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'Hole' Load of Surprises

A broke girl discovers an interesting way to make money.
"Christine! Get your ass out of bed now you can't be late for your first day!" My dad's yells rang around my house beckoning me to wake from my slumber, and drag myself out of bed to face my first day at University.

I hadn't contemplated what would face me when I was confronted by 'grown-up' problems; the major one being money. I couldn't get a job. At eighteen, experiences in the work place is something you naturally lack, yet is something all employers ask for.

Without a reliable source of income, I found that a long term course at University would be impossible, unless I could find some way of paying for my student fees. My parents could only help me to a certain degree, my dad was struggling for work in the winter period, and my mom was busy slaving away to earn just enough money to keep the family afloat.

My dad’s work is very physical. As a Self-Employed landscape gardener he is expected to work most days of the week on long hours; lifting and positioning heavy concrete slabs, or spending hours mowing lawns that stretched as far as the eye could see.

At forty-seven he was no spring chicken either, The stress of trying to provide for the family when work was becoming rarer by the day had meant he would have to work harder to get each job finished more quickly, in order to make the most of any work opportunities that may arise.

My dad is self made by all senses of the word; his attitude is personified by his appearance. He has a very masculine look about him; everything from his rough hands and skin, to his heavy built, large, and slightly muscular 6ft 2inch frame, all evidence of the 30+ years of hard labour that had dominated his life.

Despite his age he showed few signs that his body was beginning to give in; his arms were toned and strong, his back and chest defined, and though he had small remnants of a beer belly, he was an average build. In fact the only evidence of his age was the slightly grey sides of his dirty brown hair, and the rough and tanned texture of his skin.

I had never seen my dad as an object of desire, but come to think about it he is what I would consider a very handsome man. He has a defined jaw-line and caring brown eyes; a feature he had passed on to me.

I had to take out a loan to go to University, meaning I had to find a way to pay off this debt. The question was how?

"CHRISTINE, GET UP NOW!" my dad’s second shout made me aware of the time, and reminded me that I needed to make myself look relatively presentable on my first day at University (first impressions and all that).

After getting some breakfast, showering, brushing my teeth, and brushing my hair, I did my make-up (not lots, just a little foundation and lipstick to freshen myself up a bit), before dropping my towel to decide what I would wear.

The full length mirror that sat in my bedroom gave me the opportunity to observe, with pride, what my hard-work over the summer had done for me.

My more rigorous routine at the gym had left my body in fine condition. I stroked my flat, trim stomach, feeling the slight evidence of defined abs peeking through. My hand wandered down, stroking the tops of my thighs. My legs were lean, long, and smooth; reward for the painful full body waxing session I had put myself through.

I turned slightly and ran my hand around to my firm, well shaped bubble butt that highlighted my curves. To end my 'hour glass' figure I ran my hand across my soft, full 36C bust. My boobs were perky, curving upwards rather than sagging; a benefit of my age and physique.

My nipples were standing fully erect, half an inch away from my ten pence sized dark areolas; this was partly from the cold morning air, and partly through my developing lust. My smooth, soft, long brown hair stopped just above the small of my back. I pouted at myself in the mirror, my full sexy red lips finishing off the 5 ft 5 inch figure that proudly stood before me.

Clothing was my next choice. I decided upon wearing my red silk satin lace bra, and red silk satin panties; above that I wore a pair of tight torn blue jeans, and a tight fitting black jumper, the cold weather forced me into wearing my denim jacket. My outfit clung to my body well, showing off the curves it was trying to hide. Finally I was ready for my first day at university, the nerves were quickly building.

I walked downstairs to put on my black heels, and collect my bag for University. My dad was sat in the kitchen; “Are you applying for some sort of fashion-Easter competition?” he looked up from his newspaper to tease, I gave him a sharp look in return before smirking.

“Shouldn't you be working?” I returned his sarcasm.

