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'Hole' Load of Surprises- Part 2

'Hole' Load of Surprises- Part 2

Christy becomes an integral part of the glory hole industry...
I woke the next day wondering if it was all just a dream. My mind kept focusing on Katie Alsop's mouth wrapped around that cock, the way it passed her soft lips while she eagerly bobbed her head on it.

When I looked at the time I was reminded I had to go back to normality, and University. The day would be a long one, with the anticipation surrounding my night’s events constantly on my mind.

My dad greeted me at the kitchen table, "Morning Frankenstein." I gave him a sarcastic smile in return.

After pouring myself a cup of tea I sat at the kitchen table and talked to my dad for a while, he could tell something was up with me.

"You okay hun?" his voice was reassuring. I nodded blaming my strangeness on nerves surrounding my day at University, my private life made me forget that it was only my second day.

I went back upstairs to my room after showering. Today I decided to put on some black, silk panties, I wouldn't wear a bra. I then put on some black leggings, a white tank top, with a grey woolly jumper over the top. I even put on a large white woolly hat, black ear muffs and black woolly gloves to keep warm in this freezing British weather.

I'm not sure why I didn't wear a bra. However, I must admit my erect nipples pressing against the fabric of my tank top felt wonderful. As I walked down the stairs I felt my boobs bounce freely as I walked, I could only imagine what it looked like from someone else's perspective.

My dad was waiting for me in the kitchen, remarkably he offered me a lift to University; I gleefully accepted.

After we got in the car my dad began by asking me how University was; if I had met any friends, and if my teachers seemed okay.

Eventually he started to grill me about what was on my mind; after seeing me this morning he knew I was thinking about something. He wasn't prepared to let this one go.

"So, what's my little petal thinking about this morning? You've been off since you came back from University yesterday, boy troubles?" my dad questioned, trying to be a concerning father.

"I don't know Daddy, I think it's just the nerves about University and getting money." What my Dad didn't know, was that I couldn't stop thinking about my future with this business I had discovered.

"I understand that you don't want to tell me about personal things; I was the same when I was your age..." my dad knew what I was like, I kept all my feelings locked up, I didn't tell anyone anything. “...but if something is really bothering you, please know you can talk to me, your mother, or your brother about it sweetie."

I gave him a smile and a peck on the cheek before I left the car to face another day at University. I knew this day would drag, what helped me was seeing Jacob when I was on my break.

"Good to see you Christy, you're looking well," Jacob gave a sweet smile.

"Hi Jacob, you don't look too bad either," I returned his warmth.

He was wearing his traditional trendy clothes, chequered shirt, skinny jeans, blue woolly hat, hair moulded to perfection; I actually kind of fancied him.

He smiled confidently in response, "There's been some rumours going around about a new girl working at the Golden Gate tonight, I hear she's absolutely stunning; you wouldn't know anything about these rumours, would you?" He knows how to make me blush.

After giving him a coy smile I replied, "I suppose this girl liked what she saw last night and thought she'd try it for herself."

Jacob laughed a little, "I knew you'd come around, I might try to get first pickings before word gets out how good you are and the queues become huge."

I laughed, "First come first served. Then again, I like to make my customers last." I licked my lips. If he hadn't already had an erection, he sure did now.

After leaving that remark I brushed past him, swaying my ass as I confidently walked away to my next lesson. Jacob was speechless, left only with the sight of my ass disappearing in the distance.

Everything following that encounter reminded me of what was waiting for me tonight; eating a banana seemed less innocent, sucking a lollipop made me blush. God, what was happening to me?

I somehow managed to last the day without tearing off my leggings and pleasuring myself right in the middle of class. As you can probably tell; I was really looking forward to tonight.

I finished university at 3 pm, four hours to kill. Thankfully I actually had some company at home, in the shape of my dad.

"Hey sweetie, how was your day?" my dad sounded exhausted, another tough days work, he had mud all over his face and his white jumper and grey T-shirt were thrown in a pile, covered in dust and mud.

