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I love to Tease

A wonderful imagination
The sun shines through the window, as the cool air blows in. You lay beneath me as I straddle you.

"Do not move, No undoing your pants and no touching." I say as you lay there. Teasing and taunting you. As you get harder and harder beneath me. Feeling you squrim and try reaching for me. Pushing you back down.
"Oh my God" comes from your lips. A grand smile comes across my face. Having a blast. Curtain wide open, as I continue my assault. Using my finger tips, scratching down your chest knowing it drives you wild. Kissing biting and nibbling your neck down your chest, twirling my tounge around your nipples. I love how you squirm beneath me. You reach for your pants.

"If you take them off I stop. No touching no releasing." Your cock gets harder pressure building. Your face filled with bliss, your eyes rolling back. I love this control total utter control.
"You have no idea how bad I wanna fuck you." I smile. Knowing fully well I can feel it beneath me. I see the frustration and pleasure written all over your face.

"Stay laying here I want my tea." As I get up you reach for your pants.
"Nah uh. No releasing till I come back." You stay laying on the floor as I lean against the couch thinking of other ways to tease and pleasure you. Laying there in frustration. I come back placing your hands by your head as I straddle you again. Smiling. Removing your shirt, you reach for me, I push you down. Nibbling your throat twirling my tounge as I bite. Scratching down your chest as I grind against you.

"No touching. How frustrated you must be." I continue. Leaning back as I continue to grind. Tickling with my finger tips softly and hard closer and closer to your hardened cock. Your squriming gets faster sitting up as I push you back down. Loving every minute.

The cold breeze blows through the window adding to the sensation. Letting you sit up only to kiss my neck yet no touching with your hands. As your nibbles get lower caressing my hardened nipples. Sucking and twirling your tounge. I scratch digging my nails as I trace them up your back. Biting your shoulder. Pushing you back as I grind. I see your wanting. Your wanting for my naked flesh to be inside me. How fun this is. Placing my feet on your shoulders still not allowed to touch. Trailing my fingertips. Your hardened cock poking out of your pants, waiting to be released. Tracing my fingertips at the edge lightly touching the tip. Pre cum already. Tracing and tracing my fingertips as I reach for your fly slowing unzipping. Still I order you to lay there. My feet on your chest as I pull your hardened cock out.

Tracing my fingertips along your shaft softly. Gripping your balls diging my nails slightly into them. Massaging them as I flick your tip with my tounge. Grasping. Removing my feet from your chest. "No touching or I stop." I say. Pure delight in your eyes lust and desire.

 I kiss softly placing that delicous cock in my mouth. Sucking twirling my tounge. Pure delight comes from your mouth. I place your delicious hardened cock in my mouth sucking softer and harder. Spitting giving me extra lubrication as I try to deep throat. tasty. Digging my nails deeper into your flesh. Moans of delight spring from your mouth.

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