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'Hole' Load of Surprises: Part 3

'Hole' Load of Surprises: Part 3

Christy is at her peak professionally. Her arrogance builds as she tests her sensuality on others.
I had been doing this job for over a month now. I was royalty to everyone involved in the business; my work would attract high paying onlookers from all over the country. My wage was at an all time high, and so was my reputation.

Even though my identity remained anonymous, this cock-sucking persona I had created was instantly recognisable to those receiving my services. I began wearing a diamond encrusted, royal blue and silver masquerade Venetian mask, protecting my identity from the voyeurs that were coming from near and far to watch me. It also looked very sexy.

It was a typical day, a Wednesday, I think. I arrived at the Golden Gate Pub late, but Dion was pretty lenient when it came to me.

“Katie’s been covering your shifts, Christy. I have a lot of unhappy customers that had to be told they would either have to wait for you or would be serviced by another of our girls. Most of them asked for refunds, Christy.”

“I'm sorry Dee, the traffic was really bad, it won’t happen again,” I placed my hand on Dion’s chest, “I’ll make up for it with my other customers, I’ll get them to pay more.”

Dion flashed a smirk at me; I could get away with murder with Dion around, as long as I produced the goods when it mattered.

At that I walked to the ‘dressing room’. With all the extra income, Dion could afford to improve the facilities in the workplace. The musky smell (on our side anyway) was now replaced by a fresh, clean smell. The cracked and tarnished walls were now gleaming with white paint, and generally the workplace was now much more welcoming.

“Here’s the superstar,” said Katie sarcastically, as I walked into the ‘dressing room’.

I smiled coyly in reply and began preparing myself in the mirror for my next customer. 

A quick check on my make-up, especially my light pink lipstick, a brush of my hair and then I reached into my bag to retrieve my 'work clothes' for the day.

I placed a pile of my folded clothes on the sink counter and pulled off my pink woolly jumper and white vest top. My boobs were hidden only by my pink lace bra, I kept it this way.

Then I stood from the stool I was sitting on and slid down my baggy, grey jogging bottoms; my dark pink lace panties the only things hiding my clean shaven, tight pussy.

The first piece of clothing I added was my pink knee high socks, and black high heels. Katie's eyes were scanning me all over, I wasn't sure if it was lust or envy that drove her inescapable desire to see me naked.

Finally, I placed my trademark over my eyes, my Venetian mask. The mask brought out the natural hazel colour of my eyes, while the panties and my bra accentuated my curves. The socks made my legs seem even longer, and gave me an innocent school girl look. My flat, trim stomach was defined and the pink brought out my naturally tanned skin completion even more. I was ready.

Katie got me to do a little twirl for her before I was ready for the day’s work.

I asked Katie if my make-up and hair looked okay and she nodded, "You look amazing, girl." Instantly she looked down at her feet, a sudden air of nerves surrounded the room.

She began to walk, gingerly, towards me. She held out her hands and clasped them in mine, before looking up at me. 

"I don't even know what I'm doing." was the last thing she could murmur before she lunged her lips towards mine. Her tongue fought to gain entrance to my mouth, when she gained it; she held nothing back as we passionately embraced. Our hands wandered around each other’s bodies, searching for a way to heighten this already erotic scene.

I was the first to find passage down her skirt and panties. Lost in the moment, I ran my fingers up and down her beautifully moist lips. Katie moaned gently, her knees shaking as we kissed. She tried to return the favour but was failing to gain control over where her hands moved.

Just as I began to push my middle finger into her hungry pussy, Dion yelled for me to see to a customer.

This brought us back to reality; I broke the kiss, with Katie still trying to pull me back in. I slid my hand out of her skirt and panties and we looked at each other for a moment. Raising my middle finger to her lips was all the encouragement she needed to eagerly suck her juices off my finger. Again we were interrupted by a second yell by Dion. At that, I quickly left our dressing room, leaving Katie with only the smell of my perfume and the musk of her juices... and two weakened knees.

"You took your time, what the hell were you doing in there?" Dion questioned.

"I was just getting ready, takes a while to look this good." I winked, the frustration from being pulled from that situation hidden by my mask. I couldn't imagine how Katie was feeling.

I blocked her out of my mind and focused on my customer and putting on a show for the gathered voyeurs, just as I always did.

From the anticipation of seeing me in action, the voyeurs had already dropped their trousers, their cocks already fully erect, clasped in their hands.

As I walked, past they took in the smell of my perfume, trying desperately to hold back from touching me with their swollen glans. I entered my cubicle, and went to work.


By the time I had finished Katie had already left, leaving me a note that simply said 'till next time xoxo'. I smirked, wondering what she had in store.

Dion interrupted my thoughts, "Christy, I need to speak with you." I had just finished cleaning myself up, when Dion knocked on the 'dressing room' door.

I let him in and he told me to take a seat on the stool facing him, he leaned against the wall opposite me.

“Christy, I don’t want you to become like the other girls who have worked here.” Dion had his serious, business face on. I looked at him with confusion plastered on my expression.

I was still only wearing my pink knee high socks, dark pink lace panties, pink lace bra and my black high heels.

Dion began his investigation, “I've seen it before, they come here and earn some money then they think they’re God’s gift, and begin demanding things. We have never had anyone like you, Christy; our profits have almost tripled along with our recommendations. I'm scared that all this attention, this ‘alter-ego’ you are creating, I'm scared it will take over your life, become your obsession.”