"It's been alright, quite good actually! How about you? Must say you've looked better daddy," I tried to be a little light hearted with him; he looked fed up and stressed.

"Work's dragged... Seems like a lot of labour with little reward sweetie." I hated seeing my dad this way; he was like me in the way he tried to keep his emotions hidden, trying not to put them on others. I could tell he just wanted to scream.

"Get a shower and have some rest, you'll feel better for it daddy." I gave him a cute, girly smile. I knew he liked it when I called him daddy; it reminded him of when I was young and was his little girl, it's the same reason he still calls me sweetie.

However, my dad didn't know I had now grown up and, though I wanted him to be happy, at the moment all I could think about was tonight. Besides, what daddy doesn't know won't hurt him.

Dad nodded in agreement before leaving the kitchen and going upstairs to the bathroom.

After lounging around the house for an hour, I decided to choose my outfit for tonight. I put some bright red lipstick on (and lots of it), black eye-liner (to bring out my light brown eyes more) and I brushed my long brown hair, putting it behind my ears and brushing my fringe over to the right side.

Next was my clothing; I decided to stick with my lack of bra, above that however I wore a very tight fitting white woolly jumper that clung to my 36-C bust and my trim stomach. It was that tight that my bust pulled it up a little, exposing some of the bottom of my tanned stomach.

Down below I went the full mile. After sliding my sheer red panties on over my tanned, lean, and smooth legs, that seemed to stretch for miles until they came to a head with my small, pedicured feet, I put on my black sheer nylon stockings. Even attaching the band that clipped the thigh high part of the stockings to the top part of the stockings seemed frightfully erotic.

I stood and twirled in front of my full body mirror. The figure that stood before me actually made me proud; my panties hugged my ass cheeks, accentuating the 'upside-down love heart' shape of my tanned, soft ass.

To make myself a little more inconspicuous, I slid my black leggings back on over the stockings, they would be my disguise from my dad as I left the house. After a couple squirts of perfume I left my bedroom and walked downstairs; I was met by my dad at the top of the stairs, he looked me up and down, seemingly checking me out- nervously he asked me where I was going.

I smiled; his reaction to me showed that I had succeeded in my aim with my outfit. After telling him that I was again going to a friend’s house, he was satisfied with my answer and stood silently as he watched my bouncing cleavage and round ass as I quickly walked down the stairs.

After putting on my black high heels, I caught a taxi to my new place of work, the Golden Gate Pub.

When I arrived I was met at the door by Jim (the more elderly gentleman who 'greeted' me last time). Just like the night before he led me around the back of the building, this time he was a little more talkative, making general small talk with me, though it wasn't the most riveting conversation, he did at least make the effort with me this time.

When we entered the dirty, musky smelling room, Dion was again there to meet me. This time however, he was looking at a clipboard and flicking through notes, frustration smacked across his face. Jim broke the silence, “Dion, the girl is here to see you.” Dion looked up from his clipboard and flashed a smile at me.

“Someone’s early,” said Dion, a sense of sarcasm in his voice.

“You know how it is; want to make a good first impression with my new boss.” Dion smiled at my reply.

“Well, to make your first day easier I’ve asked Katie to work today as well, if you need to skip a customer for whatever reason then just give Katie a nudge and I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to oblige. I’ll introduce you both properly if you like?” I smiled and nodded in agreement.

Dion ushered me to follow him into the ‘dressing room’, which was basically a small square room that had a flurry of pink fluffy cushions, a large mirror and a toilet with a basic sink, basically it was a jazzed up extra pub bathroom.

Katie was stood at the mirror touching up her make-up; she was wearing a pink jumper and light blue jeans. She turned and smiled at me “I guessed you’d be back, this place is difficult to turn your back on once you’ve seen the treats.” I smiled in agreement.

