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Hot Summer Day

Playing with ice cubes to take the edge off the summer heat.
I live in the midst Rocky Mountains of Montana, where the winters are cold and snow packed and the summers are hot and arid. My wife and I are a young couple. We are both college students in our early twenties. We have been together only two years now, so much of what sex has to offer still lies before us, but we love to spend our days exploring the pleasures of the body.

The particular day I would like to tell you about was a real scorcher. It was the first truly hot day of the year with temperatures reaching almost a hundred degrees outside. The unexpectedly warm weather took us by surprise and, when we both returned to the apartment after our days at work, our small apartment was roughly the temperature the sun. We grabbed out spare blankets and barred the windows, but it was already too late. The dreadful heat had already permeated the air, and, with no air conditioner to speak of, it promised to be a miserable afternoon.

We spent the evening covered in sticky sweat, subsisting on ice cream in an attempt to lower our body temperatures and wearing the bear minimum of clothes as to not offend our roommate. Hours went by and we eventually decided to consign to our bedroom where clothes were not needed. We tugged off our shorts and shirts which clung to our bodies. I tore the blankets off the bed for they were not needed or wanted. We lay for a time in front of the small fan, while it poured a light breeze over us, taking the edge off the heat. Idle chit chat about the day was made, but I became increasingly distracted by my wife's feminine charms as we talked.

She rolled from her stomach to her back, letting her large beautiful breasts bask in the cool air from the fan. The sight of her bare chest sparked my playful side, so I reached my hand out and ran two fingers across her skin, from the collar bone, across her nipple, down her stomach, and stopping just at the edge of her shaved pussy. She smiled back at me warmly, an invitation to kiss her voluptuous lips.

My hand eased around her waist and I pulled her closer to me. Our lips met in long soft kisses, and our bodies eased closer together. We lay on our sides for a time, embracing, showering each other with kisses that became increasingly intense. I could no longer stay my tongue. It slid along the surface of her soft lips from corner to corner. Her tongue came out to meet mine, but the oppressive heat won and the passionate kissing was cut short.

My wife pulled away from me, “I'm sorry baby, it's just too damn hot in here for sexy time.”

Her apologetic frown was disheartening. I rolled onto my back to let myself calm down.

“Agh, I suppose.”

My firm erection made it easy to ignore the boiling atmosphere of the room, but I knew my wife was more sensitive to our environment. It was then that my mischievous side hatched a brilliant plan.

“Wait right here. I have something that will definitely help us cool down.”

I leapt from the bed and made my way out to the kitchen. I quickly found the object of my desire in the freezer and made my way back the bedroom with the ice cube tray. My wife was both nervous and excited when she saw what I had brought back. I twisted the tray to break the ice free and plucked up one of the delightfully cold treasures. I left the tray on her dresser and popped the cube in mouth to begin melting it. As I crawled across the bed, my wife squirmed in anticipation. I let the cube drop from my mouth into my hand, and held it in a fist over my wife's stomach.

“Oh, uh”, she mumbled as she saw exactly what I intended to do.

The cube rolled between my fingers and the freshly thawed water began to pool into drops. The first few drops of icy water fell and she let out a surprised gasp. I rolled the cube over in my hand faster to aid in its melting, and let the drops fall slowly over her skin, spattering her stomach. I worked my way north, letting the cool drizzle fall on her sensitive nipples, and she gasped once again.She smiled up at me wryly to let me know she was enjoying the sensation immensely.

Encouraged, I began covering every inch of her in the cool rain, working over her arms and legs, as well as her thoroughly covering chest. She was beginning to relax more as she became accustomed to the feeling of the cold water. Now that the initial shock was wearing off, I decided it was time to try something bolder.

“You still seem to be awfully warm down here, honey.”

Now I held the melting cube directly over her clit, and she bit her lip to brace herself. Icy drops fell from my hand and landed right where I wanted them to. They ran a course from her clit down her labia and onto ass. Her muscles tightened and she let out a moan.

“Was that okay, baby?”

I had made a habit of asking, because it was sometimes difficult to tell the difference between pain and pleasure. She nodded her head quickly and that was my queue to try it some more. I let another quick stream of drops slip off my hand and pour over her pussy. She gave off another quick gasp followed by a moan.

