He's My Plaything

By DevilsSister

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True story, and my first.

I had always fantasized about giving my first blowjob. There was something, I thought, so inexplicably sexy about pleasuring a lover with your mouth. And of course, after a month of exchanging teasing texts I wanted you.

But first things first; descriptions. I am a slender young woman of average height, with red hair and dark blue eyes, like the skin of a blueberry. My skin is milky white and dusted with freckles that run from my impish nose, down my neck and over my chest and shoulders. My breasts are round and perky 38 B’s with small pink nipples. Due to years of dance, my tummy is toned and small, flaring out into a pair of wide hips and a soft round ass.

Then there is you. You pick me up in your car and I can already see the erection in your pants. The extra cologne clinging to the collar of your dress shirt lingers in my nostrils, and the sexual tension is exquisite. We make small talk, and I can hear your breath tremble slightly when you see my skirt ride up my thighs. As you drive you nervously clutch the steering wheel and occasionally release it to push your glasses back up the bridge of your nose. The effect I have on you makes me smile, and I can already feel my pussy getting wet. I want to reach over and tease the thing tenting your pants, but I decide to wait.

We finally arrive at your house and I follow you up the stairs, feeling a bit timid and nervous now. You welcome me into your room and step out for a moment to hang up your jacket. While you’re out I sit on your bed, feeling it bounce beneath me. As you walk in the door you freeze, watching me lift my shirt up over my head exposing my breasts clad in a sweet white lace bra.

Your eyes glide over my flat tummy, traveling up to my round freckled cleavage. As soon as you look me in the eye I feel a wave of shyness and look away. The bed sinks slightly, telling me you have sat down next to me. The feeling of your strong hand on mine makes me feel better, and after a few tense moments your lips are against mine and we are kissing gently. Our lips brush lightly, the gap between our bodies closing. When I feel your tongue against my lips I start to get excited. The heat between us grows while our tongues explore each other’s mouths. Feeling suddenly emboldened I rub the palm of my hand over your crotch. Your dick is so hot and so very very hard in your trousers.

I gasp as I feel your rough hands slide over my breasts and squeeze them tightly. Moaning lightly against your lips from the sensation, my breath shakes audibly as the kiss ends. My hand is still teasing your hard-on, and I notice your eyes flutter open dreamily.

“So..what should I do?” You manage to stutter out.

“I think…you should lay down.” I reply quietly.

“Lay down?” You tilt your head inquisitively and I nod in response. “Yes.”

While you obediently lie down on the bed I slowly slide my skirt down my hips to reveal a see-through lacy G-string. I then crawl on top of you, straddling the bulge in your pants. Time seemed to be moving slowly now. Nearly crawling. I lean down and kiss your lips slowly and begin to unbutton your shirt. I start to kiss along your jaw, and then down your neck to your collar bone while button by button your chest and handsome toned stomach are exposed. I kiss from your chest down to your navel, dragging my fingertips down your sides which makes you shake. I look up at you and smile.

“I’m a bit ticklish,” you say nervously.

I laugh a little and place a few more kisses just above the waist of your pants, my long red hair trailing over your navel. I then sit up and proceed to unbutton your dress pants. The button is too tight so I smirk and whisper;

“Goddammit Lucien. Why would you buy these pants?”

“I’m sorry. It’s not on purpose I swear,” you reply chuckling. “Do you want me to-“

Just as you offer to undo it, it pops free and I then slowly slide down the zipper. You lift your hips so that I can slide them down, revealing that you are not wearing any boxers. Your long hard cock springs free and immediately I lick my lips. The shaft looks so thick and hard, and the head is big. I can’t help but think about it sliding past my lips and into my hot mouth.

I slowly reach out and wrap my hand around the base, tightening my grip gently. I feel your dick jerk suddenly and it encourages me to go further. I slide my hand up the shaft slowly, then back down again. I look at you while I stroke over and over and see that your eyes are completely glazed in lust. I want to make sure I please you perfectly. After a few minutes my strokes are a bit quicker, your cock a bit wet.

