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Hidden Fantasies - Part Two - Naughty Girl

Hidden Fantasies - Part Two - Naughty Girl

My mysterious lover gives me a taste of what he has in store for me.

“Are you comfortable enough? Is this alright?” he asks me, a hint of compassion in that deeply arousing and authoritative voice.

I nod, holding back yet another lust filled moan, wishing the blindfold wasn’t over my eyes so that I could put a face to the voice.

“Good, I’ll see to you in a bit. I have some errands to run first. If you have been good when I get back, you will be rewarded, if you have been bad you will be punished. Do you understand?” he says, all authoritative, no compassion now.

Once again I nod, not trusting myself to say anything lest another moan gives away my intense arousal.

“I won’t be long,” he says seductively and that moan escapes from the depths of my throat anyway.

I hear him chuckle as he makes his way across the room. The door creaks open then closes with a sharp click. Another click tells me that he has me locked in here. My heart races with excitement as I settle down to await my reward … or punishment; depending on whether he deems me a good or a bad girl.

I let my thoughts travel to pondering the things he could do to me and end up making myself squirm within my bonds.


I am laying back on the bed quite comfortable in my tied up position. The ropes aren’t too tight but now that I have regained full consciousness, they are noticeable. I sigh contentedly as I savour the silky sheets beneath me and await the return of the sexy voiced man who is my keeper for the night.

I don’t know how long I have been laying here, but the anticipation is starting to get to me. I can already feel a considerable wet patch between my spread legs and my nipples are hard with longing.

A clicking sound comes from the direction of the door and my heart jumps, my body clenching in excitement. As I hear footsteps on the ground coming towards me, my breathing becomes harsher and I know my boobs are wobbling as my chest moves up and down with my sharp breathing.

“Have you been a good girl?” comes the voice that my body has been aching to hear. I nod my head trying to look like I am not too eager but the moan that comes from my lips gives me away. This receives another one of those glorious chuckles and I moan again.

“I guess I will have to find out for myself then,” he says mysteriously.

My breathing catches at the tone in his voice and struggle to find a crack in the blindfold to get a glimpse of what he is planning. Unfortunately I find none. And then I feel his touch.

My body breaks out in goose bumps as my arousal skyrockets. He runs his hands up over my bare legs, easily slipping off my shoes as he goes. I moan as his fingers play over my sensitive skin as his hands travel higher and higher up, underneath my dress, towards my pussy.

I squirm beneath his touch and he chuckles again which just makes me squirm more. His hands are getting oh so close now and I know he can feel the dampness around my panties.

I gasp as he softly runs one finger of the mound of my womanhood, touching me through my soaked underwear.

“Hmmm,” he says in a low voice. “Looks like someone’s been naughty and gotten horny.” He says ‘naughty’ in a lustful dirty way.

My breathing hitches, thrills coursing through my body as I wait for his next move. I don’t have to wait long.

My mysterious sexy voiced man expertly removes my panties by cutting them off with a pair of scissors. As he retreats from the bed, he trails soft kisses on my thighs and shins. Chills bring goose bumps to my skin once more as I let out small whimpering moans.

Once my panties are gone, he climbs onto the bed with me, positioning himself between my straddled legs.

Blindly, I wait, wondering what he is going to do next. And then I feel his tongue on my swollen pussy lips and I moan erotically as he begins to work his tongue around and around, lapping up the escaped juices.

After a while of teasing me like this, he uses his fingers to part my lips and slips his tongue up into my pussy and swirls it around tasting my sweet juices.

I can’t help but moan and squirm within my bonds as he drives me closer and closer to my orgasm with his skilled tongue.

“Mmmm you taste so good,” he purrs from between my legs before continuing with his tortuous licking.

A few flicks of his tongue against my clit is all it takes for me to let loose and almighty lust filled groan as pleasure explodes all over my body, leaving me limp and gasping for breath as the devil between my legs retreats with a chuckle.

I hear him move towards the door once more, but before he closes it he speaks again.

“I’m not done with you yet. I’m only just getting started.”

I am alone once more, covered in a combination of my own sticky cum and the saliva of my mysterious man.
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