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How It All Began Ch.01

Two rejected lovers find a common interest in each other
Jack showered off the toil of the gym, the twice weekly ritual of weights and machines with a Sunday swim in the pool had toned his body well. Athletic and broad-shouldered, he was content with the boost it gave him in his self-esteem; something he needed at this time.

Changing back into his work clothes, he thought he'd check out the lounge and bar, he wasn't ready to go home just yet. The house would be empty, silent, he hated the sound of silence now and nothing seemed to fill the air or resolve the nagging in his mind.

"Hi, just an orange juice and soda please, plenty of ice." asked Jack.

"Sure, pint glass ok?" responded the barman nonchalantly.

Jack nodded in acknowledgement.

Feeling a tap on his shoulder, he turned in that direction, with no-one there, Jack sighed as he realised he'd been done. He could hear a giggle and only one person did that to Jack, as he turned in the other direction, sure enough it was Fay and Jack wasn't disappointed. Tanned, sun-kissed tousled hair and a wide toothy smile greeted Jack.

"Fay, Hi!" exclaimed Jack with the warmth of a genuine and pleasant surprise.

Fay smiled. "Hi Jack."

She leant in and Jack gave her a peck on the cheek.

"How are you? I didn't know you used this gym? I haven't seen you at work in ages." added Jack.

Fay's coquettish look always pleased Jack, he liked the faux look of innocence she gave off because he knew differently. Fay was one of the more recent additions to the administrative staff, young and only out of college for just over a year.

"I'm ok, I love the pool here, the council pool is rubbish but this one is a proper size," replied Fay, "you know how much I love to swim."

Jack smiled, he remembered that Fay was an accomplished swimmer and she certainly had a swimmer's body. Fay's body could easily be described as petite and she was clearly proud of it. She liked to show off her lithe frame and compact curves with her work attire, tight pencil skirts and tops created a definite sexual frisson with the other men in the office. It had earned Fay a reputation, many of Jack's less discrete colleagues told tales of their encounters with Fay's incredible sexual libido. In her naivety, she had repeatedly broken one of the unwritten rules of working life, don't pee in the corporate pool.

"How could I forget that Fay." added Jack. "You look like you've been on holiday? The weather must have been good."

Fay smiled demurely, she had a soft-spot for attentive men and for Jack she knew he was a natural. They had bumped into each other in the office and also in town as they socialised through mutual friends. Jack was always chatty and hopelessly charming, she thought that Jack was the kind of considerate one-woman-man out of her league. Having had the pleasure of meeting Shelly, Jack's girlfriend, several times, she considered her attractive but she felt Shelly had a wandering eye for a bigger-better-deal.

"I've been in Spain for a month staying with a friend," replied Fay, "ask me nicely and I'll show you my white bits."

Fay smiled cheekily and placing a hand on his arm, they laughed together.

"How come they let you go for a month?" asked Jack, "Your boss is certainly generous."

Fay paused for a moment and as she paused her expression changed to something more sorrowful.

"They let me go on account of what happened." stated Fay solemnly.

"Let you go?" asked Jack with a hint of bewilderment.

"Well, I handed in my notice, it was getting too much." returned Fay perfunctorily.

"I see. No wonder I haven't seen you for a while." added Jack, his voice quieter and far less exuberant.

Fay's eyes welled a little and she leant into Jack, he could smell the fresh scent of shampoo as he put her arm around her. He gave her a little squeeze, careful not to squeeze too hard, she felt soft and as he squeezed he could feel the steely strength of her compact muscles. Her chest felt more ample and soft than her figure looked. Jack chided himself as this wasn't the right time to think like that. Her arms squeezed back as she let out a deflating deep sigh. She felt safe for a moment, safe and consoled, it felt good. Jack felt good, he felt strong and she slotted into him as one piece of a jigsaw against another.

"Hey, hey, hey." Jack whispered.

Fay pulled herself from Jack, she looked wistful now, the look of upset had gone. Jack was relieved and he smiled quizzically at Fay, she looked up at Jack and smiled back weakly.

"Let me get you a drink, something stronger than this. A vodka and ice isn't it?" asked Jack.

Fay smiled at Jack attentiveness, they sat in the lounge as Jack listened and Fay gave a blow by blow account of the last two months of her life. Fay had gone to Spain to get away, her line manager had granted her request of a month's leave using the wisdom of an older woman. They laughed together when she said her boss told her that everyone gets their heart broken. Fay said that didn't help much but a month in Spain with her friend Erin had helped immensely. She spoke fondly of Erin being a good friend and how much she missed her not being in England.