My dad chuckled, “You think you've got it hard, wait till you’re in the real world honey.”

After lasting my dad’s sarcastic onslaught I left the house to go to the bus stop (another one of those little tortures in everyday life). As I turned around I noticed, through the reflection of my make-up mirror, that my dad’s eyes followed my swaying ass as it left the room; maybe it’s just the male instinct, I thought.

The journey to the University on the bus was a pretty uneventful one. However, there was one interesting conversation from a group of (what looked like) students. There were three of them, they looked my age, and that engrossed in the conversation they were having they had completely ignored the inappropriate nature of it.

“You both need to trust me more; I got us the night of our lives,” one of the boys confidently exclaimed.

The others shrugged before nodding, with one saying, “We did have a great night; her mouth was like silk.” I had gone from being lazily nosey to having a great interest in what they were saying.

The last boy (also the better looking of the three, though they weren't anything special) then spoke up, he laughed, “You lasted about three seconds.” this resulted in howling laughter between the three of them.

“Fancy going again tonight?” The first boy questioned, though I imagine that at this point, he didn't care if he had company or not.

“I'm definitely on it,” said one. The other let out a sigh of disappointment before saying, “I don’t know if I’ll have the money; that shit gets expensive after a bit.”

The first boy then exclaimed, “I know a cheaper place, rumour has it that the Golden Gate Pub at Firth Park has a toilet were one of the cubicles has a glory hole, meant to be dead cheap.”

“Who’s doing the business though; I don’t want some random forty year old bloke munching on my cock.” the third boy joked.

The second boy announced, “I've heard about that place, apparently girls from our University go to make some money, you aren't meant to see who’s doing it but one lass got rumoured to be doing it all time. Katie Alsop I think.”

I too had heard the rumours surrounding the toilets at Golden Gate, though I thought they would be just that; the works of a horny boy who had to come up with a story because he didn't have internet access.

I hadn't heard about this girl who apparently got caught doing it however. I knew the girl though; Katie was head of the community dance troop. She was really innocent looking; freckles on her rose cheeks, glasses, blonde hair with big baby blue eyes. I couldn't believe the rumours; she just didn't seem the type.

After the story on the bus I couldn't focus; my mind constantly locking on to this pub. What freaked me out the most was that, deep down, I thought it wouldn't be such a bad way of making extra money. NO! I'm just a little horny after this morning; I couldn't seriously be considering sucking off random guys to get money thrown at me like some sort of prostitute. What was I thinking?

The day went fast, typical after all my apprehensions. On my way out of the big castle that I called University I noticed a small group of three boys sat staring at me, following my every step. One caught my eye and ushered me over.

I looked around checking it was me he was looking at. He repeated his hand gesture, even flashing a cheeky grin my way.

My curiosity got the better of me as I changed direction and walked towards them. They were sat on a bench, and as I approached I noticed the other two looking me up and down, checking me out.

“What’s your name?” the boy who ushered me over seemed to be the dominant of the group.

“Christine, but everyone calls me Christy,” was my shy response.

“Is this your first year?” he smiled.

"Uh huh, today was my first day." he smiled at my response.

"My name's Jacob, to my left is Ben, and to my right is Ashley."

Ashley was the first to speak to me away from Jacob. Ashley had a dark skin tone, his lips were full and he had dark brown eyes. His hair was short, making what I thought was the early stages of an Afro. He was very fashionable, he had a comb attached to his hair and his clothes were very trendy and current.

His voice was deep and had a rumble to it, like the purr of a cat or the rumble of a car engine.

He licked his lips before confidently speaking to me, "Call me Ash, nice to meet you, Christy," he extended his hand, and I responded by taking a firm grasp of his soft hand and shaking it. He smirked while he lightly ran his index and middle finger along my palm as he shook my hand.

Next was Ben, he was larger than the other two; his heavy pale frame meant he looked like a guy you wouldn't mess with. He had a completely shaved head and brown eyes, his nose was bent and out of place, and he had a scar just below his left eye.

