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Luke gets a blowjob in the place of the Lord.
"Please Cleo. It's just one blowjob. What harm could be done?"

I sighed loudly. Luke had always enjoyed public sex, today was no different. Willing to take a risk for him, I let him pull me wherever the hell he was going. He took my hand in his and began walking. Luke stopped outside a church; outside of his church. I shot him a dirty look but he simply smiled seductively. Christ, his smiles always got me. He marched into the church and I followed, amused with his boldness.

Luke and I walked down to the lower level of the church. It was a cold Sunday afternoon in late December. Luke led me into an empty room with a couch and television. I assumed it was used for a youth group of some sort.

Before I even had time to gain control of my surroundings, Luke had pushed me onto the couch and had his lips pressed against mine. I sat in shock for moment, then began kissing back furiously. Our lips entangled in each others, his hands roaming through my hair and across my back.

He pulled away for a moment, then began kissing my ear. He worked his way down my cheek, across my chin, and down my neck. I could feel the love bites he was leaving. They were gentle reminders that Luke had been there; I loved them. He continued working down my chest to my breasts. I lifted my arms up and he removed my grey blouse, revealing my black lace bra.

Smirking, I pulled Luke in for a kiss before stepping away, admiring the sizable bulge in his boxers that I loved so much. I walked towards him slowly, swinging my hips back and forth. I reached Luke and stood in front of him, looking into his bright blue eyes.

I undid my bra slowly, revealing my perky tits. I noticed a slight twitch in Luke's pants. Lowering myself to my knees, I reached out and undid his belt. I pulled down his jeans and underwear, revealing his already rock hard cock.

I looked up at Luke and smiled at him with my huge blue eyes. I then very slowly took the tip of his cock into my mouth. I swirled my tongue across his head, knowing how much he loved it when I did that. I set gentle little kisses all down his shaft. He was a formidable eight inches and I ate all of it up.

Gently, I took one of his balls in my mouth and began to suck. Knowing I was making Luke happy made me happy. I began to move my hand slowly up and down his shaft, still sucking. I moved to Luke's other ball and began pumping my hand faster. I alternated between a tighter grip and a loose grip. God I loved to tease him.

I slowed my hand and moved my mouth back to his cock. I played with his head again, dancing my tongue and lips across it. I swirled my lips down his shaft. I continued this while I added both of my hands and my tongue, twisting each lightly in a different direction. Luke's breathing began to get heavy so I stopped. I looked at him longingly for a moment, knowing exactly what he wanted.

"Cleo, please. Don't stop."

Happy to oblige, I opened my mouth wide and began to deep throat. My hands massaged his balls gently. I picked up speed, opening my mouth wide. I could feel Luke's cock hitting the back of my throat. I loved every inch sliding in and out of my mouth.

I could feel his cock begin to pulse. With a gentle moan, Luke shot his load of come down my throat. I swirled it in my mouth then swallowed, smiling big. I stood back up and kissed Luke.

"Let's get out of here before we get caught," I whispered.

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