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His First Mission

I met Alex at MEPS, before he left for Basic Training. I will never forget what he did for me..
4:30 PM

I’m sitting in my recruiter’s beige coupé, driving to the place where I will sign my life away. I bite hard on my lower lip as I realize what a massive decision I’m about to make with my life. Enlisting in the Navy was not something I had really contemplated before this year, and everything since then has happened so suddenly. All at once I have a job, a plan. Then again, that’s just the way my life has always happened- suddenly.

“There’ll be lots of nice looking men for you to choose from, Jamie,” my friend Audrey said yesterday, but I don’t care about that. I’ve always been an independent type of girl, I never need a man, but boy do I like to fantasize about being with one. I find it so enthralling- every time I as much as catch a handsome fellow eyeing me, I delve into a faux sexual encounter in my mind- and catch myself on the verge of an orgasm in public. I’m so, so sexually deprived, and I want to be given everything he has, even if he only exists in my mind.

6:02 PM

Here I am, waiting to check in at the LAX Radisson, surrounded by these muscular, gorgeous creatures, and not just one of them eyeing me, but ALL of them. Everyone staying in this hotel is US military- all different branches, yet all here either for their physical, or to be shipped off tomorrow.

I have never felt so lucky or so horny and excited in my entire life. I can literally feel my pussy starting to drip, and I know that I am going to find the nerve to talk to one of these guys. Tonight. My fellow female roommate, Devon, and I get to our room and see a view of planes flying over head, the skyline of the beautiful city of Los Angeles, spectacular lights everywhere. The most beautiful thing- 200 light towers, all changing colors simultaneously, right outside my window. Red, to orange, to pink, yellow, green, so on. Gorgeous.

We head down the glass elevator and spiral main staircase to have dinner at the hotel restaurant. It’s a sushi bar, and very upscale. Dark cherry wood floors, ceiling and tables, with dim lighted paper lanterns and dark red drapes hung all around- it’s a very romantic atmosphere, and I only wish I had someone to share it with.

You know that feeling you get when somebody is looking at you, and you can feel their eyes gracing your body? I felt him from across the room. Dark brown eyes with thick sexy eyebrows, Army short dark brown hair with side-burns-staring at me, and I don’t mind one bit, because all I can do is stare back in awe.

I fantasize a lot, but I’ve never seen anything like him in my mind before- he’s too ideal. His physique is perfection- not too muscular- yet strong and thick. He’s not trying to look tough- and isn’t afraid to smile. He smiles at me as if he knows something that I don’t, and as if he wants me to come find out. And god- am I dying to know. I get in line for the sushi bar and head back over to the tables- his table is full.

I sit with Devon and she says, “That guy over there- he won’t stop looking over here. Did you talk to him or something?”

“No.” I say. “But I will.”

6:45 PM

By the time we finish eating dinner, mystery man and his friends are nowhere to be found, so we head back up to the room to change into bathing suits, and then back down the elevator to the outdoor pool, which now has a green luminescent light coming from it.

Tiki Torches are lit all around, and several black, unrecognizable figures are swimming in the pool, and some sitting around it, smoking and laughing. Devon and I are the only females in sight. As we get closer, we take off what is covering our young, curvy, athletic figures, to expose a couple of bikinis. The air becomes silent, and jaws drop. Devon and I jump in the pool, and splash around a little, before a group of men swim over to us and start up a conversation.

I notice that one of the men is the man from the restaurant, and even in the dark, my green eyes light up so very bright. Mystery man smiles again, and pulls me out of the crowd, and to the other side of the pool.

He stares into my eyes and says in a goofy voice, “Are you real?”

I giggle, and politely answer, “Yes.”

“And you’re here for what tomorrow? What branch are you going into?”

“Navy. I’m swearing in tomorrow. Taking the oath. I’m really excited. What about yourself, what branch, and why are you here?”

“I’m in the Army. I’m leaving for Basic Training tomorrow morning. I’m a bit frightened.”

He looks a bit frightened. “Don’t be afraid, I know you’ll do great, plus you probably have everyone routing for you at home right? Mom, Dad, Girlfriend-“ I say, knowing he’ll answer with a yes or a no.

“No, no, no, no girlfriend. I’ve been single for quite a while,” he says sadly.

“Me too,” I say. “But sometimes I like it that way. I’m only 18. No strings attached. I do get lonely though.”

“A girl as beautiful as you shouldn’t have any problems finding someone to love. But I know what you mean about being lonely-like you wish you had someone to hold at night? Me too. I’m 24. Sometimes I think It’s time to find the right girl.” He takes my hand in the water, and then realizes that he doesn’t even know my name. “I’m sorry; I completely forgot your name. What is it again?”

“You never asked. It’s Jamie. And you are?”

“I’m Alex,” he says in a way that I will never forget. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Do you smoke?” I say, expecting one of those, revolted looks and a straight up “no.” Instead, he takes my hand again and we get out of the pool. I start to shiver, but he wraps his towel around me and lights me up a cigarette. We walk over to his friends who are sitting at a table by the tiki torches, and they introduce themselves.

They announce that they are having a “Going Away Party” and that Devon and I are most definitely invited. Alex encourages me to come, and says that as long as I’m with him, I’ll be fine, and have a good time, so I agree. I can’t help it- I want to be with him for as long as possible tonight.

8:30 PM

Devon and I clean up and go back up to our room. She tells me that there’s “a few cute Marines” she wants to see at the same party I said I’d go to, and I’m relieved that she wants to come with me.

