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Introduction to Bryce - Chapter 1

Couple enjoys quickie before leaving for anniversary trip.

My wife Monica and I have three children that we love dearly. She’s a stay-at-home-mom and since we don’t have any family close-by, we rarely get any alone time, much less anything like the child-free weekend my parents gave us on our anniversary last year. We decided to save some cash and just drive the few hours to Houston and stay in a decent hotel. We shopped online for a deal on a room and managed to get a great suite in a 4-star hotel with a separate bedroom, Jacuzzi, and small kitchen.

Monica is 45, I’m 40, and we both still look much the same as when we met in college, just a lot wiser, more experienced, and much more in tune with our desires. My wife is a beautiful, full-figured woman with long brown hair and gorgeous, firm DDs. They were probably Cs when we got married, but 3 pregnancies and 14 years have really turned them into a big set of spectacular tits straight out of my fantasies! Those beauties have always been my favorite part of her and my constant groping of them at home sometimes annoys her, but you can tell she still appreciates how much she turns me on. She’s a very modest woman and has worn many outfits, dresses, and shirts over the years to try to make her breasts look smaller, but they are always right out there, drawing the gaze of every man she passes!

I’ve always been a little on the thin size with very short brown hair, an aging but still athletic build, only slightly hairy all over, and deep blue eyes. I wear glasses and dress casually most of the time, coming off as pretty easy-going and low-key. I’m soft-spoken and tend to blend in with crowds. If you saw us in public, you wouldn’t give us a 2 nd glance. And you certainly wouldn’t know I’m carrying around an average-width 8-inch cock with just a little hair around the base I like to keep trimmed short. And even though Monica has always been a good Catholic girl, she LOVES to lick and suck my balls every chance she gets! She cannot get enough of my huge testicles and requests that I keep them shaved all the time. And, of course, I comply!

Before the Trip

I left work a little early on Friday, so we could make the drive to Houston before it got too late. By the time I got home, my parents had already picked up the kids and were on their 6-hour drive back home. I had been horny most of the day thinking about the weekend coming up and I arrived with a full erection. I burst in the front door and was ready to get started immediately, but Monica had stacked the luggage and a few other items by the front door and was bustling around in the kitchen tidying up a bit (She hates to come home to a messy house). I threw off my shoes and flew into the kitchen, wrapping my arms around here. I told her I loved her and gave her a long, deep kiss, whispering in her ear, “I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I can’t wait to have you.”

She reached down and felt my erection and said, “Yes, I can see that. But we have to get on the road. You know I don’t like to drive in the dark, especially around those maniacs in Houston!”

I gave her a sigh and a slight frown which changed her tune quickly. Her next few words were music to my ears. “Maybe we can take care of that real fast before we leave? Nothing too long and no penetration.”

“Fine!” I took off upstairs and ran into the bedroom. I stripped in a matter of seconds and was in the bed before my sweet wife walked through the door.

“Holy shit that was fast!”

“Well, you said we didn’t have much time”, I responded.

She snickered under her breath, then told me to move to the edge of the bed and spread my legs. I did as I was told and she went right to work, kneeling between my legs and licking my left testicle with a long, slow, warm stroke. Monica then very lightly placed her thumb and finger around the head of my cock and began rubbing up and down in very short, rhythmic strokes. Her tongue then moved its loving attention to my right testicle, licking it several times before taking it into her soft, wet mouth. She squeezed it between her lips just enough to cause very brief pain that sent my entire body into shivers in unbelievable ecstasy, leaving me on the knife-edge of intense pleasure and fear. She moved her mouth back to my left nut and licked and sucked on it while continuing to stroke the head of my dick with her hand.

“Here, you do it,” she said as she let go of my rock-hard cock and cupped both my balls in her now-free hand. She squeezed them tightly, showing no mercy. This caused me to involuntarily throw my head back while letting out a few short, uncontrollable breaths and a barely audible “Oh God.”

I wrapped my hand around my thick dick as she had asked. The tip of my thumb just reached the tip of my middle finger. The shaft of my huge rod had been ignored since we started, so the warmth of my own touch was a nice relief. She wasted no time in sucking my entire sack into her mouth as I nearly lost it. “I think I could cum just by you sucking on them like that.” Monica didn’t say a word as she grabbed my motionless hand and moved it up and down on my unit. With her still licking and sucking madly on my balls, I only lasted a few strokes before exploding onto my stomach and chest. I had not masturbated in over a week in anticipation of this weekend, and this release showed it! I had cum alternately squirting and oozing out of the end of my dick, pooling in the center of my chest and sliding off of both sides onto the bed. A few more strokes by my own hand and a few light tongue dabs at my balls finished me off. I don’t think I had ever cum that much. Or that fast!

“Don’t move, let me get a towel,” she said in a panic, hoping not to have to change the sheets before we left. She returned from the bathroom in a matter of seconds and wiped me down all over. Not a drop was left on me and only a few drops got onto the bed. She shook her head slightly at the remnants on the sheets and rolled her eyes before blurting out, “That’s fine. Now let’s go before the freeway fills up with the rush-hour traffic.”
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