Dion formerly introduced us both, Katie and I shook hands and Dion left us too it, “I’ll call you when we have a customer,” he said to me before leaving me and Katie to chat.

After a good ten minutes chat, we diverted our attention to our work, after telling Katie my story about getting in the business I asked for hers.

“Mine’s pretty similar to yours, I was approached by a guy who looked about forty-ish, he was pretty good looking, we talked about things before we moved on to money troubles and, inevitably he asked if I’m interested in this business. Dion wasn’t working here when I joined, in fact Dion hasn’t worked here very long at all, but he runs things now, and he does a really good job.”

I then asked, “Who are the men that stand with Dion?”

“They pay to watch, voyeuristic is the proper name, that’s the beauty of this business, it has so much potential to grow and cater to the needs of every customer.”

Our conversation was cut short by a loud knock; Katie looked at me and smiled girlishly, almost like she was handing me off on my first date. The realisation hit me; finally this was the moment I had been waiting for.

I left our little dressing room to see Dion, he smiled at me, "Remember you're in charge, they can't demand anything, just do what you're comfortable with," said Dion reassuringly.

I nodded to Dion, before walking towards the wooden door that separated this room to my 'office', the men that had joined Dion at the holes were stood waiting for me, the 'voyeurs', one opened the door for me. I smiled girlishly at him, and as I walked past I could hear him sniff, taking in the smell of my perfume, a welcome relief to the musky smells of the room we were confided in.

I entered my cubicle, similar to the dressing room, it was a flurry of pink, the toilet seat had a fluffy pink casing on it, the walls had purple and pink stickers that completely covered the walls, there were two fluffy pink cushions and a stack of adult magazines that sat proudly next to the toilet (perhaps there for inspiration). What remained predominant however, were the rather large holes that were cut on either sides of the walls, two on each side, just below-half-way down the wall.

I accustomed myself to my surroundings, before glimpsing back to see a watchful eye starring through the hole behind me; the voyeurs were fighting for prime position. Having an audience only heightened the experience for me; I decided to give them a bit of a show. Slowly, in a 'strip-tease' fashion I rolled down my leggings, revealing my specially prepared undergarments. Teasingly I ran my hand down my legs, gently squeezing my soft, spongy ass cheeks. I could almost hear the panting of breath from the voyeurs and the shifting of bodies as they fought for position on the hole.

I tapped twice on the door that separated me from my customer; telling him I was ready. What greeted me was the straining bulge in his jeans poking through the hole; he wanted me to unzip him (something I found frightfully erotic).

I dropped to my knees in a lap-dance style, sticking out my ass and arching my back as I lowered myself, positioning the pillow below my knees for comfort.

I then reached out my right hand, gently stroked the bulge in his jeans, before grabbing the zip and slowly pulling it down, teasing him. Next, I reached inside his jeans, again I stroked the bulge in his boxers, before gently tugging his boxer shorts down, reaching inside the waistband that was exposed through the hole in the zip in his jeans, and pulling out his throbbing 7 inch cock, freeing it from the restraints of his boxer shorts and jeans, it stood fully erect, inches away from my face.

I took a few seconds to sit back and admire my first customer’s cock, which luckily was a very pretty one. Clearly my customer was very worked up already; his purple head was swollen and sensitive, with pre-cum already oozing from its tip, his shaft was covered in defined pulsing veins. The light thrusting of the cock in my direction by my customer further highlighted the eagerness of my first customer.

After leaving my customer's aching cock alone for a while, I reached out my right hand and grabbed his cock. I loved how soft texture of his cock, while his aching hardness reminded me of just how horny this guy clearly was. He trembled under the touch of my cold fingers, I could feel his knees wobble and I could hear his groans as he finally felt my soft hand gently stroking his throbbing cock.

I began to pick up the pace, progressing into jerking him off, rolling my hand up and down the length of his thick shaft, his foreskin collecting over the sensitive purple head, before I pulled it back down, simulating him fucking my hand.

