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I love the way you lick me

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A description of the best oral sex ever
I love the way you lick me

You know I can’t get enough of it. I have never met anyone who makes me cum the way you make me cum.

The first time you kissed me, I knew from the way you held me to you, the way I could feel the heat of your body against mine and the way that your hot tongue parted my lips and explored my hungry mouth, that if there was ever an opportunity for you to go down on me, it would be amazing.

Kissing you makes my whole body feel as though it is on fire. The first tenderness of your lips, caressing mine, the initial taste of you, sends sensations straight to my clit. You make me wet almost instantly and as your passion builds and your probing tongue slides between my parted lips it is like an electrical current passing through me.

The first time I knew we were likely to make love I shaved myself for you. I knew from our conversations how you like it, and I knew how the wonderful sensations of your touch would be deliciously enhanced for me with a smooth, hairless cunt. I would be able to feel each caress on my soft, silky skin.

When you first undressed me, kissing me, caressing my body, trailing your tongue down my neck and lay me on the bed, I was shivering with anticipation. You were naked too and although I couldn’t wait to touch you, to stroke and caress your huge, hard cock, I was helpless. I lay back and let you kiss my body, stopping on your way down to lick and suck my throbbing nipples. I could see the path of hot saliva shining across my breasts and my proud nipples glimmering wet in the soft light.

My instinct was to open my legs as you travelled down my body and as you stopped at my pussy I heard you groan and inhale the womanly scent of me. My tingling clit was already swollen, beginning to part my pussy lips. Your fingers began to stroke my smooth lips, gently, making me squirm with pleasure. I could feel my juices begin to flow and you caught them on your fingers at my waiting slit and sucked them into your mouth as you looked up at me.

As you tenderly opened my lips and bent to run your tongue down the length of my slit, I moaned in bliss. I knew my hot juice was already flowing onto your tongue and I could feel the beat of my heart pounding in my clit.

As I was beginning to feel like it would explode you licked the length of me once more and paused at the top to take my pulsing clit into your hot mouth. As you sucked and gently nibbled me I was gasping in ecstasy. I opened my legs wider; I couldn’t get enough of you; and reached down to stretch my pussy lips even further apart so you could devour my whole cunt.

I heard you groan with pleasure at the sight of my open, waiting pussy. My huge, swollen clit and my cunt, engorged and flushed dark pink with desire, slippery and sweet with juices. I could hear the slurping of your tongue in my sweet sap and as you reached up and delved one, then two fingers into my expectant hole and your speed increased I began panting; craving you deeper into my cunt. I couldn’t open myself up to you enough, I wanted you to feast on me and I could tell you were ravenous.

As you were crouching over me I could feel your cock stroking against my leg. You were beginning to dribble precum and the sensation of it pooling stickily on my leg was sending me over the edge as you gorged yourself on my succulent cunt.

By this time I was moaning so loud and my head was spinning, you looked up at me once and your face was coated in my cunt juice. As you began pumping your fingers in and out of me my moaning became louder and I was squirming around on the bed which was becoming soaked with my juice. You finally curled your fingers into my g-spot deep inside me and rested the flat of your tongue against my clit, licking me long and firm, taking me to an orgasm, the like of which I have never felt before.

I could feel you smiling between my legs as wave after wave came over me. I think I was practically shouting, moaning your name and panting with breathlessness, my head whirling as I came for what seemed like an eternity. As I lay, letting my breath and mind return to some semblance of normal you continued to caress my tingling body, and as you came face to face and kissed me that kiss again I could taste my wonderful honey on your lips and tongue.

Then, as you parted my pussy lips once more, this time with your rigid, dripping cock and slid it deep into me, the taste of my cum on your lips and the feeling of your cock in me for the first time, started me off all over again.

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