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Hot for Sales Girl

What happens when the hot sales girls lands a big sale........
When I was in my mid-twenties, I was friends with a buddy that worked up at an International truck dealership. On Friday afternoons, I would go up there and we would do work on shop employees personal vehicles. After a few months, I got to know most of the people up at the shop. One of them was a young (twentyish) girl named Mary-Joe.

Mary-Joe was your typical Florida country girl and that she was a blonde only added to her sex appeal. Mary-Joe was around 5’7” and 135pds, with about 5% body fat, being she went to the gym ever day before work. She would have a year round bronze skin, which made you wonder if she had any tan lines at all. She had long blonde hair that flowed down her body. Topped by the bluest eyes I have ever stared into. She had amazing looking tits which always seemed about to burst from her blouse, and the faintest southern draw.

Being she was in the sales department and her paycheck depended on making the sales she would always dress to impress. Most days her dress code consisted of 3” or 4” heels a mid-thigh skirt and a blouse that just covered her tits. Usually she had some kind of hose on, but every now and then her skirt would ride up just enough when she was getting into one of the Semi trucks she was trying to sell and you could tell she was wearing thigh high stockings with a garter belt.

As you could imagine most of the male employees at the shop would kill to be able to even get close enough to sniff her. Knowing this, she played it up. Whenever she sold a truck it was moved to the front of the line to get ready to be sent out the door. All she had to do was bat her pretty blue eyes or lean down to talk to the mechanic and have her tits in his face, to get what she wanted. Needless to say the males might have loved her, but the females in the office absolutely hated her.

I really never paid that much attention to Mary-Jo, being I didn’t have a thing for blondes. But it seemed that she had a thing for me: There was the time I was working underneath a car and she stood next to the car. When I slid out from underneath it, she took a step to the right so I was directly underneath her, looking up at her pink thong. When she saw this, she squatted down onto my face, so I was about an inch or so away from tasting her. She stayed there several seconds, allowing me to enjoy the view and to breathe in her sweet aroma. I’m sure that would have gone further, but someone started to walk into the area we were in.

Most of the time I was up at the shop working, was on Friday evening, so it was rather quiet and no one around. When I walked into the shop, I saw Mary-Joe walking towards her desk and she was dressed to impress that day. I found out that she had just closed a big deal on a fleet of trucks so she was looking forward to making a large commission check. She had on a tight little black blouse that pushed her tits up and out, which she covered with a form fitting suit jacket. She had on a tight little white skirt that stopped about 3” above her knees, a pair of white silk stockings, 4” heels and her hair tied up in a bun. From seeing her, I understood why she just sold a lot of trucks.

Anyway, I went smiled at her when she looked at me and walked back to the private bay area were I was working on a car. I closed the door and turned on the stereo so I wouldn’t be bothered by other people walking in on me. Being a small car, I didn’t have it up that high and when I was underneath it, you couldn’t easily see someone walk into the bay. As I’m lying on my creeper I hear Mary-Joe say hello to me. Which to say the least aroused my interest.

We soon were talking about how she had closed the deal, and I told her that it didn’t hurt that she looked like a center-fold and could have sold an ice cream cone to a Eskimo. Are conversation soon turned into how long it had been since she had been with a man. As the conversation got more sexual the bulge in my pants got bigger. By this time, she had sat down on my roll around chair and was right next to me.

As I’m lying there I feel her hands running up my leg and across my now very hard cock. Her hand lingered on my cock for several seconds and then I felt her unzip my pants and her hand slip into them. She slowly caressed my cock thru my boxers for a minute or two; I could hear her moaning as she did this. Soon she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to pull my cock out from my boxers, so she undid my belt.

I naturally lifted my waist up as she tugged on my pants to pull them down. So there I was partially trapped underneath a car, with a hot blonde stroking my cock, only in my boxer shorts. As she traced her hand up and down my cock, she commented on how big it was and how big the wet spot was from all the pre-cum. I think I was only able to stifle a few moans and groans at this time. Soon she slid her hands to my waist band and tugged my boxers down towards my ankles, completely exposing myself to her.

A pleasant little moan escaped her pouty lips as she took in my now rock hard cock. Soon, she was caressing my balls with one hand and with the other one rubbing my cock. One of the greatest feelings a guy can get is that first few seconds a new pair of hands is touching your cock and this was no different. She competed on how smooth my shaved cock and balls were. I’ve never been tied up or bond before, but the feeling of being trapped under that car and not being able to move can only be described as amazing.

From the position, I could only see her legs. I watched her as she straddled me and then squatted down between my knees and waist. From my view and the way her skirt had road up I had a perfect few of her sweet little pussy. The white G-string she had on was all most transparent with her juices. Her inner thighs were glistening from her wetness, as it slowly made its way down to her stockings. She gently placed one hand on my waist as she bent over me and started to stroke me again with the other hand, gently balancing herself on me and her 4” heels.

She reached down and held my balls, moving her fingers back around the soft skin behind them, stroking me gently, slowly sliding her hand up and down my hard cock. I watch as she slowly brought her mouth to my cock and spit on to it, and then started to use that to lube my cock as her tempo started to get faster and faster. I felt her warm breath as she breathed out and then I felt her soft wet lips slip around my engorged cock.

Her lips felt like silk as they slowly went up and down my cock. Her tongue slid on the underside of my cock and she would whirl it around my tip when she got to the end of my cock. She slowly was able to swallow all of me and left a ring of her red lip stick on the base of my cock.

She slowly applied more and more suction to my cock and worked up the speed. I’m not sure how long this bliss lasted but I was so close to cumming as she continued to suck. She used her mouth to keep the pressure on my cock and her hands to stroke my base of my cock. I then felt her other hand squeeze my balls. It seemed the more I moaned the faster and harder she would suck on it.

I shot a huge load of cum deep into the back of her mouth. She didn’t let a drop out and swallowed it all; as she sank her mouth all the way back down my cock. She started to roll my balls in her hand, which made me shot a few more loads into her mouth. She never missed a drop and licked me clean. I laid there in that erotic state for several minutes, with just her breath on my semi erect cock. I came out of my trance as she slowly tugged my boxers and pants back up.

As I saw her standing up I slid out from underneath the car, wanting to return the favor, but was interrupted by the owner of the company walking in. Mary-Jo smiled at me as she looked down on me and told me to have a nice weekend. I’m not sure how she made it out to her car without someone noticing that both her knees had dirt marks on the virgin white stockings.

I only hoped that I would be able to return the favor…

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