My jerking him off had left the head of his cock moist with his own pre-cum. I rolled my thumb across his purple head, gathering some pre-cum on my passing thumb. Then I let go of his cock and stuck my thumb in my mouth, tasting his pre-cum on my thumb. I sucked it clean in a very suggestive manner. I really enjoyed putting on a show for the voyeurs; I found that giving them their money’s worth was quickly becoming something I took pride in.

Next I moved my head under my customer's throbbing cock, laying its length on my face, the purple head rested on my forehead while my chin pressed against his jeans and the base of his shaft. I planted one long wet kiss on the base of his cock, before sticking a small portion of my tongue out, tickling the piece of skin that connects the shaft of the cock to the balls with my tongue. The wet touch of my tongue caused my customer to let out a lustful groan.

I slowly ran my tongue up the length of his shaft, when I reached the tip I planted a long wet kiss on his glans, my customer twitched under the touch of my lips on his sensitive purple head. Pre-cum oozed out in satisfaction, to meet my lips, I lapped my tongue around his glans, licking up his premature juices.

I could hear the groans coming from both the voyeurs and my customer. I planted my lips right on the tip of his cock, before slowly letting it penetrate my soft, red lips. I took in the head of his cock, swirling my tongue around his swollen glans, giving him the best head of his life.

“Fuck that feels good.” I smiled to myself after hearing my customer’s grunts of pleasure and approval. I began to take more of his cock in my mouth, inch by inch it disappeared past my lips as I began bobbing my head up and down in a gradually faster rhythm.

After all my teasing and build up I knew he wouldn’t last long when I went at full pace, so I tried to hold back, extend the pre-orgasm faze for him. I wanted to wait for him, I would respond to his reactions, when he began to thrust eagerly I knew he was ready to cum.

I held my head still, letting him fuck my face, I gagged slightly when he shoved his dick all the way down my throat, but I held out, adjusted and he continued to slide his cock past my soft lips.

I grabbed hold of his dick with my right hand, jerking him off. While his throbbing, sensitive purple head was clasped in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around and moaned on his cock, the vibrations sending electric sensations through my customer’s body. Squelching and slurping sounds echoed around the cubicle.

I heard him groan loudly, before his knees buckled and he shot four long spurts of thick cum down my throat. I drank eagerly, tasting my reward for all my work. His flaccid cock flopped out of my mouth with a ‘plop’, I caught the drops that overflowed and trickled down my chin and sucked them off my fingers, this sent the voyeurs over the edge as I heard a drum on the cubicle wall beside me, the voyeurs had squirted their cum over the wall.

My customer said nothing, after I heard him pull up his jeans I crawled over to look through the glory hole, I was surprised to find Ben zipping his jeans back up in the cubicle. I smiled to myself after I realised that this bear of a man was left weak at the knees by my service, I also realised that the people that ‘scouted’ me, wanted to take me for test drive.

I stood, feeling a little weak myself, the warmth between my legs evidence of how much I was enjoying this new job. I laughed a little to myself after I took a step back from what I just did, a mix of cum and saliva glazing my lips, the musk of sex filling the air.

I strutted out of my ‘office’, picking up my leggings from off the floor on the way, one of the voyeurs opened the cubicle door for me, I flashed a wink and a smile at him, he was panting, and his hand was still firmly clasped around his flaccid cock that had just exploded over the cubicle door.

Apart from the heavy breathing there was a shocked silence in the room. Dion, the voyeurs and even Katie stood looking at me in a stunned silence; I felt like a porn star. Dion looked at me with a beaming smile of pride and satisfaction, the bulge still clear in his suit trousers. Embarrassingly Dion began applauding me, before being joined by Katie and the voyeurs. I blushed under the attention, before jokingly curtseying.

“Wow, Christy.” Dion mumbled, breaking the silence.

“You have a talent girl!” Katie helped Dion form conversation.

“I... I don’t really know what to say, I just did what felt natural.” My blush was now a permanent feature at this point.

