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In Car Entertainment

Jack and Jill have a long drive ahead of them .......
In Car Entertainment

Jack turned onto the motorway and put his foot down. They’d got a long way to go and the light was fading fast. Not that he minded driving in the dark. In some ways it helped him to concentrate. It was just that Jill usually fell asleep and he got bored. He put a disc into the CD player and turned the volume up.

“Too loud,” Jill shouted and immediately turned the volume down again.

“Spoil sport,” Jack responded.

“And you’re driving too fast. Slow down.”

Jack checked the speedo and relaxed his foot on the accelerator allowing their speed to drop to seventy. He gazed out of the side-window at the concrete panels designed to protect the inhabitants on the other side from the noise.

“Some fucking use they are,” he thought to himself.

They continued without speaking for several miles and Jack contented himself with listening to the music. He noticed Jill’s head falling to the side and resting on the window.

“Asleep already,” he thought. “How does she do that?”

Jack could never fall asleep in cars. He couldn’t get comfortable enough. That’s what you get for having long legs. He stretched out his left leg as far as it would go. It was already starting to feel stiff. He let his mind wander to try and stop thinking about it. It wasn’t long before his wanderings took him to the events of last night.

They’d gone to visit Tessa. Dave was away on business so they’d popped round to keep her company for a while. A while that had turned into the whole night. They’d drunk some wine with the food Tessa had made for them and then sat around the dining table chatting and listening to some sounds. Jack didn’t care too much for her taste in music and the girls had talked a lot about work. He had gotten bored and ended up drinking too much to drive home.

“Stay,” Tessa had said and Jack, despite Jill’s protestations had agreed it was the best thing to do.

As the night wore on jack decided to go to bed and leave them to it. He went to the downstairs bathroom and then made his way upstairs and climbed into the bed in the spare room. He didn’t know how long he’d been asleep but suddenly he was awake and dying for a pee again. Jill wasn’t in the bed and everything was quiet. In the darkness he made his way out of the room and down the stairs. Entering the dining room he turned and looked through into the lounge area. Jill was sitting on the sofa with her head leaning back and her eyes closed. Her top and bra were pulled up to expose her breasts and he could see Tessa’s head buried between her ample cleavage. Tessa’s hand was buried too. Up Jill’s skirt.

Jack turned and made his way to the loo. They hadn’t been aware that he was there, he didn’t think. Standing in front of the bowl he took out his dick to have a pee. Have you ever tried peeing with a hard-on? Well, have you? It’s not the easiest thing in the world. Jack stood there trying to point his engorged cock at the bowl and then waited for the pee to come. It didn’t. Not straight away, anyway. Then all of a sudden it gushed out and all over the seat and just about everywhere else.

“Bollocks,” Jack shouted and danced backwards to stop it hitting his feet. Getting things under control he finished weeing and then took some toilet tissue to dry up the splashes which he then threw in the toilet and flushed away. Tucking his now softening cock back into his underpants he washed and dried his hands and made his way back through the kitchen and dining room.

“You girls been having fun?” he enquired of Jill and Tessa who were now sitting side by side on the sofa as if nothing had been happening.

“Just chatting,” Tessa had responded.

“Oh, right. They good listeners, then, Jill’s tits?” Jack had responded, looking directly at her.

The girls looked embarrassed.

It wasn’t the first time Tessa had made a play for Jill. She’d made a play for Jack before, too. Several months earlier they’d been round visiting when she’d come over to him and tried to take his cock out while Jill was in the toilet. He’d stopped her and managed to pull his zip back up just as Jill re-entered the room. He wasn’t sure if she’d noticed anything but Tessa had called her over and they’d smooched in a threesome for a while before Jill announced it was time for them to leave.

Back to last night. Jack had stood there looking at the girls for a second and then announced he was going back to bed if anyone would like to join him.

“I’m going back to bed,” he said. “If anyone would like to join me?”

Making his way back upstairs he climbed back into the bed in the spare room and waited to see what would happen. He heard someone coming up the stairs and then Jill was climbing in beside him. She pulled back the covers and took his cock in her mouth sucking at it to make it hard. That was a weird sensation, Jack had thought, having your cock sucked when it was still flaccid. Not that it was for long. Once he was hard Jill had raised her head and was calling to Tessa.

“Hey Tessa, get your ass in here.”

“I’m too drunk to come through there,” came the reply from the other bedroom. “You can come in here if you want.”

“Well?” Jill asked him.

Jack didn’t need a second invitation. They went through into Tessa’s room and Jacked climbed into bed beside her. Jill lay down beside him and he could feel them both touching him. Feel their flesh next to his. He turned on his left side and began to stroke Jill’s tits and squeeze her nipples. He could feel Tessa stoking his bum as he moved his hand between Jill’s thighs and inserted a finger into her wet pussy. Quickly he rolled on top of her and guided his cock into her and, holding himself up with arms outstretched he began to move his ass up and down. Tessa was sitting up leaning on her left arm and stoking Jill’s tits with a right hand that soon found its way down until Jack could feel it wrapped around his cock.

Pulling back too far Jack’s cock slid out of Tessa and he could feel it had softened a little.

“Fuck, too much to drink,” he thought to himself.

“Come on, Jack, fuck her,” Tessa had said wanking at his cock until it was hard again.

Jack went back onto his knees and lifted Jill’s legs into the air. Leaning forward he let Tessa guide his cock into her and began his thrusting once again. He could feel Tessa playing with Jill’s pussy and occasionally sliding a finger into her. That felt good. Next Jill was kneeling up beside him and he could feel her tits pressing against his shoulder. Her left hand continued to explore his cock as it thrust in and out of Jill’s dripping fanny and her right hand traced the contours of his back with a finger before disappearing between his buttocks. Jack could feel the finger pressing against his ass-hole. His ass was too dry to take it and it disappeared to be covered in Tessa’s spittle before he felt it pressing at him again. This time it slid in and he could feel his sphincter tighten around it as it glided in and out.

