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Her wonderful mouth

After weeks of teasing she decides to meet me...
My first story for Lush. Hope you like it.

I wait in my motel room for her call. She has been teasing me all week about meeting up with me on one of my usual stays in the city. Finally, a beep on the phone, I check the message.

“I be ready in 20 min. Go to the park by the store” it says.

I get up and head to the bathroom. Checking my appearance I find all acceptable so I head down to the car. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Thousands of thoughts racing through my mind, what will she wear? How will she act? Will we really do anything or is she just continuing her teasing?

I drive to the park. Seems like it takes an hour, but the clock says more like 5 minutes. I wait patiently for her next message. Since I don’t know where she lives, I just wait. I light a cig and wait. Finally, the phone beeps. “Cuming to you” and then “hopefully over and over”. God she is such a tease.

By the time I finish my cig, I see her walking up the sidewalk to my car. I unlock the doors and she gets in. I look at her and say, “God you look good. If you would have told me where to go, I would have picked you up so you didn’t have to walk.”

She replies, “I couldn’t let any of our employees see you. They all know your car and 3 of them live in my apartment complex.”

Good thinking on her part. Neither of us can afford to get fired if someone finds out we are actually seeing each other. I start the car and head back to the motel.

On the way to the motel we have some small chit chat basically consisting of how we shouldn’t be doing this, but both agree what happens outside of work is our business, we just can’t let it come between us in any way at work. Sometime during the ride, her hand rests on my thigh. She is caressing my thigh, it feels so nice, and she is slowly moving closer to my cock as I drive. I feel my cock stirring in my pants.

We arrive at the motel and go up inside the back door and up the stairs toward the room. Her hand finds mine as we walk to the room. There is a strange quiet between us. I open the door and she steps in.

I no more than shut the door and turn around when she puts her hands on my face and kisses me deeply. Our tongues playing tag with each other as the kiss heats. When our lips separate, she tells me, “I’ve wanted that for weeks!”

She walks over to the bed and sits. I can’t take much more of this and we begin kissing like sex crazed teenagers. My hands moving on her body finding her perky A cup breast. I kneed and work them making her nipples harden. I feel her hands on my back and sides. Soon she is grabbing my ass and my cock at the same time. I feel my cock hardening from her touches. I start kissing and sucking her neck as she slightly moans. She states that she loves the feeling of my hardening cock.

I start unbuttoning her shirt as she continues to work my cock through my pants. Her other hand leaves my ass and stars unbuttoning my shirt. We break our kissing long enough for me to stand up and remove my shirt. She removes her and starts grabbing for my belt. I help her and remove my pants and shorts to the point I am standing nude in front of her. She stands and I kiss her while my hands move to the zipper on her skirt. As her skirt and shirt fall to the floor, so does her bra and she is now just standing there in just her blue thong.

Her body is stunning. I quickly resume kissing her then move to her neck and ears again. She begins to moan and fall back towards the bed again. Her hand wrapped around my cock slowly moving back and forth as she goes down. Once on the bed she as me to roll over on my back. I do as directed as she sits across my body resting her thong covered pussy directly above my cock. I can feel the heat and moisture of her through the thin cloth separating us. She bends down and starts kissing me. She moves to my neck and ears as I had done to her. This causes my blood to boil and my cock swells against her tender lips even more.

She keeps kissing and starts working her way down. She teases me as she goes. Sucking my nipples then down my belly to my inner legs. She purposely avoided touching my cock with her lips to tease me even more. She comes up quickly to kiss my lips with a devilish grin before going back down and swallowing my throbbing cock down to my balls. Her lips take my breath away as I gasp for air.

Her mouth is amazing as she starts bobbing her head up and down on my throbbing penis. My hands find her head and slowly ride her head as she sucks me. Her lips are like nothing I have ever felt. She is literally sucking the cum right out of my balls. She moves her body without her mouth ever leaving my cock and moves herself to the side. My other hand moves to her sweet pussy. My fingers find her sopping wet as I begin working her clit. I hear and feel her moan on my cock as her hand goes to the base of my cock.

She is working her hand on my rod in unison with her mouth. Faster and faster she sucks on my cock. I have never had a blowjob like this in my life. I let my fingers move the material of her thong as I plunge first one then two fingers inside her smooth wet pussy. She is so wet and tight the feeling is amazing. I search out her g spot to try and make her cum while she continues to work my cock. I can’t hold out much longer. I beg her to stop telling her that I am going to cum very soon if she doesn’t slow down. My warning falls in deaf ears as she picks up more speed. I can’t believe how good she is making me feel. I must be working her good too as her body is moving back and forth on my fingers as I finger fucker her as best I can in this position. I hear her moan as my cock is in the back of her throat.

The feeling of her moan on my cock is more than I can take. I shout, “I’m cumming now!” But she doesn’t stop. I feel the first shot of cum leave my cock and she buries herself on my rod. The rest of my load shooting straight down her throat.

I continue to finger fuck her hard and fast as my cock slowly starts deflating in her mouth. I feel her pussy tighten on my fingers and her juices flow down my arm as she cums very hard on my fingers.

She releases my cock and says, “Got the first one out of the way so I know the rest will last 10 times longer”.

I say, “Yes, but you just broke one of your three rules.”

She says, “how so?”

I say, “When I asked you what you didn’t like you said not to cum in your mouth, always wear a condom, and finally no anal sex.”

She looks in my eyes, and says, “Rules are made to be broken I guess. I loved the taste of your cum.”

I look at her and think… wonder what other rules will be broken before morning?

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