Stephen, her ex, worked in the same department and she was unable to bear the office gossip which Stephen was happy to encourage so Fay handed in her notice. Her boss reluctantly let her go with immediate effect. Fay had given it some serious thought about staying in Spain but no man was going to chase her out of the country.

"You are better off without him, no real man divulges what he does with his girlfriend.", said Jack.

"Well, it taught me a hard lesson about discretion.", admitted Fay.

"Hey, don't be so hard on yourself, lots of people have a thing going on in the workplace, it just requires a degree of maturity, Stephen Brown is a prick." added Jack.

Fay smiled widely, Jack's chivalry was something she was not used to and she liked it.

"I've got my own news too, I broke up with Shelly two months ago.", added Jack.

"Oh Jack, would it be ok to say I'm not surprised?" asked Fay with a hint of concern in her voice.

"She got caught out telling one lie too many." replied Jack, "It hadn't been working out for a while really. Still, she went quietly so I should be grateful for that."

"Poor you Jack, what a pair we make huh?" muttered Fay shrugging.

Jack smiled and nodded.

"True, true, so at least I can kind of empathise." said Jack consolingly.

Fay smiled.

"You are a great listener Jack, thank you. Have you seen her since?" asked Fay.

Fay wanted to know if Jack was going to rebound, Shelly was a very attractive woman and Fay was sure that if Shelly clicked her fingers, Jack would come running to her.

"I bumped into her last week." replied Jack, "I felt nothing but contempt and I'm not going anywhere either."

Fay smiled, leaning toward Jack in interest.

"This town might be a bit small but I like it here. No woman is chasing me out of the country." added Jack.

Fay laughed. Jack smiled and joined in.

"Aw! Life would be so much easier if people could be just honest, I wouldn't have minded if we hadn't made a commitment." said Jack with a hint of exasperation entering into the tone of his voice, "I mean three years is a long time!"

"True, true." replied Fay, "It's probably ok if it's an open relationship or just a bit of fun but not if you have agreed to be, erm, more conventional."

Jack got the impression that having her fingers burnt in this way and Fay was in no hurry to try out 'conventional' again any time soon. He certainly wasn't.

"Well, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I'm glad I bumped into you, finally someone who can relate. The lads are useless at his." replied Jack smiling.

Faye laughed and averted her gaze towards the bar.

"Oh my. Jack are you hungry?" asked Fay

Jack looked where Fay had cast her eyes, the clock above the bar.

"Goodness, is that the time? I should eat." stated Jack.

"Jack, you can say no if you want to but would you like to come back to mine for something to eat? Two lost souls together eh? We could we make a night of it?" asked Fay.

Jack had to really hide what he was thinking now, Fay at her place. Her modus operandi was to ask for a lift home from the office. Jack recalled every game of poker, every bluff and that stonewall of a face.

"It'll make a change from eating alone." replied Jack impassively.

To congratulate himself on such a non-committal acceptance, Jack smiled.

Fay smiled back too.

"You driving now?", asked Jack.

"Nah, how pathetically girly huh?" replied Fay.

"You'll be wanting a lift home then." stated Jack with a hint of a smile.

Fay returned his smile, reciprocating her acknowledgment that the game was on and they were both playing.

They put their glasses on the bar and made their way to Jack's car, Fay was almost apologetic for not being able to drive. Jack was simply relieved he'd cleaned the car inside and out last week mindless with boredom and loneliness. Jack didn't ask if Fay had another job but he admired her familiar work-like attire, a neat and tight black pencil skirt, showing off her pert bottom with a generous slit up its side to let her move her toned, sculpted legs. Whilst Jack daren't ogle her breasts in the tailored sheer blouse, he had caught the dark shadow of the broad cups and thin straps of her bra.

Jack noticed the admiring glances and felt quietly smug that she kept looking at Jack as they chit-chatted through the gym reception and into the car park.

Jack opened the passenger door and placed her bag in the back. Fay demurred to Jack's good manners, it had been a long time since anyone treated her like that. They pulled out of the car park and onto the road.

"Do you know where Filton Close is?" asked Fay.

"Fay, I only live three streets down from there." said Jack surprised.

"You do?" inquired Fay.

"Yeah, Burton Avenue, I never knew you lived so close."

Fay smiled.

"My Dad bought it for me, guilt I think for moving to Scotland with my step-mum." said Fay, "Why don't you drop me off, park the car at yours and walk up? It is Friday Jack."

