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His Touch

She smiled and replied, “Thanks heavens, but I did bruise my dignity.”
Deana was injured by a drunk driver, but not to the point where she was in a wheel chair or bedridden. There were some things around the house she could still do. Like change a light bulb, even if it required the small step ladder.

She didn’t know why it happened, but she fell. She changed that light bulb numerous times before without incident. However this time when she went to climb down the small ladder, she missed the last step and landed on her backside on the floor.

The noise caused Marcus to come running in from the den. He went over and comforted her and checked for injuries.

He frowned and with a scolding tone spoke. “Deana I told you I’d change that bulb, now look you fell.”

She glared at him and hissed her reply, “I know, but I am not disabled, I can still do a few things!”

“You think you can. Now look, let's just visit Dr. Stephens to see if you are okay.”

He called the doctor, and he told them to come right in so he could examine her.

They went to the doctor and after a quick look over the doctor informed her she was fine. “You’re lucky you didn’t break anything. You will be sore and bruised, just take Tylenol for the pain, and take it easy for a few more days.”

She smiled and replied, “Thank heavens, but I did bruise my dignity.”

“You ought to let Marcus change those bulbs from now on and no climbing,” the doctor ordered.

Marcus spoke, “Let's get you home. Thanks doc.”

He escorted her home and pampered her for the rest of the day.

Around eight pm she informed him she needed to go to bed. The look of her face told Marcus she was hurting. He assisted her to the bedroom, and helped her undress and get ready for bed. He then went and got her some Tylenol, and water. He offered it to her then stated, “I’ll be in joining you in a moment, let me go lock up and shut the lights off.”

“Okay, I’ll be here, you are such a help.” She waited until he left the room as she hated for him to see her cry.

It wasn’t long until he joined her. He slid in next to her and carefully reached out to her. "Come here baby let me hold you gently. Let me kiss you and take your mind off your pain."

She brushed the tears from my eyes and smile as she moved into his arms. His arms went around her and with a voice as smooth a Tennessee whiskey spoke. "Now let me dry those tears," he said as he kissed each eyelid. "Where do you hurt the most sweetheart?"

"My lower back hurts the most."

He brought his lips down on hers and his love for her radiated between them. "Okay let me help you take off that nightie and lie on your stomach. I have the solution to help ease your discomfort."

She gave him a puzzled look. With his help she moved, anticipating his gentle caress. "Be gentle honey I feel like a train run over me."

"I will baby, now try and relax." With a touch as light as a feather he started massaging the middle of her back, working downward. He paused but only to reach for the lotion kept next to the bed. After placing some in his hands, he warmed it then applied it to her skin. "Damn you’re tight, am I hurting you?"

“Some, but keep going a massage will do me good.”

Marcus worked each muscle group gently. With his touch only getting firmer as the muscles relaxed. He noticed her breathing was smoother and she had her eyes closed. "How's that feel, baby?"

"It feels good. Guess what? You are now hired as my personal masseuse."

He laughed, kissed her shoulder, and resumed rubbing. He massaged lower, slowly, and methodically, knowing and see that it was helping. Slowly her body relaxed and she let out a sigh a relief as her pain begin to edge away. In her mind she said, Oh I knew there was a reason I love this man, he has great hands. 

"You can do that all night if you want. Mmm, you always know what I need."

He smirked. "Oh I have a plan lil-darling. I am going to rub you down in more places by than just your back by the time I'm done. But only if you're into some sexy fun."

"Keep rubbing, Casanova. Ask me in a few minutes then I will tell you yes or no. However, just being in your arms all night feels great to me."

He kissed each area before rubbing lotion into it. When he came near her buttocks, his fingers slid between the cheeks teasingly. Moving downward, until he caressed her pussy. She didn’t object so he kept going. “Honey, spread your legs, I'm going to massage your legs, too."

She opened her legs and closed her eyes basking in the feeling. She could easily fall asleep as his caress was doing its job. Except that he also knew a backrub sometimes turned her on. Tonight was no exception; her nipples were getting hard and her pussy throbbing. God, she thought, I hope he notices.

He ran one hand across the back of her bush, supposedly unintentionally, realising she was wet. "Deana are you still hurting or are you ready for some sexy fun?"

She purred, and winked. "Hun, I forgot where I was hurting. Help me turn over so you can touch my pussy, baby. I think it needs massaging."

"Let me take my boxers off, after all can't have sex with clothes on." After helping her turn over, his fingers didn't touch her pussy. First he kissed her deeply as his fingers toyed with her nipples. Her lips were as sweet as honey. Following that his lips sucked and nibbled on each one.

"Mmmm I love a titty man!"

He kept caressing her with his fingers and lips, moving downward slower than a snail, on purpose. He didn’t really touch her pussy and it was throbbing.

She blurted out, "OH FOR FUCK SAKE....EAT MY CUNT BABY!"

He paused and answered, "In time doll." Then he resumed tantalizing her. After a while he moved between her legs, and spread the pussy-lips wide and moaned. "Mmmm you have such a pretty pussy. It looks good enough to eat." She quivered with anticipation and it seemed like a long time before his tongue touched her velvety folds. When it did she almost creamed all over his face.

“Oh my god, that feels sooooo good! That's it, just like that, ooooh you know what I like. Mmmmm keep it up Marcus and I'll cum!"

He stopped long enough to hiss, "Good, cum for me baby!"

His words were music to her ears. The surge started in her head and moved down like a jolt of electricity. Her whole body spasmed uncontrollably. "Fuck I'm cumming!"

He didn’t speak, just eagerly lapped up every drop of her sweet nectar, like a pup at a bowl of milk. His mouth and tongue made her climax again. Following that he rose up and immediately kissed her, hard, sharing her juices with her. She broke the kiss and exclaimed, "Fuck me!"

"I thought you'd never ask! After all darling the night is young and the fun has just begun! How do you feel?"

She giggled. “You know something, and I forgot where I was hurting. By the way, I don’t care about sleeping, do you?”

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