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In the Ocean

Two lovers' sexy ocean encounter
The sun glistens off the water as I climb the ladder back onto the boat. It’s the most beautiful day of the year and it’s even more special because I’m with my lover Dante. I walk over to my chair and start to towel myself dry. “I like it when you’re wet baby,” he says walking up behind me.

“I bet you do,” I smile. The heat on my skin is nothing compared to what I feel when he kisses the back of my neck.

“I bet I can make you even wetter,” he says into my shoulder.

“What are you gonna do? Toss me over?” I laugh.

“Oh, I could but that ass would just bring you back to the top,” he says.

“Fucking smart ass…” I say, turning to hit him. He grabs my arm and pulls me to him, kissing me deeply. I feel his tongue dance on mine, his hands slide up my back. He’s right, he can make me wetter.

His hands are untying the knot of my bikini top as he kisses his way to my chest. He walks me back until my legs bump the deck chair and sits me down. His hands feel warm and strong caressing my breasts and squeezing my nipples. “Oh baby I love your hands on me,” I moan. He sucks and licks my nipple into his mouth, biting gently. Each bite sends shivers up my spine and shocks to my pussy. I feel his hands slide down my body to my pussy; he slowly slides a finger into my bikini bottom and grazes my pussy.

“My my, you are wet,” he says. He slides his finger inside me and pulls it out. It’s shiny with my pussy juices as he rubs it around my lips. I open my mouth and suck my juices off his finger; they’re sweet and warm. “It’s good huh baby, that pussy taste good?”

“Yes Daddy,” I mumble around his finger.

He lays me back and pulls my bottoms off. He caresses my face and kisses me passionately. “You love me?” he asks.

“Yes baby,” I breathe.

“You promise?” he asks, kissing down my body.

“Always”, I moan. I feel his hands gently push my legs open. A breeze off the water caresses my clit and gives me goose bumps. He lowers his head and gently sucks my clit into his mouth. I feel his tongue glide up and down my lips as his finger slides in and out of my pussy. “Ooooooh Daddy, you feel so good,” I moan. I start to move my pussy closer to his mouth, my hips bucking back and forth. His tongue flicks my clit faster and faster in rhythm with his finger. “Daddy, I’m cumming!” I shout. He fingers me faster, focusing on my spot. My pussy starts to gush and he covers it with his mouth, drinking in all my cum.

“I love it when you cum. You taste so good. Gimme more baby, I wanna drink it all,” he says. His face is covered in my pussy juice. I pull him to me and kiss him deeply, licking cum from his lips. He pulls me up and lies down in the deck chair. “Sit on my face baby, gimme some more of that pussy,” he says.

I straddle him and lower myself onto his face. He slides his tongue in and touches my g-spot. “Stick out your tongue Daddy, let me fuck that handsome face,” I moan. He sticks it out and I start to raise and lower myself as if I’m riding his tongue. “I love when you let me fuck your face. It feels so good, you might make me squirt,” I say.

“Oh please squirt in my mouth,” he mumbles. He grabs my ass, grinding my pussy into his face, curling his tongue so that it strokes my g-spot. I hold the back of his head, grinding my pussy deeper.

“You want this cum baby cause I’m gonna squirt,” I shout.

“Uh hum,” he mumbles into my pussy.

I feel his finger slide into my ass and know that I can’t hold back anymore. I hold him still and grind my pussy hard into his face as I squirt. “Yeeeesssssss!!!” I scream.

On the water, squirting on my lover's face, listening to him slurp my pussy juices, this is exactly what I want in a vacation.

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