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I like It

Love is what I thought I had. I had a great husband of 5 years. I was still young, but I never thought I would be this foolish and let something like this happen. I'm 25, brunette, slender but curvy, and have an amazing ass. I got a new job recently. I am just an intern, but have hopes of going far. 

My boss....his name is Joseph. He is tan, tall, handsome, and muscular. I always get a little wet just thinking about him. About a week ago, I saw his eyes fixed on my ass. Although most women would be so offended or slap a guy for doing that...I liked it. 


Today, I dressed like a tease but professional at the same time. I wore a tight, high waist, black skirt that stopped just above my knees. I wore a pink lace bra underneath my black cropped, buttoned, blazer. With only 2 buttons unbuttoned. My hair was pulled back in a neat bun, showing my long, slender neck.

Joseph walked in and took a glance at me. He walked to his office door, stopped, then turned back to take another glance. He smiled a beautiful smile that showed his perfect white teeth. I gave him a polite smile in return.

30 minutes later, he asked me to come in his office. He needed to talk to me.

This is when the fun begins.


"Well Stephanie....I'm just going to be honest here. I think you and I both know that I am very well attracted to you. Do you agree?"

I gave a polite nod.

"Well...with that said I don't think it's very...appropriate to be dressed the way you are."

I leaned closer and whispered in the most sweetest voice possible, "Why? I thought we could all be professional here." Knowing that he was looking at my legs beneath the table, I opened them just a bit so he could see my pink lace panties. That sure got him going. It took him a moment to look back up and talk to me with eye contact.

"Yea...I think we can make it work..." his voice cracked when he saw I was unbuttoning another button on my blazer, showing my cleavage just above the pink bra I had on underneath. His eyes were fixed upon the cleavage I was showing.

I got up and slowly walked over to his seat. I twirled his seat around and looked down. The bulge in his pants was huge. He looked a little uncomfortable as I stared at it in surprise. I gently rubbed the palm of my hand over it and then a soft moan escaped his soft lips.

I placed a soft kiss upon his lips as I rubbed his erection the same time. He was moaning in my mouth. I could taste his peppermint gum as I got deeper into the kiss. I pulled away and went on my knees. Kissing his erection, I could see a wet spot form on the tip. I liked how horny he was for me. I liked how it formed a little tent in his pants. The guy I dreamed for four months wanted me, badly.

I unzipped his pants and his dick popped out like a jack-in-the-box. I licked the head and he started to moan, loud. It looked like he wanted to cum right then and there. Slowly, I moved my mouth down until it was covering about half of his big 9 inch. I tightened my lips an slowly bobbed my head up and down his shaft. His moans were incredible. I took my mouth off of his dick and moved my way down to his balls. I sucked on his balls until his moans got more intense and starting back at the head. I bobbed my head up and down, going faster when he asked.

I knew he was going to cum. His cock was aching for release. I took my mouth off of his cock. I took off my wet panties and dropped them to the floor. I wrapped my arms around his neck and sat on dick until it was almost balls deep. I slowly moved up and down. His head leaned back and his mouth was partly opened. We French kissed while I was picking up speed riding on his dick. I parted from the kiss and closed my eyes leaning my head back. My pussy was so wet and I knew I was close to orgasm. 

He started to shove his dick up more in my pussy, hitting my g-spot. I moaned loudly, and I came. My pussy squeezed his shaft causing him to shoot 7 thick loads in my pussy. I leaned on his chest as we both calmed down.


When I got home I couldn't even look my husband in the eye. I was full of guilt for what I did. I had sex with the boss. And I liked it.

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