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Home From Work

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As I am on my way home from work, I can't think of how nice it will be to kick off my boots, grab a cold beer, and fall asleep on the recliner. Working the night shift has that effect on you. I pull in to the drive-way at seven in the morning. Just in time to see the sun rise, and hear the birds chirping. It's gonna be another nice day. Too bad I have to sleep through most of it. But the good thing is, it is my last shift for another four nights. I walk through the door, take my boots off, and head to the kitchen to grab a cold beer. I am just about to open the fridge, when I hear the door bell ring.
I head to the door, expecting some door-to-door salesman. When I open the door, I am pleasantly surprised to find that it is my neighbor from across the street. Leigh appears to be in her late 20's, to early 30's. But has a grown son. She is beautiful. Standing there in a short, floral sun dress and barefoot. Her blond hair. Legs that make any 20 year old jealous. And a very nice ass, if I do say so myself. And last, but not least, a very fine set of C's. Maybe even D's. I have never been good at guessing that size before. She is a very beautiful woman.
As I am there, taking in a beautiful and refreshing sight. She asks: "I'm sorry to bother you so early in the morning. But I am wondering if I can borrow some sugar? I seem to have run out." I can see her blushing a little. "Sure. Come on in. I think I have some. Gotta take a look." I say. As I lead her in to the kitchen, I remember how long it has been since I have had anyone besides me in it.
I reach up and grab a bag of sugar. And as I turn around to hand it to her, she moves in close. "Steve," she says, "I have noticed that all you do is work. You need some play time." She gives me a little wink, and a coy smile crosses her lips. As she wraps her arms around me, she looks up in to my eyes. She asks: "Would you like some play time?"
My mind is racing. Of course I would love some play time. I have been attracted to her since I first saw her across the street. But I have been too shy to act upon it. I have not been with a woman for a long time now. What should I do?
She closes the small gap between us. I can feel her breasts press against me as she presses her sweet lips against mine. I wrap my arms around her tiny waist, and pull her in closer. I can only imagine that she can feel my cock straining against my pants. Her initial gentle kiss has now become more passionate. Our lips getting warm and moist. Our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. Each of us taking turns gently nibbling on the others lips, Soft moans of passion escape our mouths. Our hands begin to roam, exploring the others body.
As our kissing become more, and more passionate. She begins to kiss and nibble her way to my ear. I begin to kiss and gently nibble her neck. Feeling her perfect ass in my hands. She lets out a soft moan, and whispers in my ear: "I need to relieve some of you tension." I feel her hands begin to fumble with my belt. Then, almost as one movement, I feel the button on my pants open. And the zipper being open.
As Leigh slides her hand inside my pants, and grabbing my now rock hard cock. I moan a little more. She whispers in my ear once more: "Doesn't that feel better?" My words choke as they come out. "Uh huh." I say. Her warm hand slides up and down my shaft gently. Feeling every inch with her warm fingers. Reaching the bottom of my pole, she cups my balls and gives them a firm, yet gentle, squeeze. Producing a deeper groan from my throat.
Leigh slides her hand out from my pants, and with both hands below my ears. Pulls my head down for a deep, passionate kiss. She sucks on my tongue for a second, then nibbles my lower lip. After pulling her head back, she looks me deep in the eyes. "I know you have been a very hard working guy. You deserve a reward. And I have been wanting to reward you for a while now." A sexy, and mischievous look appears on her face.
"Now relax, and enjoy." She says as she bends at the knees. As she goes down to her knees, she pulls my pants to my ankles. My hard throbbing cock starring her in the face. She reaches out and gently strokes my dick with a wanting look on her face while examining it. I close my eyes as I feel her warm, wet mouth envelope the head of my cock. Her tongue gently flicking against it. As she take more in, I moan a little louder. I feel her tongue swirling all around as she takes me deeper in to her mouth. As she gets towards the base, I can feel the back of her throat with my tip. She lets out a soft, muffled moan as she slowly pulls her head back. Gently sucking, and swirling her tongue as she goes. When she gets to the end, she lingers. Sucking a little harder. And swirling her tongue a little more. Another deep moan escapes my mouth.
She releases my cock from her mouth, and begins to gently stroke it with her hand. She looks up and asks with a devilish smile: "You like that, don't you?" I can only smile. She smiles back. As she is stroking me with one hand, she gently caresses my balls with the other. While stroking me, and playing with my balls, she begins to lick her way down my shaft. Leaving no part untouched by her warm, wet, velvety tongue. When she gets to my balls, she takes one in her mouth and sucks gently and licks it generously. Only stopping to move to the other one. When she is done, she licks her way back up my cock. Once again, licking, sucking, and gently nibbling. When she reaches the tip, she takes in her mouth. She looks in to my eyes as she begins to take me deep in to her mouth.
Her slurping and sucking gently get faster as her head bobs up and down on my cock. I hear her moans as she enjoys every inch she takes in to her mouth. My hands have now moved to the top of her head. Playing with her hair. And gently guiding her. Although, she needs no guidance from me. I can smell her womanly scents. As she clearly enjoys what she is doing. My moans come quicker, as she increases the pace and intensity of her sucking and licking.
I can feel my balls tighten, getting ready to explode. I think she realizes the same as she gently squeezes them, and sucks a little harder on my cock. I can feel my eyes roll in to the back of my head and my knees go weak, as I gently grip her head a little tighter. Leigh increases the suction she has on my cock as I feel the first wave of my orgasm hit. I explode in to her mouth. Wave after wave, my hot load of gooey cum shoot in to her mouth. Hitting the back of her throat, and filling her mouth up. She attempts to take it all. Sucking and swallowing. I can hear her slurp. Trying to suck it all in. She sucks at the head of my penis, getting every last drop. Squeezing and stroking my shaft as she does so. I look down to watch her lap up every last bit. And see that I filled her mouth past capacity. I see that some of my cum has dribbled down her chin as she looks up at me with a giant smile on her face.
As she stands up, and wipes the excess cum from her chin, she says: "Now, don't you feel much better?" All I can do is nod my approval. Leigh gives me a deep, passionate kiss. And then says: "Thanks for the sugar. Now, how about I give you some honey." As she takes my hand, and leads me to the couch in the living room.
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