"Yeah, it is. Shouldn't you be out partying?" asked Jack.

"I would normally but I don't want to bump into Stephen. He knows all our hangouts and my friends are very predictable." added Fay deadpan in tone.

"Well, it's not easy to hide in this town, there's only five places you would ever want to drink in." returned Jack consolingly.

"Ever been to The Marshall at Arms?" asked Fay.

"Fay, isn't that place a strip-bar?" replied Jack, faking his uncertainty.

"It is, I know someone who works in there, us girls go in there sometimes, the staff are very helpful and keen to keep an eye on us." replied Fay.

"Flipping heck Fay, I'm not surprised they do, that place reeks of horny men." added Jack failing to check his thoughts.

Jack looked embarrassed at the revelation making it obvious he'd been in there.

Fay laughed hard, Jack looked like he was caught like a rabbit in a car's headlights.

"You sound like you speak from experience Jack?" asked Fay.

"Erm, possibly." muttered Jack clearly uncomfortable with the question.

Jack was red, he was blushing.

He looked at Fay, her eyes beamed with that coquettish look again as she amused herself with his discomfort.

Jack tried to compose himself.

"I mean Fay, have you taken a good look at yourself?" asked Jack, "I can only imagine with you dolled up to the nines, you would certainly get plenty of attention."

Fay smiled again.

"But Jack, my girlfriends certainly enjoy teasing the men, but it's not the men I'd come to see." proffered Fay.

Fay toyed with him some more, Jack wiped his brow with the back of his hand his face still burning bright red.

Fay was laughing heartily now.

Jack had to really concentrate on the road. Of all the dalliances Fay had at work, one or two referred to her sexual predilection for men and women, Jack thought it was merely the over-active imagination of the immature storyteller.

"Really?" asked Jack incredulously.

"Well, what do you think?" replied Fay mocking Jack's naivety.

It was no crime that Fay enjoyed sex and judging by some of the stories, she was incredibly liberated. Of course that double standard between men and women was raised, some men called her a slut. Jack didn't see that as a crime, it was fine for men to fuck around but not women. Jack sensed inferiority in some of the storytellers maybe they just weren't up to fully satisfying her.

If Fay did enjoy both genders, it stretched reality into fantasy for him, Jack felt his cock stiffen and he chided his lack of control.

"It's no crime." shrugged Jack with a big smile.

Fay looked at his discomfort and as he concentrated in turning the car into the side road, she could see the prominence of his embarassment in his crotch and smiled back.

"Good comeback Jack." muttered Fay happy that she had prompted the correct response from him.

Jack was pained that Shelly only admitted her bisexuality after they split up, he'd rather she told him he was rubbish in bed than admit to her experiences with women. Jack had experienced Shelly's lasciviousness towards women especially when she was drunk, he knew she wasn't just being mean. It was an experience denied to him as a parting gesture to him dumping her, no chance of a threesome for Jack with Shelly.

The conversation had paused, Jack thought it might be best not to let the pregnant pause cast a shadow over the otherwise jovial conversation.

"Seriously though, women are more than objects of beauty of course," stated Jack, "but real beauty is more than just skin deep."

Fay roared with laughter.

"Bullshit Jack, after a few pints of beer that's bullshit!" exclaimed Fay.

Jack laughed back.

"It is isn't it?" said Jack as he smiled.

Fay was still laughing.

"We're almost here, which number is yours?", asked Jack.

"27. Would pizza and salad be ok?" replied Fay.

"That would fine, Shall I bring a bottle?" asked Jack

"Cool, bring white wine, I think I have something in the fridge too." returned Fay as she exited the car.


Jack crashed into the sofa, half a pizza and a fresh drizzled salad inside him combined with three glass of wine gave him a warm satisfied buzz. Fay crashed next to him.

"I haven't felt this good for ages." said Fay smiling.

"I'm just glad I've been decent company for you. I was beginning to wonder if I could really relax again like this." returned Jack.

"Jack, you're a natural, you'd have to be really fucked up in the head to lose that." added Fay.

Fay turned to her side, her work clothes had given way to a loose top and some over-sized jeans as Jack had dropped off his car back at his place. Jack smiled as he drank in her features, her fine cheekbones, small pixie ears, her aquamarine eyes, sun bleached blonde hair, tight honey coloured skin and full, slightly open lips. Jack was lingering absently as he looked at her, his eyes turning to her lips.

Fay smiled back as her hand rested on Jack's t-shirt covered chest.