He was wearing a black barber jacket and jeans with a rather fancy watch. He stopped smoking long enough to address me.

He extended his hand. I reached my hand out and Ben grasped it quickly and shook it firmly before he murmured, "Nice to meet you, Christy."

Finally was Jacob. He had bright green eyes that seemed to lock onto mine at every opportunity, while his medium length, blonde hair was held up in a perfect sweeping comb over by hair gel.

His teeth were gleaming pearly white, and his skin seemed slightly tanned (maybe he'd had a couple sessions on the sun bed). He wore a tight fitting green shirt that hugged his toned body, and brought the colour of his eyes out even more. He also wore a pair of black skinny jeans, which further pushed my assumption that he looked after himself.

Jacob then said, "I bet you're wondering what we want, apart from a better look at your fine self," I giggled at Jacob's attempts to flirt.

He continued, "We understand that a lot of first years have money troubles, some end up dropping their course after the first year because they can't afford it, are you familiar?"

I nodded. Jacob glanced over at Ash and smirked, before looking back at me and saying, "What would you say if I told you I have a way you can make easy money?"

I was intrigued, "I'd say, show me where to sign."

Carl smiled, "I know what this must seem like but trust me; you could make a lot of money."

They didn't even have to say it. I knew that they were suggesting I be paid for sexual services.

Ash spoke up, "You won't be forced into anything, there are no contracts, its cash in hand and it’s a very enjoyable line of work," Ash smiled cheekily.

I crossed my arms, "I don't know, if word got out I wouldn't be able to walk the streets, and I'd be tagged as a prostitute."

"I think you've got the wrong idea, we operate as a sort of recruitment for a larger operation, no one will know because your services will be given in complete secret, the receivers won't even know who's treating them. All that matters and all that you need to worry about is them paying in full, which always happens; if you're good. We're recruitment and we spot potential and we see bags of potential with you Christy," Jacob was adamant on sealing the deal with me.

I thought about it for a while. I didn't know if I could trust them, my worry being they'd drug and rape me when I wasn't looking. What overshadowed these thoughts (apart from the excitable feeling in my panties) were my financial worries, and my lack of solutions for this problem.

Jacob noticed that I was thinking hard about this, he calmly reassured me, "Don't worry about it, you think it over and if you're still interested come over to the Golden Gate pub at Firth Park tonight at 8:30 and ask the doorman for 'Dion', he'll give you more details. If you don't come I'll understand; you won't hear from us again."

At that the three boys stood up, said their goodbyes, and left. I had some thinking to do.

After the bus journey home I was greeted by an empty house. My dad, mum, brother, and sister were all at work and school, leaving a free house for me to mull things over. I flung off my shoes and emptied my bag; I spent the next hour or so watching some TV and texting friends. Everything seemed to be reminding me of my financial predicament, from clothing adverts, to friends asking me to go out and spend money with them.

My thoughts were repeatedly interrupted by the naughty side. I couldn't get this image out of my head, me on my knees starring at a circular hole in the dirty cubicle wall, when suddenly, a large erect cock pokes into the hole. Its pulsing thick shaft, its swollen purple head oozing pre-cum, and it's eager owner gently thrusting, pushing it in my direction.

I would lean my head to within inches of the member, my panting warm breath causing the cock to flinch. Just as my lips parted on the head of this cock, I'd break out of this fantasy to find myself slowly stroking my inner thigh, my warm, moist pussy clearly excited by the prospect.

This little episode had left no doubt in my mind; I had to go to the Golden Gate Pub tonight, just to check it out.

At 8pm I said my goodbyes to my parents and put on my shoes and jacket. After swiftly avoiding their questions about where I was going, by telling them I was going to a friend’s house, I got a taxi to this now infamous pub.