I tell her about Alex, and that I really enjoy talking to him, and explain how I can’t wait to see him again tonight. I want to look beautiful for him, and I have just the right dress. It’s a very, very short, peach flowered strapless dress. Skin tight, so that he can see every curve of my body. My short blonde hair is in its usual style, with two clips on the side. A little mascara and pink lipstick.

There’s no denying it-I look stunning. Devon looks great too, so we grab our keys and head to the party room. We knock on the door 3 times, and a tall, skinny, bald guy opens it, with a bottle of Jägermeister in one hand. He puts his long arm around us, and shows us where all of the booze is, and introduces us to the rest of the people at the party, most of whom we’ve already met.

The party is three hotel rooms wide, doors that open in between rooms so that they’re all connected. I have a couple drinks, talk to some new people, and then I spy Alex, sitting with a friend on the bed in the third room. It’s just the two of them in there, they seem pretty interested in whatever they’re talking about, and I wonder if I should leave them be.

Then Alex spots me and yells, “Jamie! I thought you’d never show!” and I rush over to say hi. His friend gets the picture and leaves. “I finally have you to myself- well sort of.”

“I know, I feel the same way.”

“Want another beer?” he asks me.

“Sure, I’d love one,” I respond.

He runs over to the next room and grabs me a can of Heineken, as I make myself comfortable on the bed. When he comes back, I sit up, and he is staring at me as if he wants me, so very bad. He is staring at my lips. “I want- I want to kiss you. More than I-I want to do anything right now. You-You’re amazing.” His stutter is the most charming thing I have ever heard.

“I feel the same way, I-“ and before I can finish, he cuts me off with a fervent, sweet, tender kiss. The kind of kiss that means something- the kind of kiss that makes your body and soul yearn for MORE. A fire starts to burn within me. I place one hand on his back and the other in his hair and kiss him sweetly, then passionately, then almost aggressively. I pull my body tightly against his. I want him. All of him. He stars to feel for my breasts- my nipples are erect and begging to be played with. “But wait-not here.” I say. He gets the message, and we dart out the room, and to his hotel room on the 8 th floor.

9:50 PM

As soon as we get to the glass elevator, he pushes me up against the wall and kisses me hard while fondling my breasts, until we reach his floor. We run for the door, slide the card and shut and lock the door behind us. He lays me softly down on his bed, lies on top of me and kisses me down my neck. He quickly rips off his shirt, exposing his chest to me in all of its manly, hairy glory. Then he unzips my dress, and throws our clothes into a pile on the floor.

He pauses for a moment to examine me, lying in front of him- helpless and submissive in my panties and bra. I look so innocent- only 18 years old. So young, vulnerable, and naive. “God, you’re amazing. Beautiful. I have to have you. Before I leave tomorrow, I need to do one thing...”

He sits me up and undoes my lacy white bra in the back- letting my natural round breasts free for him to suckle, caress. He kisses them, licks them, takes my hard nipples between his fingers and plays with them. I moan quietly as he kisses his way down my slender waist slowly- down that trail to my panties, which are soaked wet at this point, dripping with my juice. He removes them to expose my bare virgin pussy, never seen, let alone touched by anyone.

He puts his entire mouth over my vagina- and softly licks and sucks the entire area- so sensitive that I almost scream as I experience his tongue feeling for my tiny nub- my little clit- so, so sensitive that I cry out in a moan of pleasure the second I start to undergo this sexual torture.

“Oh-oh baby, I can’t take it, it’s too good”

“Yes you can, and I’m not going to stop until you cum- and let me lick up all of that yummy pussy juice.”

He starts to take each of my labia into his mouth and suck them. His tongue starts moving rapidly against my clit, and I start to moan louder and louder as I end up on the verge of experiencing my first orgasm. Tears come to my eyes as he takes one finger and slips it gently inside of me, and starts fucking me hard and fast, while sucking on my clit. Then he inserts a second finger, and fucks me even harder.

“Oh baby, harder, harder, harder, fuck. Oh fuck me, I th-think I’m CUMMING, yeahhhhhh.” At this point, I am moaning like crazy. The second I feel as if I am about to cum, he finds my special spot, and I instantly orgasm. My pussy stars gushing wetness into his mouth and all over his fingers, and he licks it all up, savoring every last drop of me. I collapse onto the bed, exhausted, and he climbs up against me, lays down next to me, holds me, and gently kisses me.

“That’s all I wanted. I wasn’t expecting anything from you, I just wanted you to cum. I want you to never forget me.”

“I won’t,” I reply. “How will I ever be able to forget that? How will I ever be able to forget you?”

12:00 AM

Alex spends the rest of the night kissing and holding me in his bed. The multicolor lights outside the window change to a deep reddish orange. Unsure of ourselves, we are young and share a common bond. We don’t know what country we will be living in within the next few years, we are about to endure the most physically demanding experience of our lives, and we are scared shitless. However we are now ready to embrace this unexpected new way of life, because in a way, even though we may not see each other again, we have each other.

5:00 AM

When we wake up the next morning, it is still dark out. We collect our things, and Alex and I go to the breakfast bar downstairs. Things are not awkward between us, they are comfortable. We finish our coffee, and he kisses me one last time and says good bye. He grabs his bags and gets on the airport shuttle.

As he leaves, he smiles at me one last time and gives me a sort of, “now you know” look. I smile back, and wave good bye. I will never forget him, and I hope he always remembers me.

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