"I think secretly you know what's going to happen next?" asked Fay.

Fay was being gracious, it was no secret, she knew when men looked to her lips that was what they wanted. Fay had decided when Jack held her close that she had to have him, she could feel her arousal, that familiar heat. She wondered if Jack would quench it completely, would she need to instruct him or would he do what she longed for and just take her, use her and liberate what she was.

Jack was simply horny, stereotypically one-track mindedly horny. He was very happy to reciprocate Fay's flirtatiousness all evening instinctively because he simply wanted to fuck her.

Now, it has reached its natural conclusion and he was outrageously curious at what she looked like naked. Her perky and compact body was a novelty to him. Her slight curves were not his usual bag and her thin body was not usually his type. He'd seen porn with petite women getting fucked and it only piqued his curiosity further.

This was reality and Fay was a living breathing petite, slight creature who had a reputation, if the stories were true, for the sexual proclivities of a porn star. He knew she was several years younger than him and casting his mind back to his teenage fumblings and knowing she was an exercise junkie that she would be very tight and very hard to exhaust. Jack reconciled that if she was such a slut, she would need to be because it would take a sexual athlete to sate him, Jack needed sex daily and eight weeks was fifty-five days too long.

"Is it such a secret?" enquired Jack.

Fay looked down, smiled and then looked him straight in the eyes.

"No Jack it isn't but on one condition." returned Fay smiling wickedly.

"Sure, Fay, what?" asked Jack knowing this was the moment for an economy of words and to listen attentively.

"Well two actually. First, you stay the night?" asked Fay.

Jack was taken aback a little at Fay's forthrightness.

"Ok." affirmed Jack.

Faye's small hand moved down Jack chest, looped under his t-shirt and with only fingertip pressure toyed with a nipple making Jack moan under his breath. Jack's lustful expression betrayed any lingering sense of secrecy.

"And the second?" Jack said with a hint of a whimper.

"That you do everything I ask for, I don't want sex Jack, I need to be fucked, it's been too long." stated Fay huskily.

Fay felt emboldened to take some initiative, Jack might be a little too much out of the saddle for her to silently rely on his judgement; besides thought Fay, he might just be too much of a nice boy.

Jack could feel the heat in his loins, his cock stiffening rapidly. Jack shifted his position slightly to try and make some room in his jeans. Fay could sense Jack's arousal, she broke her eye contact with Jack and cast her gaze to Jack's crotch. Her hand slid down Jack's chest as Jack watched where Faye was looking. She gripped the hard lump in Jack's jeans and smiled.

Jack's arousal gave way to butterflies, Fay lifted herself from the sofa and smiled again at Jack, pulling her top over her body, her hands behind her back to release the flimsy black bra holding back her breasts. Shrugging it off, her tanned breasts were surprisingly full and tight against her frame with no overhang, they looked like they were simply molded to her frame. Jack thought that they would fill each hand, each one topped with a perky, small brown nipple.

She looked at Jack biting her lip provocatively, shifting her weight to one of her legs.. Jack smiled as he admired her upper body, her slight collarbone gave way to her thin delicate arms, her chest was beautifully contoured and whilst Faye was thin, her ribs did not show.

Fay smiled brazenly.

"You obviously like what you see?" enquired Fay

"Of course. You are beautiful." whispered Jack.

Fay's wry smile had a hint of wickedness as her hands released the button of her over-sized jeans and pulled at the fly to release the buttons there. They fell as a pool of denim around her ankles as she shook her hips. She pulled the two bows at the sides of her sheer black briefs and pulled them away from her.

Fay was completely tanned as Jack drank in Fay's naked form, the gentle contour of her waist ballooning delicately to her slim hips, her elegant understated curves were intoxicating. Her pubic mound was devoid of hair and her lithe abdominal and groin muscles tightly defined her Mons.

"Now do you like what you see?" asked Fay provocatively.

Jack shifted uncomfortably, it was very obvious he did, Fay's eyes locked with Jack's. He was drunk now with lust. Fay looked down at her pubic mound.

"Ooops. No white bits Jack.", commented Fay.

Jack smiled as he shifted again, his legs widened a little, Fay looked to his crotch, absently a hand travelled down her body, splitting her sex and a solitary finger slid into her hot, wettening pussy. Jack watched as Fay closed her eyes and slid the finger deep inside her. Only the sound of Jack's breathing becoming shallower re-focussed Fay's attention.