The pub was old and dirty. Its featured colours were brown, brown and more brown, tinted with some light brown. On the door stood a more elderly gentleman, I guessed he was in his late 60's; clearly security was not a major issue at this pub, as he was stood chatting and smoking with a pint of beer in his hand.

As I approached him he remained ignorant to my presence, I could have walked straight past him and into the pub and he wouldn't have known any better. The man was deep in conversation so when I approached I stood awkwardly waiting for a chance to interject, eventually I said, "Excuse me I'm looking for Dion, I was told I should ask for him here."

The man turned and looked at me before flashing a wide grin my way. He proceeded to talk to my boobs, seemingly forgetting the whereabouts of my eyes, "He will be delighted to see you young lady," his creepy words left me feeling like I had insects crawling across my skin.

"Follow me this way, watch the door while I'm gone," he gestured me to follow him while the man he was talking to watched the door.

I followed him round the back of the pub and into a back door. I was greeted by a musky smell, and stained covered unnaturally yellow walls, this side of the pub was clearly not looked after and forgotten about. We kept walking down a long corridor before turning into a separate room, thankfully this room was a little less dirty. The walls showed more of their natural white colour, and the smell became more bearable.

We walked deeper into this small room, lit only by a single light that hung in the centre of this square room.

"Dion, a lady is here to see you." the old man broke the silence in the room by speaking to a man who was stood with a group of four men, all of whom were fighting with each other to look through two small circular holes that were made in the wooden wall that separated the two rooms.

Dion turned around with disappointment spread across his face. He was a good looking guy; his skin was dark, his hair cut very short almost bald, his eyes a light brown, his lips looked soft and full and his face was well defined with a chiselled jaw-line and unblemished soft skin.

He was looking rather professional which was refreshing considering the surrounding; he had what looked like a very expensive black shirt and tie on with a pair of even more expensive glasses on. His hands were ladled with jewellery, and moisturised to perfection.

He looked at me for a while before offering his hand, "You must be the girl I've heard so much about." Immediately after he said that the other three people with him turned to look at me, I blushed under the attention.

"You can leave now Jim, thanks." The old man turned and left the room.

"I've heard you are interested in our little business, I am here to answer any questions you have," his voice was assured and confident.

"What would I be expected to do?" I was still nervous.

"Nothing you aren't comfortable with, the guys cannot demand anything, they get what they pay for," he smiled.

"How many girls have you had here?" I continued my interrogation, wanting to be sure of what I could be getting myself into.

"We currently have three on our books, generally the girls work with us for a year or two, or until they finish their course."

"And no one's meant to know who I am?"

"You're identity will be kept completely secret unless you say otherwise, you work in the room opposite that wooden wall. If you went round to the toilet that cubicle would say it is out of order, so there is no risk anyone will come in unexpectedly, your customers all know the drill, if they try to see you without your consent they will be quickly removed, all they are to you is a cock and balls that pay well."

"And what is 'paid well', where do you get the money from?"

"The guys slide the money under the wooden wall and then I call you over, telling you that he's paid for your services, if he wants the 'luxury service' he slides more money under the wall and then I knock to tell you he wants more, if you are willing of course. After you've finished you get a 'wage' of sorts, meaning you get a reliable income with no downfall from cheaper guys. Your wage is £400 a week; this little business makes a lot of money."

My eyes widened at the prospect, despite the nature of the work you couldn't argue with the money, which was very, very good. If I was getting just a percentage of the money I could not imagine the income Dion was taking.

My thoughts were interrupted by Dion, "We have someone working now, you watch her next customer through the two holes and then you can tell me your decision."

I nodded and walked over to where the three other men were standing. They cleared the way and went to talk to Dion giving me free room to observe.

The first hole showed the customers cubicle. As this is a normal pub toilet guys come in and out repeatedly, until one will come in and slip some money in the small gap under the wall. This would give the signal to Dion (or whoever was working the wall) that he wanted our services; a girl would then enter through the door in the wooden wall on our side and service the man. The business ran like clockwork.