“Well then you’re a natural cock-sucking-talent,” Katie joked.

“I think after that performance you deserve to go clean yourself up, Katie will take the next customer to give you a chance to regain your strength.” Dion spoke softly and with a smile, pride spread across his face.

I did as Dion said, I went back into mine and Katie’s little ‘dressing room’ to clean up and relax a little. Katie talked to Dion for a short while and then joined me in our room.

“Babe, I’ve seen a lot of girls doing this in my time and you are way up there with the best I’ve seen.” Even Katie had that excited tone to her voice that I was getting increasingly accustomed to.

“My ex boyfriends always said that I gave good blow jobs, suppose I was made for the job really.” I tried to justify my dirty talent.

There was a knock on the door. “Come in!” Katie yelled, I was still clothed only in my tight white woolly jumper and black sheer nylon stockings with red panties, my jumper failed to mask my erect nipples that were poking out, this and the wet patch that was soaked on my panties were evidence of how worked up I was at this moment, waiting for my next customer.

Dion’s eyes rolled up and down my body, he licked his lips without even knowing it. “You girls should decide who is going to take the next customer; we have someone booked in for a standard service in ten minutes.” I decided to let Katie take the next customer; we took in turns for the rest of the night. Katie and I must have sucked 10 cocks, each. All our customers gave us top recommendations, we looked quite the team.

I was blessed with the cocks I was given, I had heard some horror stories from Katie about the smelly, unhygienic members she had to clean but so far I was dealt a good hand, with the cocks varying from 5 to an impressive 8 inches. I had only experienced the cheaper ‘standard service’ though, however Dion assured me that as my services gain recognition it wouldn’t be long before I was tested in other ways by more affluent customers.

Dion began asking me to do more and more shifts, with longer hours as the appointments with me specifically began to pile up. I would work a whole night shift on my own without Katie or any other girl, my eagerness with my customers was never hampered by the number of customers, in fact I felt that with experience the feedback from my customers, and the voyeurs was getting better.

I knew how to control a guy’s orgasm, how to hold him back and make him last longer, how to accentuate my curves and give a show to the voyeurs as the confidence in my skills was increased, my gag reflex was now massively improved and I could hold a fully erect cock in my mouth for much longer, this was much more to me than a job, if anything the payment was a bonus, my real gift reward was my customers jets of cum that he would shoot down my throat or on my face. If he didn’t eject at least four streams of his seed then I would feel like I didn’t do my job properly.

My sensual outfits were my trademark with the voyeurs, I would buy lingerie with my wages specifically to appease the voyeurs, Katie enjoyed ignoring them and being dominant with them, I however, put on a show for them and they seemed to love it (the cum plastered walls were evidence of this).

Dion frequently praised me for my efforts, I didn't know exactly how much money was being paid for my services but with the number of bonuses that he repeatedly littered me with I had an idea that I didn't come cheap.

I got off on looking at my customer through the hole once I’d finished. I was always surprised at the variations I would see; old, young, Hispanic, white, black, Asian, Arabic, plump, skinny, even some priests.

My services quickly became synonymous with high quality, which meant Dion increased my prices, putting me in a premium price bracket. I was the poster girl for Dion’s business, the shy, nameless cocksucker who was only ever seen by millionaire voyeurs who paid thousands to see her and were sworn to secrecy with the threat of banishment from the business (luckily however, I didn't know many millionaire voyeurs so to them I was just a random girl).

Of course, rumours flew around daily, many girls at my and other Universities were frequently linked with the role but ultimately there was never any concrete evidence, and I was never even suggested.

My life was great; I created a false identity for myself, claiming to my parents that my dispensable income was coming from a cleaning job that I had secured. They had no idea just how much dispensable income I had, much less the way I earned it.

However, each time I looked at my customers I realised that the longer I worked here the more likely I will see someone I know closely, maybe even family. It scared me to think about how I would react to that. But heck, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.


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