Once again his cock slipped out of Jill’s pussy and he nestled back for a second. Tessa was straight down on him with her mouth sucking at his dick. He could see her left arm outstretched and her hand playing with Jill’s tit and Jill slid her own hand between her thighs and began to stroke at herself. Jack looked down at Tessa’s head moving up and down on his dick.

“You want some cock?” he asked.

“Oh, yes please,” she begged.

Jack helped to position Tessa with her legs astride Jill and then slowly entered her from behind. He looked down to see the skin of her labia clinging round his cock as he moved backwards and forwards.

Tessa propped herself up on her left arm and reached between her thighs and started fondling and playing with his balls. He could feel the back of Jill’s hand as she continued to play with herself and heard her moan as she came. Jill shifted her attention to what was happening above her and began to intermittently stroke at Jacks cock and feel at Tessa’s pussy. Tessa let out a scream as she came and slumped down on top of Jill. Jack was coming now, too. He pulled out his cock and shot the first load of cum onto Tessa’s ass-hole and he watched as it dribbled down her pussy and dropped onto Jill’s. The second shot he spread over Tessa’s back and then rubbed it into her skin with his hand before collapsing backwards.

He had spent the rest of the night lying between Jill and Tessa with their arms wrapped over him. In the morning Tessa had gone off to work early and left Jack and Jill to let themselves out. They hadn’t really spoken about what had happened but Jack had felt fucking brilliant all day. He wasn’t sure what Jill was thinking about it and he didn’t want to ask in case she was upset about it. They went home and packed for the trip up north. It was almost dusk before they left.

Back in the car Jack noticed the erection that thinking about the previous evenings activities had given him. He felt at his cock through his jeans and cast a sideways glance at Jill. She was still asleep and her skirt had risen up where she had slumped down into her seat. He gazed at her long legs which had fallen slightly apart. Fuck, he was feeling horny. Looking back at the road he extended his left arm over towards Jill and slid his hand along the inside of her right thigh until he could feel the material of her knickers.

Jack checked his speed and moved into the inside lane slowing as he did so. He didn’t want to cause any accidents but he couldn’t resist. His fingers gently stroked at Jill’s pussy through the material of her panties and she stirred slightly. He thought she was going to wake up but as she settled down again her legs parted more to give him more access. Keeping one eye on the road he slid his middle finger inside the material and gently stroked at her lips. They felt so soft and moist. It always surprised him how a pussy felt. Sometimes he thought he would like to do nothing else but feel pussy.

Jill stirred again.

“What the fuck?” she asked.

Then she settled back again and closed her eyes. Her hands moved down and raised her skirt higher and she began to slide her knickers off. Jack removed his hand to allow the process and replaced it as soon as the operation had been completed. With two fingers her stoked at her occasionally sliding them inside her before withdrawing to tease at the outside once more. Jill grabbed at his hand and pressed it hard against her. She guided the fingers back inside herself and stroked at herself with her own fingers. Within seconds her back arched and she let out a moan before sinking back into her seat. Jack had watched her as she came and had drifted off the road. He swerved back onto the carriage way just before hitting the verge.

“Whoa,” he thought to himself. “Steady on.”

By now his cock was almost splitting his trousers it was so hard and desperate to get out and join in the action. He felt at it through the material and dragged Jill’s right hand across and placed it on his groin.

“I suppose you want yours now, as well?” she asked.

“Oh, yes please,” he replied echoing Tessa’s words from last night.

Jill slid his zip down and inserted her had to stoke at his bulging cock. Jack felt as if he was going to explode. She tried to pull it out through the flies but it was too hard to make that journey. He heard Jill sigh a little as she twisted and reached with her left hand to undo his belt and button. Pushing the material to one side she released his craving cock to the fresh air. A buzz of excitement passed through Jack with this release to freedom. Next Jill pulled back his foreskin and tickled at where it joined the rest of his cock. He just loved that. His cock leapt involuntarily at each touch. Then she was gliding her hand lightly up and down his shaft. It was a bit uncomfortable what with the seat belt going across his lap and tried to adjust himself so that she could get a better grasp. The cat swerved slightly as he extended his legs.

“You just concentrate on the road,” Jill ordered but jack couldn’t resist sneaking downward looks at his cock as she stroked at it. He wanted to stretch his legs right out and tense the muscles in his thighs and buttocks but he couldn’t.

Loosening her arm from the seat belt Jill bent over and smothered his cock with her mouth. Jack had to hold his elbow at a funny angle above her head as it rode up and down but he needed to keep both hands on the steering wheel. He could feel his cock pulsing to her touch as she licked at him and then sucked the whole of him into her. He was going to come soon and he hoped Jill would let him shoot into her mouth. She didn’t. She didn’t like the taste of come. It made her retch. Just as he was going to shoot his load she raised her head and began to stroke at him with her hand instead. He could barely focus on the road ahead as the cum exploded from his cock and shot upwards onto the steering wheel and dash-board. The second load spilled out onto the foot well and over his jeans and the third dribbled out of his cock and slid down the shaft of his now softening cock.

Jack relaxed and began to focus on his driving again. Jill slipped his willy back inside his pants and slid up the zip.

“How was that?” she asked.

Jack looked down at the stains on his jeans.

“Well, that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into, Miss Laurel,” Jake replied

Just as well they still had a long way to go. At least his clothes would have dried out by the time they got where they were going.

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