I then looked through the other hole, this cubicle was a lot cleaner than the others, even with a fluffy cushion on the floor for you to use as support. They really had thought of everything.

I went back to the first hole to see a couple men come, take a piss, and then leave. The third man however was very cautious; he carefully locked his cubicle door, waited to hear if the toilet was empty, before sliding a £20 note under the wall below me, I took it and looked over to Dion who whistled for a girl.

I then heard the tapping of high heels as out from a separate room (something like a dressing room), came Katie Alsop, my mouth widened as I realised the rumours were true. She was wearing a red mini skirt with black stockings and black high heels. She also had a white tank top and black leather jacket on, her long blonde hair was tied up in pig tails, and her pink lipstick was used to highlight her big soft lips. As she walked past me into the room she fluttered her eyes and gave me a cheeky wink.

The man was a little older (maybe early 60's), and was a little chunkier around the edges; his face was not very well groomed either, with a bushy beard and messy short hair. Eagerly he unbuckled the belt on his jeans and let them drop to the floor. His underwear was bulging, as his cock fought to be freed from its restraint. He then quickly dropped his boxer shorts, letting his cock (that already showed the little droplet of pre-cum formed on the tip of his cock) bounce freely.

He then held his cock in his hand and slowly stroked it. Dion told me to knock on the wall, so I did; signalling to the man that Katie was ready to receive him. Immediately he poked his cock into the glory hole, pressing his belly against the wall that separated the two cubicles, and placing his hands either side of his body on the wall. He closed his eyes and looked to the sky.

I then moved to the other hole on Katie's side to see her sat on her knees on the cushion, it was quite a sight seeing her skirt riding up her butt cheeks, revealing her bare ass curves that were not covered by panties (which I spotted laying next to her).

She started by planting several kisses along the shaft of the man’s thick 5 inch cock; to which I heard several grunts from the opposite cubicle. Katie proceeded by licking the length of his cock, lapping up the pre-cum that was now oozing out of this man’s eager, thrusting cock.

The view was incredible. I was so engorged in the sight I failed to control my hand, as it ran down my stomach and onto the tops of my Jean-clad thighs, before I spread my legs a little and allowed myself to stroke my pussy that, even when hidden by jeans and panties, was still evidently warm through the building excitement.

I continued to watch eagerly as Katie then took the man’s swollen purple head into her mouth, holding it in for a short while, as she swirled it around with her tongue. She then began to start taking in more of this man’s aching cock, inch by inch it disappeared in her mouth, as she bobbed her head up and down on his shaft.

As she built pace on his cock I felt a hand on my waist, Dion whispered into my ear, "Away from the money, this can be a very enjoyable line of work," he then slid his hand down my thigh and gently stroked my leg before continuing to say, "The lady you are watching now is an experienced employee, she's good because she likes sucking cock. From what I see of your reaction just watching tells me you'll also like this very much," he then planted one long kiss on my neck saying, "This could be a very profitable relationship."

The man grunted one last time before shooting three squirts of cum into Katie's mouth, which she eagerly drank. At that the man pulled out of the hole, gave an awkward "thank you", pulled on his underwear and jeans and quickly left the cubicle.

Katie wiped her mouth and put on her panties (I later found she takes them off because the cold air on her pussy turns her on, making her perform better). She left her cubicle and joined us, she glanced at me and smiled, noticing how flushed I was from the sight I just witnessed.

Dion thanked her and said she was done for the night. I turned to face Dion, "When can I start?"

Dion smiled ear to ear and said, "Come back tomorrow at 6 pm, I'll spread the word that we have a new girl and that she'll be on tomorrow, I look forward to seeing what you can offer."

After that I left for home, the excitement was almost unbearable as I waited for the next day.


I hope to continue this as a three (or more) part series, so please leave me your feedback and ratings. Thank you to everyone for your continued support, I'm still learning so I appreciate all criticisms.

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