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How may I take your order?

A point of view story.
Authors Note: Hi, y'all! It's been literally YEARS since I last submitted a story. As much as I love the ones I wrote when I was 18, I think it's time for something new. This story is designed to help play out your fantasy. Think of yourself as the main character getting the blow job. Imagine the girl or "me" as however you want to, this is your fantasy. I'm writing this for all you great people out there in the fast food service industry. You deal with bitchy and demanding customers, slacking co-workers, and yelling managers all day. I hope next time you go to work, you'll think of this story and it will put a smile on your face and a hard on in your pants. ;-)

I'm standing in line, watching the bored expression on your face as you ring up the customer in front of you and set a cup to the side for their drink. I can't help, but notice how good looking you are. Originally I came in for a cheeseburger and fries, but I think I changed my mind.

 As you ring up the last customer standing in front of me, I start feeling my heart beat with anticipation. I know I want you and I hope you'll want me, too. I start running through lines in my head to say to you.

 "Hi, how may I take your order?" You say without enthusiasm.

 "Actually, I was hoping I could take an order from you." That wasn't what I planned to say, but I hoped it would work all the same.

 "Excuse me? Uh..." I have you caught off guard. You can't tell if I'm serious or joking.

 I smile and grab a nearby napkin someone left on the counter. I quickly scribble "Meet me outside on your lunch break." I hand it to you and walk off, hoping you'll keep my note in mind.

 An hour and a half passes before I see you come out into the parking lot. You look confused, but happy to see me nonetheless. You head towards my car and I tell you to get in. As you climb in the passenger seat, I get in the driver's side.

 "When I saw you in there, I knew I wanted you. Just looking at you made me wet. You look like you've had a long, unsatisfying day, and I was hoping I could help make your day a little more satisfying." I say, as I slide my hand up your leg.

 Your look of disbelief turns me on even more. I start to rub your cock through your pants. I can feel it getting hard and my pussy starts getting wetter. I want you so badly, but I know I have to pace myself. I lean into your ear and whisper

 "I know I'm a stranger, but I promise I'm the nicest stranger you'll ever meet. I just want to please you."

I unbotton your pants and wrap my hand around your cock. I slowly start jerking you off, feeling your precum leaking on my fingers. I take my hand out and lick your precum off before proceeding to rub your balls. Your precum tastes so good, I just want your whole load in my mouth right now.

 I keep alternating between stroking your balls and your cock, until you tell me you have to go back in. You tell me you're closing tonight and to come back then. I smile and promise you that I will.

 When I come back later that night, after going home and showering, I find you stacking chairs on the table with the lights off. It doesn't appear anyone else is inside. I try to open the door, but it's locked so I bang on the window until you let me in.

 "Why are you the only one here?" I ask, surprised.

 You explain to me how you're a key holder and you told the other two closers to go home. I feel so excited, I push you down on one of the chairs still left on the floor and straddle you. I push my tits out of the top of my shirt. It's then that I realize there's probably cameras in the restaurant.

 "I'm sorry, I got excited for a moment..." I say, starting to put my tits back in my shirt.

 "That's okay, let them fire me. And let them see us, too. Maybe they'll get a good jerk off before firing me." You say, grabbing my tits and putting one in your mouth.

 The feeling of your tongue massaging my nipple feels so good, I just don't care anymore. I want you now more than ever. I close my eyes and softly moan as you suck my nipples. After a few moments, you pull away and look at me. I smile, stand up, and get on my knees in front of you.

 "I've been thinking about doing this all day. You made me so wet, I had to shower already."

 I pull out your cock from your pants, it's only half hard. I like that, it will grow harder in my mouth. I teasingly lick under it as I rub your balls. Then I put your balls in my mouth and gently suck on them as I stroke your cock. You're already a lot harder than before. I can feel my panties getting wet with anticipation. I want your cock in me, but I know I want to please you this way more.

 I take your balls out of my mouth and without sucking, put your cock in my mouth. I tease the head with my tongue, while stroking your shaft with my hand. I can taste your precum and again I can't wait to swallow your whole load. My eagerness gets the best of me and I take your whole cock in my mouth. As I start rhythmically going up and down, sucking and licking your dick, you grab my head and start pushing down harder. It's unexpected, but it turns me on.

 I take your cock out of my mouth briefly and ask if you can continue to push my head down further and harder, but also to pull my hair while I suck your dick. You seem unsure, but oblige anyway. My pussy is getting wetter as I'm swallowing your cock and taking the pleasurable pain you're giving me. I start going faster and faster, stroking your balls and sucking your dick, trying to get your load.

 You cum and it tastes so good. I catch all of your warm load in my mouth and swallow it. It was the hottest blow job I've ever given and I can't believe how badly I want to keep going on you.

 I stand up and look at you, smiling. "I hope you enjoyed that. Now then, how may I take YOUR order?"
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © Copyright April Teeter, 2008

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