He seeks out every part of her body with his tongue and fingers. Licking at every sensitive spot. She tries to give him pleasure but it's all about her.

She loves all the attention even when he has his face buried between her legs and is licking and sucking at her clit. She feels orgasm after orgasm as he relentlessly sucks and licks her. She feels his fingers slowly slide into her hot wet pussy and she grabs his hair at the pleasure. Slowly he fucks her with his fingers. This is all so new to her and she loves it.

She has had her pussy eaten and finger fucked before but not like this. Its almost as if he knows just where to do it and how fast. All the others just got in, got out and got on the way. She enjoys all this attention.

As her orgasms get more and more intense she can feel her clit swelling from all the sucking. Moving her hips up and down fucking his fingers and tongue, she feels a very powerful orgasm coming. He feels her pussy tighten and she shoves up hard onto his fingers. At the same time she pushes his head hard onto her clit. His mouth sucks it all in and holds it.

Her pussy explodes on his fingers and he can feel her cum running down his fingers. She lets him up and her clit is swollen and throbbing. Not able to move yet, he slides his rock hard cock into her still hot dripping pussy and makes love to her very slowly.

Pulling it out right to the edge and then slamming it into her. She pushes hard against him never feeling this before. Again he pulls out and holds it for a second or two and then slams it hard into her again. This time he holds her shoulders so she cant move. Her pussy throbs even more at this new feeling.

Feeling her getting dry, he starts pumping faster and faster. Finally reaching his orgasm. He rolls over and plays with her clit some more. She moans and bucks her hips at the pleasure. He stops only when she begs him to.

He stops only for a few moments. Reaching in between her legs he starts playing again while sucking on her already hard nipples. She feels his cock get hard against her leg and reaches down and starts stroking it. Reacting to this, he fingers her clit faster and sucks harder on her nipples. Even though she is very swollen she enjoys the pleasure.

The orgasms continue in a steady stream. Starting in her belly and going all the way to her clit. She thinks to herself, he must be a robot to be able to play with me this long. She feels another powerful orgasm coming and she strokes his hard cock even faster.

She explodes a second time and starts breathing heavy. He knows she cant take much more and continues playing with her and sucking and licking on her nipples. She lets go of his cock and tries to relax so that he can play longer. It's difficult since her clit is really swollen and very sensitive. 
She finally cant take anymore of his fingers flicking fast across her clit and his mouth sucking and licking on her breasts and nipples. She begs him to stop again. He moves his fingers from her clit and his mouth from her breasts and she slams her legs closed and rolls over. Tired and very satisfied she falls asleep with him laying close to her.
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