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Jasmine, my new favorite flower

A pro who loves her job
"Break one-nine," blared out of the speaker on my dash.

I reach over, grab the mike and respond, "Go ahead breaker."

"Thanks for the break, anyone wanting a little commercial company go to five," a sultry voice responds.

I drop down to channel five and hear, "Anyone make it?"

"Go ahead darling, you got some company, where you at?"

"I'm mobile, around the front street area, how about you?"

"Coming up on the exit now, where you want to meet?"

"You know where the empty warehouse is on Corporate Drive?"

"I know where the street is, but not sure about what is empty."

"Just turn on the street headed to Corporate and you will see me about halfway up the block, if you like what you see, stop and pick me up."

I make the turn and start looking, up ahead I see a person wearing jeans and a heavy winter coat that comes to their knees. It's impossible to tell from here if it's a guy or a girl. I take the chance and stop to get a better look, after all it is a little chilly out there with a couple of inches of snow on the ground.

I'm pleased to see a cute, fresh faced, young woman peering out of the hood, I pop the door open and she climbs up into the cab.

"I'm guessing you liked what you saw." she says in greeting.

"Well darling, you are a cute little thing, is the rest of you as sexy ?"

She unbuttons the coat and I am pleased to see a white see through blouse that shows off her small pointy breasts, with unusually large dark areoles, nipples that are straining the fabric, they are at least a half an inch long, a slender waist, and wide hips. Just the way I love my women.

She is watching me as I take in her luscious form.

"I see you approve of the rest of me."

"Umm, what?" I say.

"The grin, and that." she nods, looking down at my crotch .

Stupidly I look down and see my growing bulge.

I laugh a little uncomfortable, "Yes, I do like the whole picture."

"Good, let's get business out of the way and then we can get to the pleasure. It's fifty for a blow job, a hundred for straight, a hundred fifty for half and half, or for two fifty we can go around the world for as long as you can keep getting it up. If your feeling really adventurous, for four hundred we can get a room for the night and have a real party, your choice."

"Let's start off our first time with just a blow job, I have to go deliver my load in a couple of hours and I can't be late for that."

With a grin on her face she says, "Honey, I plan on making you deliver your load long before then.What you do after that is up to you."

"Turn right at the corner and pull in behind the white warehouse on the left, they closed down a few weeks ago and we won't be bothered there."

I parked and had a look around, it was quiet and unless you came around the building you could not see us.

"I hate to bring this up, but let's get business out of the way and we can get to the pleasure"

I hand over a fifty and she tucks it in her jeans, I marvel at how she managed to get anything in them as they look like they are painted on that magnificent body.

I get up and step back into the sleeper, as I turn around she kneels down, pushes me to a sitting position on the bunk and takes off my boots. Reaching up she grabs my belt tugging me back up to a standing position and starts to unbuckle my belt, I willing comply. She tugs my jeans down along with my boxers and pushes me back to a sitting position.

I start to wonder, did I get hooked up with a woman that's a take charge kinda girl, or a nut case. As if she could read minds she says.

 "Just relax baby and let me take control, I promise you will enjoy it. I love sucking cock as much as I enjoy getting my pussy eaten out, and there is nothing better than feeling a wet tongue in my tight hole"

I lie back as she completes getting my pants off, spreading my thighs and crawling between them she says.

"It's nice to be with a man that I don't have wonder if he can get hard. Your ready to go now, so we will have to take our time so you don't cum before we come to the good part."

She leans forward and lightly licks the head with her soft, wet, pink tongue.

"Yum, I love the way you taste. I know your load is going to be great as it slides down my throat."

I didn't think it was possible, but I know I got harder just from her words. This lady knows how to turn a man to putty. She releases me and removes her blouse, exposing those perfect breasts, I was right they were small, firm, and had areoles that covered almost the whole breast. The nipples were a good half an inch long and as big around as my little finger. She cupped them in her hands and said.

"They're not real big, but they are super sensitive, I can orgasm just from having them sucked on. Want a taste?"

"Please," I say. "I think they are perfect, I love they way they look, those nipples have to be the biggest I have ever seen, and so dark against your pale skin. I've never seen a blond with areoles that are so brown. They are beautiful, bring them up here so I can taste them for myself."

Slowly, teasingly, she crawls up my body, rubbing her breasts across my hard cock and chest. Just as they get to where I can get one in my mouth, she pulls back and pushes my body down on the bed.

"Just a minute, I'm not sure you really want to. Are you positive you want to kiss them?"

"Please, I want to feel those hard nipples under my tongue. Bring me those beautiful tits so I can tease them and see if I can make you cum from just my sucking them."

Slowly, she lowers one to where just the tip of my tongue can reach it. I strain forward, but she has me well pinned to the bed so all I can move is my head. I can just touch the tip of her nipple, flicking my tongue across it.

I can't believe this encounter, what started off I thought was a quick head job from a street girl has become one of the best teasing encounters I have ever experienced. There is more to this woman than I had thought. She knows just how to tease a man and get the blood boiling.

Jasmine relaxes the pressure just slightly and I take full advantage of her mistake, I surge upward rolling her under me. Now it is I who has the upper hand. I pin her arms to the bed and lower my head to her breast, taking a mouthful and sucking on it as I flick the tip of my tongue across the firm nipple, then I slip my mouth to where just the nipple is in my mouth sucking as hard on it as I can in a pulsing rhythm. I can feel her start to relax the pressure on her arms and her torso squirm under my body.

I release her arms and take the other breast into my free hand and begin to massage It gently, tweaking the hard nipple and rolling it between my fingers. Her breathing deepens and her hands come up to my head holding me firmly against her body.

She squirms under me and takes one hand away and sticks it in her jeans, slipping the fingers into what has to be a soaking pussy, in what seems like no time at all she is moaning deep in her throat and she pulls her hand out of her pants and rubs the fingers across her breast, I can feel the wet sticky juice and smell the musky scent of her

I move my mouth to that breast and taste her juices on it. She slips her fingers into my mouth and says.

"See I told you that I could cum from just getting them sucked on. Now it is your turn, give me that cock of yours I want it in my mouth"

I roll off her and she gets back on her knees in front of me, spreading my legs and cupping my balls in her hand, leans forward and licks the bottom of my still hard cock, just as she reaches the top she run her tongue around the head of it, rubbing gently just under the crown.

With all of the other excitement I am starting to worry I was going to pop right then, just as I am about to warn her of the impending explosion Jasmine squeezed down on the base of it and started rolling my balls around in her hand, after a couple of minutes I told her I was ok now and she could continue.

With just the tip of her tongue she traces the head all the way around, rubbing up and down at the sensitive area just under the tip. Opening her mouth as wide as she can she engulfs me, not touching the shaft and starts breathing on me. The warm exhalations of her breath feels wonderful.

I lie back enjoying these sensations, all the while she has been massaging my engorged balls as if she is trying to coax all my sperm into the shaft.

Finally I can feel her lips on the base of my cock and she begins to make a humming noise deep in her throat. This new sensation is too much for me and I explode into her throat.

She pulls back where only half of my shaft is still in her mouth, swallowing each spurt of my cum. When I'm finally done she opens her mouth to show me she swallowed it all, a smile forms and she says.

"I knew you would taste good."

She leans forward and places a kiss on the head of my now well spent cock.

We get dressed and I take her back to where I picked her up at.

As Jasmine is getting out of the truck, she hands over a card with her name and a phone number written on it.

"I had fun Chris, if you find yourself with time on your hands and want a diversion give me a call and we can get together again."

I knew the next time I was in the area I was going to find a way to spend a lot more time with this little flower.

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