Fay knelt down as her hands gripping each of Jack's knees pulled them apart. Once between Jack's knees, her hands pulled at his belt, loosening it and pulling the buttoned fly apart. Jack lifted his hips as she pulled off his jeans and then his socks. Jack lifted his t-shirt over his head.

It was Fay's turn to admire Jack's body, his strong shoulders and arms gave way to his smooth hairless chest and the slight muscular definition of someone that took care of their body without the slavish sacrifice of someone more cut and chiselled. Jack was Fay's favourite kind of quarry as she looked him in the eyes, her hand traced the contours of his hardened cock in his tight boxer briefs.

"Has it been a while Jack?" asked Fay

Jack was distracted by the attention of Fay's hand stroking his cock through his briefs.

"Too long..." stammered Jack.

"Let me relieve some of that frustration first then." purred Fay.

Her fingers tucked under the waistband of the briefs, pulling them from him and freed his hard cock to the cool air.

Fay held it in her slight hand, almost unable to wrap her hand around its girth, Jack threw his head back, moaning softly as Fay stroked it up and down, watching intently how Jack's hard cock stiffen fully.

"Jack. Mmmm, you are a big boy." murmured Fay.

"Oh God Fay, that feels so good." gasped Jack.

Fay was minded by a conversation with a drunk Shelly telling Fay that Jack had a nice sized thick cock that was almost too much for her.

As Fay admired his hard meat as she noticed that Jack had been neglecting any kind of body regime, Jack's pubic hair was shortish and the hairs had been cut fairly recently. Fay watched avidly at Jack, his breathing shallowing as she took him under her spell, the arousal of her stripping in front of him and now the slow stroking had tightened Jack's heavy balls.

Fay admired his cock again, it was thick, it had a satisfying girth as she measured it secretly with her thumb and index finger, it had a length that would be enough to fill her completely without the pain of banging on her cervix. Fay had seen cocks like this in porn films, they were always the ones that made her the wettest. Her lovers had ranged from men blessed with length but she was unable to fully take them to men with high expectations but sadly lacking in the dimensions to deliver them.

Jack's was tailor-made for her as she watched it throb and flex in her now firm grip. She had a toy almost identical in size, it was her favourite and it gave her the most earth shaking and mind shattering vaginal orgasms. Fay knew that as long as she could get Jack hard and keep him from cumming; she would be able to fuck that cock to orgasm time after time.

As Fay worked on his cock, it was obvious that it had been receiving little attention from Jack, it felt fat and its prominent veins were engorged with blood. It didn't have the leaner feeling of cock getting fucked regularly. Jack's sighs and moans only added to Fay's suspicion that Jack had not come for a few days and not had sex for even longer.

Fay admired the control she had and she schemed a plan to fully exploit him. Jack would need to be attended to first and as a demonstration of what kind of lover she was, he would have to cum hard in her mouth. Fay thought that if Jack was to have any chance of giving her a series of hard orgasms, his cock would need to be numbed a little by a satisfying orgasm of his own.

"Jack, when was the last time you came?" asked Fay perfunctorily.

"Uh? Oh, a few days ago, I... I... " stuttered Jack already overwhelmed by her touch.

Fay looked quizzically at him tongue-tied.

"I can't get Shelly out of my mind." blurted Jack.

Jack looked chastised, Fay smiled reassuringly as she held his cock to her mouth and looked directly into Jack's eyes.

"Then watch me suck your cock Jack, watch me make you cum," added Fay, "look at me as I do it."

Jack's face was painted with lust, his lips blood red and his upper torso was also blotchy and clearly showing that red glow of arousal. Fay's eyes looked at Jack as she placed his hard cock into her hot velvet mouth, sliding to take the head of his stiff cock and down onto the meaty thick shaft. She went further down as Jack let out a deeper moan, Fay's mouth travelled deeper on his cock, Jack could feel a constriction on the head of his cock as Fay's eyes welled up, a reflex squeezed the head of his shaft as Fay swallowed on his cock. He watched as he could feel her wet mouth engulf the lowest part of his shaft and her nostrils flaring blowing air onto his pubic mound.

"Fuck!" exclaimed Jack breathlessly.

Fay held it for a second of two, gagging again on his cock sending Jack into raptures, she released his cock, took it out of her mouth and coated in saliva. Fay had tears rolling down her face as she wiped them away, Jack's cock throbbing hard as she looked him in the eyes and took his cock again. Not so deeply this time, her tongue circling his head as she stroked his thick meat into and almost out of her mouth.

