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I want you

“I heard you two last night.” I smirked at my uncle’s girlfriend.

A surprised expression answered my statement as I sat beside her. She turned to me flicking her long dark hair over her shoulder as she leaned in.

Her brown eyes widened as she feigned innocence. “Really, so you heard your Uncle Louis and I fucking?” She whispered in her soft husky voice. The tip of her pink tongue swept across her bottom lip.

I felt a shiver run down my back as she grabbed my hand. Turning it so the wrist was exposed, a manicured index finger started to trace an imaginary pattern over the pulse point.

A giggle escaped her lips as leaned closer to the side of my face her hot breath tickling my neck.

“You’re a naughty boy Matt for eavesdropping like that. You know it is rude to do such a thing. Especially since you are on holiday with us.” With the last word growled into my ear, I felt a soft wetness eclipsing the lobe of my ear. The sensation was amazing as she suckled onto my earlobe.

I let out a low groan. I admit no one had ever done anything like this in my nineteen years of life. Sitting frozen to the chair, her hand ran across my t-shirt down towards my zipper her fingers tugging down the opening of my pants.

“I know you have been fantasizing about me. Otherwise tell me why you hung next to me the other night asking me if the clock was the correct time as the one on your cell? Especially since I was wearing the holey t-shirt of Louis’ exposing part of my tits.”

My breath was caught in my throat, watching her fingers pull out my now hard cock from my underpants. “Are you going to fuck me?” I couldn’t believe I asked that.

In a fluid motion Tatiana’s head leaned over my lap. Warm breath, saliva and her tongue started to move over my hardening cock. Feeling her move up and down suckling on me, it was incredible and utterly amazing. Pacing fast and slow, it was as if she had a song in her head that she was moving to the beat of.

My fingers tangled in her hair feeling her take control of me. This wasn’t really happening, it couldn’t happen to me. My uncle’s girlfriend was giving me oral sex. Eight years older than me, I knew she was more experienced than the girls I knew. I did take a fancy to her, yet it was only just a fantasy for me.

I gasped when I felt the palm of her hand squeezing gently my balls as she deep throated me. My hips bucked and I gripped the locks of her black hair. “Tatiana” I exhaled. I was coming close to the edge. Sensing this, she started to pick up speed with her mouth and hands.

Before I knew it, a blinding orgasm hit me. I was in nirvana my senses in over drive. Fluttering my eyes open all I could see was her lips in a swallowing motion, a tiny bit of my cum dripping from the corner of her mouth.

She was sitting upright beside me, wiping the cum from the corner of her lips with her index finger. Looking at her index finger and then back to me, a sexy smile formed on her face as she slowly licked the cum off her finger.

“Not bad Matt, you and your uncle taste amazingly good. Speaking of which, I better see if he is awake.”

Getting up off the chair, she walked slowly to the door turning around she gave me a smirk and a cheeky wink. “Oh by the way, I was thinking of "I want you" by Joan Jett while I was sucking you off.”

With that she disappeared from the room. Leaving me in a real dream state.

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