I appreciated Dion’s concern. “You just have to trust me Dee, I can separate my lives, heck I've never been so happy with my life; I love my job, University is going great, and my family are all doing well. You don’t have to worry about me.” I tried to reassure Dion.

He shook his head, “I don’t know, Christy, you are just so different from the girl I was first introduced too.”

I stood up from my stool and walked towards Dion, I placed my hand on his chest, “Good different, or bad different?” slowly, I plucked at his white shirt’s buttons, undoing them from top to bottom.

“I'm not quite sure.” Dion murmured.

When I undid all his buttons, his well toned body was revealed to me. He had black tribal patterns tattooed on his abs and pectorals. He certainly looked after himself.

I gave him a devilish look, before turning away from him and getting my Venetian mask off the sink counter that I had removed to clean myself up. I placed it over my eyes before turning back to face him. Dion removed his shirt completely. I walked over to him and moved my lips to within inches of his.

Our lips met and we kissed softly. We broke. “I shouldn't be doing this with an employee,” said Dion in weak reluctance. We kissed again; I placed my hands on his chest and stroked my way down to his stomach before reaching his belt. I tugged at it and pulled it from his trousers. I undid the button and slid down his zipper before letting his black suit trousers fall to his ankles. Dion stepped out of them, now all that guarded me from his cock was his tight white boxer shorts.

I could clearly see the trace of his semi-erect cock and his swollen glans through the thin fabric of his tight boxer shorts. I took him by the hand and sat him down on my stool.

“Christy, we...” I placed my finger on his lips, silencing his muffled thoughts. I leaned over him, my cleavage in his face; I reached behind him and grabbed my black silk gloves from the counter behind him. I stood in front of him and slid the gloves on my hands.

I placed my hands on his thighs and dropped to my knees in a strip tease fashion. I leaned my head in to the bulge on his boxers and planted teasingly slow kisses along his semi-erect shaft through the fabric of his boxer shorts. His expression was one of pure lust.

I then hooked my fingers under the waistband of his underwear and tugged at them, inching them down his legs, Dion adjusted in his seat to allow me to pull his underwear down to his ankles. His cock lay semi-erect on his left leg, already an impressive 7 inches.

I stroked his thighs with my glove-clad hands; the soft texture of the gloves must have done something for him because his cock bounced growing slowly, the veins beginning to appear more prominent on his shaft, his glans becoming more swollen. I leaned in and opened my mouth tantalisingly close to his cock, my warm breath causing his cock to flinch. My hazel eyes looked up at him; I gave him the ‘blow job eyes’, the look heightened by the Venetian mask.

I wrapped my lips around his shaft and pressed it against his left leg. I moved my lips along his shaft, grinding into his quickly stiffening cock. Dion moaned lightly as my wet lips slid along the length of his black cock that had now grown another inch. I stuck my tongue out a little to add to the moistness of my lips.

I lifted my head, eagerly his cock raced after my lips, bouncing up to attention, now standing fully erect at 8 and a half inches. Dion’s cock was now pointing to the sky, Dion had his legs spread, and his balls sagged between them resting on the stool he was sat on. I went to work on his balls eagerly slurping and sucking on them each at a time. I gathered some of the saliva from his balls onto my left glove-clad hand and began to spread it on his throbbing cock, my hand bounced on his cock in rhythm with my eager tongue on his balls, Dion had his head thrown back, his eyes closed his mouth opened wide moaning at the sensation his star employee was giving him.

I stopped sucking his balls, but maintained my hand's jerking rhythm. I kissed my way up his balls and his shaft, before reaching his swollen purple glans. My hand was still jerking his shaft as I placed my lips on his sensitive glans; slowly I pushed my moist lips down, tasting the pre-cum that was oozing from his excited member. His glans penetrated my lips and I rolled my tongue around it, lapping up his pre-cum. I was now giving him head while my left hand eagerly bounced up and down his shaft.

Next, I began to lower my lips on his cock, taking it inch by inch into my throat. I was bobbing my head on the first 3 inches of his cock, while my hand jerked the remaining portion of his manhood. With my free right hand I gently squeezed and tugged at his balls, edging him closer to a release. I could feel that this was sending him over the edge; his balls began to tighten in my hand.

I released my hands from his cock and lowered my head down the length of his manhood, unable to take in the final inch, I gagged a little but adjusted and held it there; my deep-throating sent him over the edge and with a deep grunt, four squirts of cum poured into my throat. I drank up as much as I possibly could, but with the amount of warm liquid filling my throat some escaped my lips and trickled down his exhausted retreating cock. His flaccid member left my mouth with a ‘plop’.

After catching my breath I stood to my feet and gave an exhausted Dion a smile and a wink. Beads of sweat laced Dion’s forehead, he managed to muster “You have a talent, Christy. I must admit.”

I removed my Venetian mask, “Trust me with this Dion, I appreciate your concern but as long as I'm making you money we have no problems.” Dion simply nodded dejectedly. 

I smiled to myself, standing over my exhausted boss as he tried to catch his breath. I was like a victorious warrior stood over her defeated competition. Dion could hardly move, his legs were still shaking, weak at the knee. I must admit, I was enjoying the power I had over my colleagues and customers alike, and I began wondering... What do I have in store for Katie?


I hope you enjoyed the latest tale in Christy's new profession, please leave me a rating and let me know what you thought in the comments. Part 4 will be uploaded soon, so please leave me any suggestions as to what you would like to see in Christy's future. Thank you for reading.

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