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I was made for this

He puts his finger onto my lips and pries his way inside my mouth. I lick his finger, sucking on it with my eyes wide and staring into his. My heart is pounding, and I’m as scared as I am excited.

He takes his finger out of my mouth while his other hand opens the button on my jeans. I’m cradled in his arms, sitting on his lap. My pulse quickens when the button comes open, and I feel my breath intake sharply as his fingers push into my pants. I look down to see the bulge of his big hand in my jeans, already tight. The scraping of his fingers against my clit is painful; I’m so aroused. With a gasp, I turn my head to the side and close my eyes.

“Shhh," he whispers. “It’s okay. You’re doing great. Let’s take these off, so we have more room.” He stands me up and pulls my jeans down to the ground. I’m shy and embarrassed, standing there in front of him in my panties. Lacing my fingers behind my back, I look down at the ground.

He’s sitting on the bed, and he opens his legs wide. Pulling me to him, I’m alarmed to see my pussy in line with his eyes, his mouth, his face. “Come sit,” he says, as he scoops me back into his lap.

My head leans back onto his arm, as he uses the other hand to stroke my pussy. I feel the wetness coming. The excitement feels like a pinch straight from my pussy to my lungs, and I’m holding my breath.

“I’m going to touch you now. You’re doing great,” he says as he pulls my panties to one side. I feel his fingers touching the nub of my clit, and I lift my hips eagerly. Laughing softly, he says, “I see you’re ready. You like this, baby girl?” I say nothing and close my eyes.

“This is going to hurt. I’m going to put my fingers inside of you, and it’s going to hurt. Just close your eyes and breathe.” I feel his fingers slide into me. The first one feels amazing. It’s my first time being touched like this. The first time anyone has been inside of me, and I understand that my body was made for this.

He pulls his finger out and replaces it with two. The fit tightens, and it feels dry and rough for a minute. “Shhhh,” he says, when I whimper.

Taking his fingers out, he replaces the two with three, and I feel my hips buck from the shock. “It’s okay, baby. You’re doing perfectly. I need to get your pussy ready for my cock, and all you need to do is relax.” He thrusts his fingers inside of me like a cock, and I find myself moaning in response.

When he pulls his fingers out, I feel empty. I feel wanting. I whimper and find his eyes with my own. “You want more, right?” he says as he picks me up off his lap and places me on the bed. “I know, sweet girl. I know you’re ready. Sit up.”

I sit in front of him, and he moves in close. He’s still wearing jeans, and I can see his massive cock bulging behind the zipper there. He pushes his clothed self into my face, and I smell his manliness. “I want you to try to suck my cock,” he says softly. When I look confused and upset, he cups the back of my head with one hand and says, “This is part of it, and you’re going to do great. I want to see you take my big cock in your pretty mouth.” He unzips his jeans and pulls out a cock that seems bigger than possible.

“I. . .I don’t know what to do,” I say quietly. I start licking up the side of his cock, but I don’t know what to do or how to do it. It feels unnatural, and I can’t find a rhythm.

“Here, just open your mouth wide, and I’ll do the rest.” I do, and I feel his hands on both sides of my face. He begins thrusting, slowly at first and then faster. I feel the tip of his cock banging against my throat, and my eyes well up. After a few minutes, he stops and smiles. “That was really good for your first time. It’ll get easier.”

“Do you think you’re ready?” he asks with a smile on his face. I nod, trying to appear confident.

I lay down on the bed and he kneels over me, naked now. He pulls my panties down and moves one of my feet away from the other. I’m embarrassed to have him so close to me, and I try to close my legs again. With both hands, he holds my ankles. “No, baby. You need to keep these open and just relax. It’s going to feel good; trust me.”

But I’m scared. I know it’s going to hurt, and I’m scared about what I’m doing. I try to close them again, and he sits up straight. “I know what we can do. Hold on.”

And just like that he’s gone. He turns the light off at the switch and returns to the bed, fumbling with something. Before I know it, he’s secured a strap to each of my ankles. The straps, I know, come together underneath the bed. He tightens them, and I find that I’m now unable to close my legs together. I can widen them, but the stretch of the straps will not allow me to close them.

“Does that feel okay?” he asks. And it does. It feels better knowing that the decision is no longer mine. I feel hot and exposed. I feel the wetness trickle out of my cunt, down my ass and onto the sheet. He looks at me. With one hand, he places a thumb on my clit and begins to massage it slowly. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” he says. Sliding a finger inside me, he says, “and so fucking tight.”

All of a sudden, I hear the phone ring. Surprise registers on his face, and he reaches for his phone. Looking at it, he says, “I have to take this. Hold on.” He answers and walks away from the bed, leaving me tied there. I feel scared and hot and abandoned. After a minute, I hear him rifling through some drawers in the kitchen. He returns to the room, still talking on the phone, and shows me a large carrot he’s found. I watch him as he pours lube onto the carrot and I shudder as he nears closer with it.

Raising a finger to his lips, he silences my moans with a look. He takes the thick end of the carrot and slides it up and down my pussy lips. It’s cold, and I’m disgusted to find myself enjoying the sensation. I moan as quietly as I can, and I feel him pinch my clit. He begins to ease the vegetable inside my cunt. The cold thickness makes me feel full but still wanting. I’m aching to be fucked. I begin wiggling my ass, trying to get the carrot to move, trying to encourage him to fuck me with it. Instead, he leaves the room.

Maybe five minutes go by before he returns, laughing. “Look at you,” he says as I twist and turn, impaled on the carrot. “You really are ready, aren’t you?” I moan loudly.

He pulls the carrot from my pussy and leans over me, kissing me full on the lips, twisting my tongue with his own. I feel his fingers rough again on my clit, and then suddenly he rams his cock into me in one full movement.

I scream with the shock of it.

“Sssshhhh, baby. You’re fine. Just wait. You’re fine.” He’s still for a moment, and I feel my icy panic start to give way. He begins to move.

To be continued. If you want.

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