Jack took in the sight of Fay, the brazen office slut sucking on his hard cock, her intoxicating fine features and petite but deeply feminine body. Her nipples were hard and as he imagined tongue fucking her wet sex in return he watched her fucking his cock with her mouth. He focussed on Fay, her mouth filled with his aching hard meat and then another sensation, her hand was cupping his tight balls softly massaging them. Instead, her hand was now rubbing his perineum, he could feel how tight the muscles were by her firm pressure. Her fingers felt wet, it was clear to him that as she sucked his cock, she was fingering her pussy.

One finger pressed against the tight, puckered opening to his arse, he had only once been touched there before when Shelly had begged him for drunken sex. Jack liked it but Shelly refused to do it again.

Jack moaned hard as he spread his legs wider lifting up his hips giving Fay the signal she wanted to push her finger inside him. It burned a little but Fay's mouth on his cock simply felt too distracting and he was lost in lust to maintain any sense of control.

She pushed her finger in further, stroking his cock as his body stiffened slightly then relaxed.

"You like that Jack? Good, I want plenty of cum from you, this will help." murmured Fay seductively.

Fay had him now, she was delighted to be of such good service, to be the one that gave Jack the sexual relief he clearly craved. Fay liked her men to be adventurous and her finger in Jack's arse boded well, he would be rewarded for that soon enough.

Fay took his cock deep into her mouth again, pushing his cock deep into her throat as her finger found his prostate. Jack's hips rose as Fay choked on his cock, she held her head still and realising she was choking Jack quickly moved his hips down. Fay's head remained still, it felt instinctive to Jack as he began to fuck her mouth, her finger applying undulating pressure to his prostate.

After several strokes, Faye pulled her head off his cock leaving it soaked in saliva, wanking it hard with tears streaming down her face, she looked into his eyes.

"Mmmm, you like fucking my mouth, don't you?" asked Fay rhetorically.

With that, she dropped her mouth deep onto his cock again, Jack slowly fucked her mouth again, her throat tight around his cock. He groaned as his perineum tightened and as she finger fucked his arse could feel his orgasm building. She pulled away from his cock again, wiping the tears running down her cheeks.

Jack was lost, this was not his first blow job but Fay had augmented the sensations from his body, she had made it feel so different, so unfamiliar. His control had evaporated, he was helpless as his body ran away from his thoughts to try and hold back.

"You are ready to cum aren't you?" added Fay, "Do it!"

God, he wanted to fuck her there and then and deluge her tight smooth cunt with his cum. He wanted to feel her trying to crush his body with her arms and legs wrapped round him as she exploded on his cock and milked the seed from him.

Jack could only manage a groan.

"Cum in my slutty mouth you dirty fucker!"

Jack groaned again, she had a filthy mouth and a filthy mind. It was true, he thought, she was an incredible slut.

Fay watched Jack, his eyes locked with hers as she returned to his cock, returned to circling the head with her tongue and stroking it with her hand with a twisting motion as she took the top half into her mouth over and over again. She could feel it swelling with a familiar sensation, he was not going to able to hold back now as she lowered her mouth deep down onto his cock again.

Jack threw his head back again, Fay knew that this was it.

"Fuck! Fuck!" exclaimed Jack in rapture.

The warm flood of semen filled Fay's mouth as she pushed her head taking his cock deep into her mouth once more, she could feel Jack yield as it slid down her throat. Jack was grunting hard, his cock jerking in her mouth as she took it as deep as she dared. Her finger stabbing into his arse so she could feel his orgasm spasm on it.

She pulled up off his cock very quickly, tasting his cum as it splashed into her mouth, swallowing it. She had missed that taste so much, she looked into Jack's raging eyes. Jack watched her as he felt his balls vent his cum into her silky hot mouth. His heart pounding, ringing in his ears as with each flex of his rigid cock, Fay took more of his seed so eagerly.

Releasing it from her mouth, she stroked his cock, intently watching Jack in the final throes of orgasm as it jerked once more, leaking the last vestiges of semen over her fingers.

"Mmmm." muttered Fay happily.

She made a meal of licking it off her fingers, of licking it off his cock, letting him feast on the visual of her being such a dirty slut. Her pussy was soaking, she was eager to sample his still jerking meat before it softened into its post-coital state.

"Good boy Jack, you tasted so good." stated Fay

Fay stood up and straddled Jack's prone helpless body, he was lost and powerless to stop her. She took his still throbbing cock in her hand and rubbed it up and down her wet slit and then guided it into her hot, swollen pussy.

