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Interrupted Reading

Vince interrupts Lauren's reading for some playtime...
We laid in bed naked, her head on my chest with my arm on her side, caressing her side and stomach. She read her novel to herself. It was erotica. This particular book was one of her favorites, though she never told me, I could tell because I've seen her read through it many times before.

"You like that book baby girl?" I asked. My voice a little deeper and commanding than normal. I think she caught on to it. There was a little pause as she rolled over and looked into my eyes.

"Mhmm..." she replied. Even though her reply was little more than a grunt, her voice still trembled slightly.

"Does it turn you on?" I asked as my arms wrapped around her. One hand around her hips and the other across her stomach, sliding up and groping her softly.

"I don't know. Maybe..." She trailed off as I massaged her perky breasts.

"Then how about I check..." I smiled and slide my hand between her legs. She inhaled sharply as I rubbed her pussy lips and pulled my hand away, looking at my fingers.

"I guess I am a little wet." She giggled and blushed, placing the book on the nightstand. I smiled back at her as I moved from under her and laid beside her. I pressed my lips to hers without warning, my hand back between her thighs, rubbing her pussy lips.

We kissed deeply, I licked the bottom of her lip and she opened her mouth slightly. She wanted to play with my tongue, but instead I bit her lower lip playfully. She let out a soft moan in pleasure as I kissed down her cheek and chin, down to her neck. I sucked on her neck softly and slowly, licking and kissing up and down her tender skin as two fingers traced her pussy. My fingers slid up and down her pussy slowly, teasingly as they made their way up to her clit. I placed my fingers around her clit and rolled it. She let out a louder moan, pulling my hair. In response I went slower.

"Oh...fuck no baby, please. Keep going. Faster," she begged.

"I'm in control baby girl. You'll take whatever I give you," I whispered against her neck, with authority in my voice. She simply moaned and nodded, moving her hips slowly. I moved my fingers faster as I kissed down her neck. I kissed her collar bone and shoulder, down to her breasts.

My free hand squeezed her tits as I sucked on them. Teasing her nipples with my tongue and gently nibbling on them. Our eyes met and locked, but only for a moment; a quick burst of movement in my hand made her arch her back up, throw her head back and moan again for me.

I trailed kissed down her body. I left butterfly kisses down her stomach. It drove her wild. I teased my way down to her belly button. I knew that once I kissed her there she would completely lose it so I prolonged it as long as I could. I kissed in a spiral down to her belly button and right before I kissed it, I slid both my fingers into, kissing her belly button and slipping my fingers as deep as they would go simultaneously. She moaned louder than before.

I pumped my fingers in and out of her as I kissed my way back up her body and sucking on her breasts. Both of her hands tugged at my hair roughly, making my fingers move faster. I kissed down her body again as she whimpered.

This time I kissed lower than before. My head was between her legs while I kept fingering her. She looked down at me, into my eyes. Our eyes met and locked, filled with lust and love. I kept my eyes locked with her as my free hand slapped and squeezed her thigh while I kissed her other one.

I smirked back up at her as she looked down at me. A fiery hot passion in her eyes and her face was flushed red.

I kissed her pussy lips softly, my fingers still sliding inside of her. She is soaking at this point. I lick my lips and taste her sweet juices and smile. I look up at her and lick her pussy lips softly and teasingly. My tongue slips between the lips and up and down, swirling near her hole where my fingers are now curled up, rubbing her g-spot. My tongue slides up and flicks her clit. I press my mouth around it, sucking on her clit, flicking it back and forth with my tongue, graze my teeth against it softly all while rubbing her g-spot. Her hands play with her breasts and tug my hair and push my head down. She had too many sensations going on at once and was losing herself.

"Fuck yes baby, just like that. I'm going to cum!" She let's out between moans and deep breaths. I suck on her clit and move my fingers faster, as if signaling her to cum. She let's herself go finally and cums. I keep sucking on her clit and fingering her through it, causing her orgasm. My tongue licking up her juices.

She lay back as I slowly slid my fingers out and moved them in front of her mouth. She hungrily started to suck on them, tasting her sweet pussy. I pulled my fingers away and pecked her lips, smiling and tasting her still.

"I love you Lauren," I whispered against her lips, holding eye contact. She sighed, the last wave of pleasure finally washing over her.

"I love you too Vince," she whispered back against my lips. She smiled and I smiled back. I laid back down, though hard now as she laid her head on my chest again. I grabbed her book for her and gave it to her. She read with one hand holding the book. The other teased and stroked my cock.

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