“Was that a little too much?” playing coy.

I lowered my head and ran my warm tongue up the length of her slit to catch the excess water. Her hips thrust up against the pressure of tongue and she breathed heavily. I let this game of hot and cold continue for a bit, letting cold water course over her and then lapping it off her pussy.The first ice cube had dwindled down to nearly nothing by this time, but I still had one more plan for it.

“Would you like a popsicle to help you cool down?”

She raised an eyebrow at me, not knowing where I was going with this, so I rubbed the ice cube along my shaft to get it drenched. After seeing my dripping wet cock, she understood and propped herself up to take me in her mouth. Her lips parted and she easily swallowed the majority of my penis.

She bobbed her head back and forth a few times then pulled away so I could pour more water over it. She spent more time sucking on the tip this time, massaging it with her tongue, then taking me as deep as she could again. This game quickly expended the rest of the first cube, but I still had something I was dying to try.

“Alright, hon, I think you're really going to like this next part.”

She was worked up beyond belief at this point and was ready for anything. I found a smaller cube this time and plopped it in my mouth to start thawing it out, but kept it there this time. I gently pushed her legs apart as I climbed back into bed, laying down so that my face came to rest between her thighs. I pushed my lips against her clitoral hood and began kissing it. I let a cool stream of spit run over her, and then pulling the ice cube to the back of my mouth ran my tongue in circles over her clitoris.

Then the real fun began, I rolled the cube along my tongue and held it against her clit with my mouth. She gave a little scream as the ice rested against her most sensitive area. After a few seconds of teasing, I sucked the ice back into my mouth and ran my tongue all over her again, making her moan loudly, then scream again as I pushed the ice against her. The strong sensation was quickly bringing her close to an orgasm, and the cube was vanishing quickly between the heat of my mouth and her pussy.

The cube had become a small ball by this point and in one last game, I lowered my head slightly and pushed the remaining ice inside of her with my tongue and held it there. Short loud moans escaped her between heavy breaths. In a matter of thirty seconds, the ice had melted inside her, and I sucked out the cool stream of water. The time had come to let her enjoy the explosive orgasm that had been building over the last few minutes of oral play.

I slid my hands over her stomach and grabbed her soft pliable tits, pulling on her nipples gently as I pushed my face harder against her lips, rolling my tongue over her clit. I took my right hand from her breast and pausing briefly coated my pinky and pointer finger in a slick coat of saliva. Then returning my face to her pussy, slid my pointer finger deep into her cunt while my pinky slid between her cheeks coming to rest against her anus. I began to lick faster, and wiggle my fingers inside her. Her hips pushed against me in small thrusts, trying to take my fingers deeper and push her clit harder against my tongue. The climax began building rapidly, fast moans became louder as her hips moved more quickly.

“Oh God!” She cried as she came.

Her body spasmed, rocking her pussy against my mouth in short bursts until the orgasm pulled her body into a stiff posture. I pulled my hand out of her and backed away to let her enjoy her moment of bliss. A long minute passed, and she smiled widely. Getting her off always brought me so close to my own orgasm that I could barely wait to see what she had in mind.

When she said, “Climb on top of me baby, I want you to cum all over me,” I did not hesitate for a moment. I climbed into a 69 position and lowered my cock to where she could reach it with her mouth. She began licking the base of my glans and I had to fight the urge to push myself deep into her warm wet throat. She took me deep a couple of times, but then she my dick out of my mouth and started caressing my balls with her tongue. This is and always has been one of my favorite things in the world.

She sucked on my balls passionately and began stroking me with her hand, rubbing my glans with her thumb as she went. My legs began to quake with pleasure as the feeling became too much to hold back. I began sucking on her swollen clit while she worked my shaft faster and faster. I could feel her moans vibrate against my testicles. My air came in quick short gasps, my abs tightened, and everything went gray in a rush of ecstasy as hot jets of cum shot out of me, covering our chests and bellies. My body tightened then when limp against hers and I slid against her, spreading the cum all over us.

“You really are the best sex partner a person could ask for,” I told her.

We cleaned up and quickly went to bed, because after all, it was just another week day in the month of June.

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