"Shit! Fay, I don't know if...." said Jack pleadingly.

Fay was the personification of calm, her body was flushed too, semen had leaked from the corner of her lips, her nipples were rock hard, small and stiff. Jack's strong, if trembling hands, held her by the waist as he watched his cock sink into her smooth tanned pussy.

"This is just a sample of what you can have when you get your strength back, does it feel good?" asked Fay with a hint of wickedness.

Fay winced a little, Shelly was right, Jack had a thick cock even deflating in his post-coital haze. She flexed her pussy muscles against his fat cock, she was close to being full as she felt her wet mons graze Jack's pubic bone. Fay was happy, self-congratulatory almost that she could take him all, she could grind her clit against him which would definitely make her cum.

"Fuck! Yes, God you are tight Fay, feels so fucking good!" exclaimed Jack.

Fay rode Jack for a few moments, she was satisfied he would be a magnificent fuck. She lifted her body off Jack letting feast her eyes on her body and especially her now slightly gaped sex eager for his attention.

"Jack, let's go somewhere more comfortable." added Fay comfortingly.

Jack stood up shakily at first, his cock still heavy, not hard but swinging as he locked his legs. Fay pushed her body against him in an close embrace, she placed her lips against his. He could taste his semen on them but as she slid her tongue into his mouth, Jack relented into the kiss. As his passion started to rise again, his hand slid down the side of her body, down to her abdomen and as he cupped her wet sex in his hand, he pushed his index finger into her. She moaned as she pressed her soft lips harder to his, his finger easing deeper into her.

He broke as he wanted to see that she looked like being penetrated, her eyes were half open, her lips pouting, red with lust. Jack knelt down, Fay watched his descent and moved closer to Jack's face, his arms took her hips, pulling her cunt to his face.

Fay moaned as Jack took her hard clit between his lips, sucking it softly as he flicked at it with his tongue. She gripped his shoulders as her body weakened to the sensation from her sensitive sex. Her legs were shaking, Fay knew her first orgasm always arrived quickly, the power of each successive one after that becoming stronger and stronger. Fay's legs buckled a little, Jack's hand reached for her's pulling her down. She was going to have her pussy eaten out on the living room floor. She loved the urgency of it, the impromptu need of Jack to make her cum.

Jack broke his grip of her hips; she sat to then lie on the floor. Looking at Jack kneeling before her, she spread her legs wide giving Jack a great view of her wet, needy cunt. The fine pussy lips were exposed from the plumpness of her bare pussy.

"You taste great." Jack smiled.

Fay propped up with one arm behind her, pushed a finger inside her; Jack watched as she slowly masturbated her pussy, rubbing her clit idly and then dipping the finger back inside her. Her sex glistened as she exposed her inner folds with two fingers sliding them apart showing her hole.

Jack was engrossed.

"You like my tight little cunt Jack?" asked Fay with a hint of innocence.

"Fuck Fay, it's so wet." stated Jack intently.

"I love playing with it, I have to cum twice everyday or I'm so bad tempered." returned Fay.

Jack watched as she dipped into her cunt again with two fingers.

"Eat my cunt Jack." demanded Fay.

Jack lay between her legs, his wet lips softly sucked on her inner folds as she moaned to the touch of his fingers on her slippery wet clit. Two fingers hooked up to stroke the spongy wet pad on the roof of inside of her where Fay would tease her cunt into a series of explosive orgasms.

"Fuck! Fuck! Yes, Yes!" squealed Fay happily.

Jack moved his fingers faster inside her, she grabbed his hand to keep his fingers there.

"Fuck my cunt, fuck it right there." demanded Fay with more menace.

Jack had found the right place, he could feel Fay's muscles tensing on his fingers, he increased the pressure of his fingers on this place Fay's muscles tensed again as if shocked, her groaning became more gutteral. As Jack fingers worked on the inside of her cunt he flicked on her clit with the tip of his tongue.

Only Erin knew how to find this place inside her, the sensations Jack was applying to her soaking wet pussy created a litany of visual images as she screwed her eyes shut. Wave after wave of tiny light explosions in the blackness combined with recollections of Erin fingering her to one delicious orgasm after another.

Now, it was Jack, she silently congratulated him on his skill and with that she let go, she mentally cast herself adrift as his fingers and tongue took over. Her hips were rising and falling a sexual delirium washed over her. This would not be an idle first orgasm, this was going to crash over her hard.