“Heh…precum..” you sigh. A good sigh.

“Does it..feel good?” I ask tentatively.

“Are you kidding? Yeah it does! It feels amazing..” you trail off and your eyes close.

So far so good. Each time I stroke my hand up your length my thumb runs over the sensitive spot below the head and your cock jerks slightly. More pre-cum oozes from the tip, and I hear you groan lightly. After a minute or so I’ve decided that I want desperately to make you cum in my mouth.

I look at your face, lips parted and eyes closed in pleasure. Slowly I lean forward and slide the tip of my tongue over the head, watching for your reaction. Your shaft jerks up against my tongue, and your eyes fly open. Propping yourself up on your elbows you stare at my sly smile. The surprised look on your face is absolutely priceless. I tilt my head and give your dick a short teasing stroke with my tongue. You’re watching me intently now, but when I run my wet tongue up the underside of your length your head tilts back and you moan for me. I do this one more time, making sure to flick my tongue over that sweet-spot. A faint shudder then runs down your thigh, and the salty taste of your pre-cum intoxicates me. I swirl my tongue around the ridge of the head feeling how smooth and spongy it is.

“Ah fuck,” you moan quietly. “I was not expecting that.”

I grin and take the tip of your cock between my soft lips, humming a moan as I do. My tongue dances randomly over the sensitive erection between my lips, massaging it sensually. Looking up at you I see you’ve laid back down, your eyes closed tightly again. I taste more of your wetness and gradually take more of you into my mouth. While sucking up and down on your thick juicy cock my tongue strokes the frenulum over and over, eliciting a series of growl-like groans. For a few minutes I suck and tease the head when I feel your quivering hand on my shoulder.

“Elaine..please..” you whimper.

You don’t need to ask twice. I slip my lips past the head and they slide down your shaft which presses against my hot wet tongue.

“Ohh, that’s it…fuck that’s it,” I hear you say between heavy breaths.

Your hand travels to the back of my head and gently pushes me down so that I’m swallowing your entire cock. I moan and slowly slide back up to the head, making sure to give you a nice hard suck. Then I slide down again, rubbing over your shaft with my tongue until you hit the back of my throat. Over and over I bob my head up and down on your rock hard dick, sucking and licking and taking you deep into my mouth. I let you feel my throat swallow, and you moan loud.

“Fuck babe…you’re gonna make me cum.”

I slowly slide my lips up and off of your shaft with a playful ‘pop’ and smile up at you.

“What if that’s what I want?” I inquire.

“Well then you’ll certainly get what you want-“ I cut you off by taking your entire cock back into my mouth.“Uhhn..if you keep doing that..”

So I keep doing it. I can feel you pulsing slightly as my mouth pleasures you, your breathing becoming ragged. I suck you with every ounce of energy I have. Your hand brushes the back of my head again, your fingers tangling and brushing my hair out of my face. I begin to suck you off in short fast strokes at the head, jerking off the rest of your shaft with my free hand.

You’re moaning with every twitch of my tongue, your cock growing slightly harder. I can taste you more and more as you get closer to climax, my hand pumping your wet hard shaft. Then suddenly I felt your fingers clutch my hair tighter and your hot cum begin to coat my tongue. You groaned my name while your orgasm filled my mouth, leaving you shaking and panting.

When I feel your grip on the back of my head relax, I swallow every drop, slowly removing my lips from around your cock. I don’t find the taste unpleasant; salty and perhaps a bit tangy. Thicker than I had anticipated, however. I give the tip of your softening dick a quick kiss and climb up the bed to lay down right beside you. You’re still breathing hard when you kiss me gently.

“Was that really your first time?”


“Seriously? I’m not sure I believe that.” You raise an eyebrow.

I jab your side playfully and curl up in your arms. Your skin is burning hot against mine, like some strangely sexy fever. It’s official now of course. You’re my plaything, for as long as I’ll have you.