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I thought of you today...

This is something I sent to a friend of mine. I hope he likes knowing I've shared it.
I thought about you today, imagined being on my way to see you.

Squirming on my seat on the bus as just knowing you are waiting for me has my pussy soaked. I am staring out of the window, but am not seeing anything. My mind is lost on what might be in store. I squeeze my thighs together, trying to cause some friction on my throbbing clit, wishing the bus was quieter so I could slip a hand into my trousers. It feels like the slowest journey in the world. I'm so wet already that I am sure the man sitting near me can smell my cunt. He keeps looking at me and I know my face is flushed. I am so horny now that I consider sliding his hand down my trousers instead. I wont though. I might enjoy the thought, but I am here to be your slut. You are in control of when I get to cum.

You open the door and practically drag me inside. Without a word you push me back against the door and kiss me hard, forcing your tongue roughly into my mouth. You have one hand around my throat, pinning me against the door. The other undoes your fly and you press against me, hard already. You break the kiss and your hand moves from my throat to my hair, pulling me down to my knees. You trace the shape of my lips with the tip of your cock before you press against them. 

I resist a little, but you know I am hungry for you. I am always hungry for you. You pull back on my hair, turning my face up towards you, and look into my eyes as you force your way in. You aren't playing "nice", there's little time for me to adjust to the size of you before you are hitting the back of my throat, making me choke.
You pull back slightly, letting me catch my breath and lean over me, one hand against the door, the other still controlling my movement by my hair. Now you push back in, a little slower, until the entire length of your cock has disappeared into my throat. Being used by you is driving me crazy and I'm desperately rubbing at my cunt through my jeans. I need something inside me but I can't move, you have me pinned between you and the door. Really, I wouldn't even stop you if I could. I am yours.

You will decide when that need gets met. For now, I am grateful to have you filling my mouth, to have been chosen as your slut today. You pull out of my throat and I kneel at your feet, panting to catch my breath and looking up at you. Watching and waiting (what feels like forever but can only be a matter of seconds) to taste you. As you cum, you push deep into my mouth again, filling it from the inside. I struggle to swallow and cum dribbles down my chin. 
When you have finished, you step back. I wipe my chin with my hand, licking off what was spilled. I want all of you.

My pussy is aching for attention and as you turn and walk into the flat I don't know whether to follow you, or stay there on the floor and make myself cum. I don't know how long you are going to make me wait. Of course, I only consider it for a moment before I do follow you. I am not sure what game you are playing today, but it intrigues me too much to risk spoiling it.

I join you in the living room and sit beside you. You kiss me again, with less urgency this time but forceful enough that I know you are still in control. Your lips softly make their way down my neck and along my collarbone. The change in pace is both agonising and breathtaking at the same time. Your hand glides up my body and gently eases my top down so your tongue can tease where my bra meets my skin. Eventually, you pull the cups down too and I gasp as the cool air causes my nipples to stiffen instantly. My tits are pushed up together and you tease me with your fingers, avoiding the very place I need to feel you.

My own hand moves down to undo my jeans, but you push it away and laugh softly at my frustration. Finally your own hands move down, undoing them yourself and you pull them off. I still don't get what I really want though. Your hands and tongue continue to dance over my skin, making my whole body tingle, but you still tease. You still don't even take a nipple into your mouth. My breath is shallow and my heart is racing. I am close, you have hardly even touched me, yet I feel like I am going to explode. My pussy is as wet as it has ever been. Your slutty little knickers don't hide that, they are soaked through. You watch my face as you run your finger along over the material. My whole body jerks under your touch and I can't help but cry out. Two fingers push the material up inside me, pulling it tight.

our mouth finally seeks out my clit, nibbling and, finally, sucking hard through the wet cloth. It's all it takes. I am seeing stars and cannot breathe as my body convulses beneath you. Your fingers push in further as I grind against you. It's like it's never going to stop, wave after wave washes over me until my breath is finally released in a choked sob. I am gasping for air as you stroke me softly, finally uncovering my pussy to properly feel the wetness while I come back down, the occasional touch of your tongue causing me to shudder slightly. My senses return and I reach for you, pulling you up so that your mouth can meet mine. My legs wrap around you and I pull you close to me.

I want you. I need to feel you inside me.

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