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How to Say Good Morning

The only way to say good morning is to give a blow job
I look over and see you lying there, your eyes closed and your chest moving up and down with every breath. It’s dark and quiet and I can feel the heat from your body against my bare skin. I glide my fingers down your cheek and graze your jaw with my nails. You turn your head towards me, but your eyes are still closed; heavy with sleep.

I lean up on my elbows and stare at your peaceful face as you sleep. But the growing wetness between my thighs tells me that I don’t want this to be a peaceful morning. My lips trace your face, passing over your closed eyelids and down your nose to your lips. I briefly kiss you and then move down to your neck. You stir and your eyes flutter open. You are about to say something but I put a finger over your mouth to quiet you. It is my time to be in charge now.

With my finger still over your lips, I reach to the bedside table and grab and scarf. I tighten it gently over your eyes as a smile forms on your lips. I quickly kiss you again and then my lips move back to your neck. My teeth glide over your neck, biting it softly all the way down to your collarbone. I travel back up to your lips, kissing them softly as I push all of the covers away. Now, it’s the two of us, lying naked in the bed, kissing. I climb on top of you, positioning my naked pussy over your hardening dick. Your hands are running up and down my torso and thighs.

I continue to kiss you, slipping my tongue in your mouth. I kiss you deeper and deeper, swirling my tongue around yours and biting your lip. I moan as you grab my upper lip and tug on it with your teeth. Your hands quickly find my tits and you begin to rub my hardening nipples. You pull and twist them as I moan into your mouth. I start to grind onto your dick as the pain from you playing with my tits turns me on. I glide my hands down your torso, over your stomach as I move off of you. My hands reach just above your dick and I slowly drag my nails back up your stomach, making you moan in anticipation.

I reach over and grab some ice from my drink and rub them along my lips. I bend back over to where your dick is standing nice and hard, awaiting my mouth. My lips slowly slide your big cock, making you moan as my cool lips and warm mouth engulf your dick. I suck on your hard dick, covering it with my spit as I swirl my tongue around the top. My hands squeeze and caresses your balls as my mouth licks your dick up and down, tasting every inch of it.

Your hands are searching for my pussy as I continue to suck on your big dick. You find my dripping wet pussy and slowly stick one finger in and then another as you feel how wet I am. Your fingers deep inside my pussy makes me moan so loud. I know I have to be fucked right now. I climb back on top of you and push my dripping pussy down over your cock, impaling myself onto you. I throw my head back as I feel you fill me up.

You grab my hips and help guide me as I ride you, grinding my pussy into you as you fuck me deeper and deeper. I lean over and kiss you as my pussy is gripping your hard cock. I ride you as my orgasm builds, clenching at the sheets as my pussy slams down harder and harder each time. I want you so bad, that I can’t help but moan your name over and over again as I cum all over your hard cock. I climb off of you, hearing you protest for not cumming yet.

I untie the scarf from your eyes so that you see me on all fours, shaking my ass for you. You sit up and get on your knees, ready to fuck me from behind. Your cock brushes against my dripping pussy as you lean over to grab my hair. As you give it a nice strong tug, you slam your cock into my tight pussy. I scream out as you ravage me, taking complete control. You spank my ass as your cock is slamming into me over and over again until you cum deep inside my pussy. You pull out of me and lie back down onto the bed, out of breath with a wet dick. I cuddle up next to you, kiss you on the lips and say, "Good morning, J!"

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