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I Saw Him Shave (her)

Good Morning takes on a whole new meaning
The next morning, the voices of Liu and Melinda interrupted my light sleep. I heard them talking in the kitchen. I got out of bed and hauled my bare ass near the kitchen. They couldn’t see me, but I could see them and boy was I glad I could!

Melinda giggled at something Liu had said to her. She stood before him in all her naked glory, while Liu was fully dressed. I didn’t think he had work today, but I could never keep track of his schedule.

Liu tapped his hand twice on the kitchen counter.

“Hop up and spread ‘em,” he told he,r and she happily obliged.

Melinda was sitting on the counter, her pussy completely exposed to him (and to me). I wanted to laugh, but my swollen clit didn’t allow me to.

“I like the little trim you have,” he said to her as he put his finger on her pussy and traced her public hair.

“I want it all off,” she said as his finger caressed her labia.

“I’ll shave your pussy, if you still want me to,” he said.

“Still want me to? You mean they discussed this before?” I asked myself, not that I was complaining.

“You think Kait would like it?” she asked him.

“Yeah, I think so, and I wouldn’t mind seeing two bald pussies every day,” he said.

She playfully slapped his arm as he stepped away from her, laughing.

He returned with a towel and a razor.

I had to rub my clit so badly, but I was afraid that they would hear me moan.

Oh God, he’s going to shave her pussy and I’m going to watch!” I said to myself as I pressed my legs together.

Liu turned on the water as Melinda watched him. He soaped up his hand and gently lathered her pussy. She moaned and bit her lip as she watched his hand cover her with the soapy water.

“Are you ready?’ he asked, as he took the razor to her body.

“Mmmm yes,” she moaned, as she licked her lips.

He moved his hand slowly, guiding the razor up her pussy lips.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked.

“Mmmm, no,” she replied.

He bent over, getting a closer look as he moved the razor close to her hood. Tenderly, he wiped her with the towel, revealing her hairless flesh.

She watched him intently as I did. I didn’t realize he could be so tender. Hell, I didn’t realize a lot of things until now. He was so gentle as he removed all her hair. I watched him as he completed the shaving. He pat her pussy with the towel before using the kitchen sink spray to rinse her hairless pussy.

“Ooooh,” she said as he sprayed the water on her, spreading her lips with his fingers.

He knew he was arousing her. What he didn’t know what that he was turning me on as well.

He put his finger on her clit and rubbed it, much to her delight. The both of them looked at her new appearance.

“Do you like it?” he asked her, never shifting his gaze.

“I love it,” she replied.

“Well, there’s one more thing we need to do,” he informed her.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Let’s see if it passes the ‘taste test’,” he said.

Melinda laughed again.

“Be my guest,” she said, as she bit her lip again as tossed her hair back flirtatiously.

Liu opened her lips and put his face between her legs. I couldn’t see him licking her. I could only see his head from behind moving up and down and from side to side.

I was nearly ready to explode and needed to rub my clit. If they caught me, I didn’t care.

Melinda was moaning and Liu was laughing at her reaction.

She was now holding her ankles as Liu feasted on her black pussy.

Mel pounded her fists on the counter as her high-pitched moans announced her impending orgasm.

With a loud, “YESSSSSSS!!!!” she came as Liu continued to eat her.

He kissed her thighs before kissing her lips.

“It passes the taste test, fuck yeah it passes!” he said.

I walked into the kitchen.

“Hi guys,” I said.

“Hi Kait,” they said with huge smiles.

Mel jumped down from the counter and Liu pointed to her shaved pussy.

“Do you like it?” He asked.

“Mmmm I love it,” I replied.

Liu’s hard on was more than evident.

“I saw him shave your pussy,” I told her.

She looked concerned and asked, “Are you mad?”

“Oh no! It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” I said.

“Were you playing with yours?” Liu asked.

“Yeah I had to, I need to cum so badly,” I told them.

Liu unzipped his pants, his cock sticking straight out.

“Then that makes two of us,” he joked.

“Let’s go to the bedroom and I’ll take care of both of you,” Melinda said.

“Now that’s an offer I can’t refuse!” Liu said, as he took off his pants.

Melinda led the way to the bedroom.

“I'm gonna have myself some cock and pussy this morning!” she said.

Liu sat on the bed and leaned back on his elbows. I looked at his hard cock and licked my lips.

“It won’t go down,” he joked with me.

I kissed his cheek and then his lips as Mel stroked his cock and sucked it. She put her hand between my legs and rubbed my clit as she sucked him. She motioned me to lean back and I spread my legs as I watched her suck him. She sucked him for a few minutes before moving over to me.

“Now, for some pussy!” she said as she tenderly licked my clit.

I looked at Liu and he winked at me.

“Oh my God! She’s so good!” I whispered to him.

“Having a bi friend has its benefits, doesn’t it?” he said.

Melinda went back to sucking Liu’s cock and he wasn’t making any jokes.

She cupped his balls in her hand and said, “Ooh they’re heavy!” as the tip of her tongue circled his cock.

A few minutes later, she came back to eating my pussy again, this time a lot harder and faster. I was getting so close, feeling the orgasm ready to happen when she stopped licking me.

“Why don’t you finish your girlfriend?” she told Liu.

He licked my pussy and I was so turned on, that it took me less than a minute to cum.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” I pleaded to him as I needed his cock so badly.

He spread my legs and fucked me hard while Melinda straddled my face and I ate her pussy.

“Fuck her!” Melinda told Liu as she grinded her pussy on her face.

Her beautiful, hot bare pussy was pulsating on my tongue as Liu watched.

“Look at these fuckin’ girls!” he said with a laugh between his heavy breathing.

I slid my tongue in Melinda’s pussy as Liu pumped me harder. I opened Melinda’s lips so he could get a better look at me tongue fucking her.

“You like watching us, Liu?” Melinda asked in an ultra-cutsie voice.

“Fuck yeah!” Liu whispered.

“She eating my little pussy,” she toyed with him again.

“She sure is,” Liu replied.

“She’s gonna make me cum!” she said using her cutesie voice again.

Liu pounded me so hard again, that Melinda almost lost her balance. The bed stopped rocking for a moment and Liu’s body stood stiff.

“Take it, Kait, fuckin’ take it!” he grunted as I felt his orgasm shoot inside me.

“He’s coming! He’s coming!” Melinda shouted.

I pressed her down on my face and sucked her clit hard. I wasn’t going to stop until she came too.

Liu pulled his cock out and watched as I had Melinda’s clit between my lips. He fondled her breasts as she screamed, “Oooooh YESSSS!!!!”

I lapped up her juices and she kissed me as she collapsed in my arms. Liu slowly stroked himself as he watched us.

We were quietly content.

Liu broke the silence.

“I’m late for work,” he said apologetically.

“Awww,” we said simultaneously.

We were very disappointed to see him go.

“I’ll be back tonight,” he said.

“We’ll keep the bed warm for you,” I replied.

He gave us both a deep, hot French kiss.

Melinda licked my nipples and looked at him

“Just giving you something to think about,” she said seductively.

Not to be outdone, he opened Melinda’s legs and licked her clit for a few seconds. He did the same to me, eliciting whimpers of delight from both of us.

“I’m just giving you something to think about, too,” he said as he smiled and put on his jacket.

“Now you girls be good and don’t do anything until I get home,” he said as he walked out the door.

The sexual energy grows.

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