Fay's body strength surprised Jack, he found it increasingly hard to maintain contact with her clit and the soft pad inside her giving her such pleasure. Her body undulated, steered from her hips as she flexed her abdominal muscles to tighten and then release them. Her breathing was sharper as her hard clit send deep shocks of pleasure into her wet cunt, Jack fingers amplifying them making them all the more pleasurable.

Jack wanted to make her pass out with pleasure, to give back what she had given him. If she was a sexual animal with scant restraint, if she was a tawdry little slut then so was he. He felt emboldened that Fay wanted to receive every deviant sexual thought that entered into Jack's lust filled mind.

Jack could feel her wetten considerably as his fingers slid with increasing effort in and out of her highly aroused sex, the velvet hot sensations of his fingers inside her had tensed the muscles inside making the motion more deliberate. Fay was sobbing in air, her muscles spasmed harder and faster.

"Make me cum you fucking bastard, make me cum... Oh... Oh.h.h.h.h." moaned Fay.

It came as a surprise to Jack as Fay's body pulled heavily to one side, lifted from the floor as she sobbed in air. She roared hard as her pussy soaked again, Jack looked up to watch her orgasm as she came hard. He enjoyed making all his lovers cum as hard as he could, Fay was an exception, she came very hard, very vocally, she devoured her orgasm, she dominated it, she swore as her body exploded with her muscles tremoring as she thrashed hard against Jack's fingers. She looked so alluring, so sexual, he had to have her until he couldn't fuck anymore.

"Fuck! Fuck!" squealed Fay with abandon.

Her cunt gripped his fingers as Jack resorted to simply stabbing them quickly in and out of her, finger fucking her as she convulsed hard on them.

The crescendo slowly weakened, Jack withdrew his fingers as Fay pressed her own against her clit, massaging every last spasm from her orgasm.

He left there as her body and mind enjoyed their moment, he avidly watched her as she stuck her fingers deep into her scarlet red cunt. He enjoyed the view of her pulling her fingers from herself and sliding them into her open mouth, sucking on them savouring herself.

Only moments passed, Fay propped herself up on one shaky arm, lifted herself up and reached for Jack. She pressed her lips against his, kissing him passionately as he felt her body tremble, her breath rushed and forced through each delicate nostril, he could taste her delicious orgasm too. Pushing away to take in more air, she looked at him, she smiled wryily that her intuition this evening was right.

"Jack, I want you to eat me, finger me, fuck me," demanded Fay firmly, each word shaking as she gathered her breath, "I want to be fucked Jack in the pussy and in the arse. I want you to cum in me, I want to feel you leaking from me."

Her hand reached to his cock, the embers of his libido were stirring, he was starting to stir again as he moaned into her mouth.

They broke, both of them now full of lust, each an orgasm to the good. Jack's fear of this athletic slut was gone, she came very easily and very hard.

"Fay. You dirty bitch!" whispered Jack.

They smiled together.

"Mmmm, yeah, sorry about that dirty bastard thing, you know how to fucking eat pussy!" exclaimed Fay.

"It's ok, kinda like your potty mouth actually." said Jack reassuringly.

Fay had the look of a woman who had enjoyed a great orgasm, her hair was unkempt, her body glowing with lust, her nipples were rigid and crushed into a tiny hard stub on each breast.

She kissed him softly this time, breaking to smile looking into Jack's eyes.

"Oh you are good Jack. I'm going to show you how I like to cum, how I like to fuck, you don't mind if I use my toys do you?" asked Fay.

"Use what you like, I'm in no mood to dance around the houses Fay." replied Jack, "Fuck, I want you."

Jack's finger slid into her cunt, Jack found her hardened clit with her thumb and he slowly started to rub it.

"I can't wait to fuck you." replied Fay.

The delicious sensations required a mass of her now ebbing self-control but she pulled away from Jack ministrations. Placing his arm around her waist, Fay steadied herself, leaning into him for another tender, soulful kiss.

"Upstairs is this way." Fay smiled.

As Jack waited at the bottom of the narrow staircase, Fay paused and pushed her arse out above him, stretching her long lithe legs to display her sex to him.

"Fucking hell Fay!" exclaimed Jack as he watched.

Fay laughed.

Jack could feel his cock stirring, he stroked it idly as Fay resumed walking up the stairs, still deliberately pushing out her arse.

"Come on Jack, come up here and fuck me, I want it so badly!" shouted Fay from the top of the stairs.

Jack smiled, knowing his cock would be fully hard by the time he got to the top of them, feeling a surge of self-confidence, he was going to really fuck her hard.
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