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Julia's Audit

Auditor comes and reviews taxes and offers to eat her out in return for approving her taxes
It’s tax season of course and as usual, Julia McIntyre is late in finishing hers seeing as today is the very last day she can send it in. She hadn’t, as usual, filed an extension. Normally, she didn’t have to, but this past year seeing as she had come into her inheritance all her finances and income and whatnot had changed.

“Ohhh gosh,” she cried out. “I just don’t understand this.” Her friend, who has had her taxes done by one of the larger tax preparation outfits in the area, suggested she take them to that company. “But they won’t understand these,” Julia said as she sat with all her paperwork she had. Still the friend suggested she go to them now. “Alright, okay, but I need to take a shower and get ready before I go out looking like this.”

“That you do Julia. That you do,” as her friend Patricia looked at her hair and otherwise that ugly tattered sweatshirt she had on.

So Julia rushed up and took a shower, putting on makeup, and slipping on another pair of her hip hugging jeans she always wore. Mmmmm, the woman always looked marvelous in them but rarely did Julia think about that even though it was true. The slim and seductive looking, although she never thought of it this way, woman could and did look fantastic once she dressed up to go out and about.

“Wow, when don’t you look incredible honey?” Patricia said as she waited downstairs drinking a cup of coffee. “Once again, they’ll all fall for you when you walk through those doors.” Patricia laughed, Julia smiled, and as she gathered all her paperwork together. Patricia said goodbye. Julia was off and on her way.

She pulled into the parking lot. It was still rather chilly out although it was the middle of April. It was actually only in the lower 40’s. She did not realize it was still cold as it was. That cold air hit her like a brick hits a person and when she felt it, it showed.

Her nipples excelled. Her nipples grew hard. Her nipples displayed all the effects of that cold weather that day as she walked towards the office while carrying the paperwork in her satchel.

They saw her walk in. It was almost all men in their. Okay, there was one woman, but she was already busy so her only option was one of the men. Yes, they all saw her walk in. Julia was wearing that blouse. That blouse may have been a tad too tight. Yes, the blouse was too tight for sure. Yes, they saw them, and yes they all stood up as if they had nothing else to do. Looking at those hard nipples it was as if they spoke up in unison.

“May I help you?” they all said.

She was practically clueless. They were all smiling. They all seemed particularly nice too. They weren’t all that bad looking either. And for that matter, all of them were nice younger looking men. She said yes, walking towards one of them, his name Jeff, and he had the bravado now so that he could brag about doing her taxes.

She sat down. He turned and smiled at them all as he walked behind his desk. They all knew why he was smiling. Too bad guys, I get to do her taxes and not you.

“So miss,” he started off saying. “What may I help you with exactly?” the 31 year old said to the quite attractive and slender woman who appeared to be in great shape as well.

“I’m having trouble with my taxes this year,” she said and explained why.

He took a look after she explained her predicament and before she knew it, he showed her what she was doing wrong. It still was a bit tricky but he worked it out. She was able to file it that day without penalty. All was good.

She smiled and shook his hand and once finished, she turned and walked out. They all watched her nice, shapely ass as it headed out the building. “Wow, did you see that one?” he called out. They all said yes. “I should have gotten her address and phone number.”

“Yeah right Mark, like you would’ve had a chance. She’s way too old for you and how do you know she’s not already involved with someone?” said Carole.

With her taxes filed, everything seemed to be in place. Life appeared to be going well. That was until two weeks later. She hadn’t received her refund yet and out of nowhere, all of a sudden, she received a notice.

She was getting audited. “Huh, what for?” she said aloud. “I had these prepared by,” that nice man at the tax service. He said it was all correct and in place.” She called the tax services office that day stating she was going to be audited. They said they’d help her out. With her paperwork all filed away, she’d have to pull it all out. But she was ready when they came.

That day, like all the others, she showered and got ready. She put on one of her nicest pair of slacks. She slipped on her bra and she also wore one of those nice looking blouses she so enjoyed wearing. Nothing out of the ordinary the subdued but attractive looking woman thought.

Julia, a spry and quite attractive young looking 35 year old waited for their arrival. They came and pulled up and got out of the car. Then he came. He pulled up behind them. Jason, the young one of 29, got out. He walked up and rang the doorbell. She answered it. Jason was “stunned.” God, did she look marvelous or what. His eyes showed it too.

“We won’t have time to go over these,” he said. “Unfortunately they’ve been filed way to late.” He tried not staring, although it was hard, but he knew it would be very difficult to keep his eyes off her. “Let me work this for you, okay?” he said pleasantly.

She allowed him to do it.

He thought about this as they came to the door. He also thought about his situation some more. She, Julia, was way out of his league, or so he thought she was. And when they came to the door and once Julia answered it he watched it all unfold. He thought about it all. There was a man and a woman and that man, well he immediately seemed to have a thing for her.

They went through the forms and as they did the tax man and the woman questioned her on a number of issues. She tried answering them all or showing proof of this or that. As she did, she’d dig for proof so that one issue or another could be clarified.

Jason had to leave but he’d be back he said.

She went to her kitchen to get some coffee for the three of them and as she was away the female said something to the male auditor. “Quite the nice looking woman wouldn’t you agree Thomas?” He looked back at her and smiled, winking and nodding at her.

They went over some other issues, coming to a conclusion sort of. “I don’t know what to tell you miss,” he said. “There is this one minor issue that has to be resolved, right Alex?” he said to his partner. She had to agree. “Now I do have an idea but you may not be agreeable to it. However mam,” he added, “I think all of us here can come to a certain agreement or understanding. I can help you fix this properly. In other words I can assist you in getting this properly filed.”

“How so?” Julia asked.

Out of nowhere, Alex his female assistant got up and disappeared. She walked out of the house just like that. Mind you, Thomas was only 27 at that time. Seeing as Julia was a very attractive and nicely built woman he took it upon himself to say something which blew her mind.

“To be blunt with you,” he started to say. “I would love the chance to go to bed with you and I would love the opportunity to eat you out. Muff dive you, if you will. Then, of course, I’ll put my stamp of approval on this all.”

She was shocked, stunned, and dumbfounded. Did he just say what I thought he said? Oh my god, she thought. He did say that. He did suggest doing oral on me. She shook her head as she thought about this. “But…but sir,” she began to say to this nice looking but younger man, “this is not a bar. This isn’t some nightclub. I’m not… I am not here to be picked up, sir. No I uhhh am not.”

“But miss, but Julia, wouldn’t you like for all this to go away?” Thomas said. He went quiet, not saying a word to her while his partner waited outside in the vehicle. “If you say yes, I’ll put my stamp of approval on this right now, and we can get on with this. I certainly would love to see what your uhhh vagina tastes like. If its as pretty as you are then I am sure it will be incredibly wonderful.”

He sold her. She liked how he put that. She liked how it sounded for sure. “Okay here,” she said as she stood up and began undoing her slacks. I’ll lay down on that couch over there and, sir. I’ll allow you to eat me out as you have said. Will that work for you?”

He said yes.

She laid down on the couch and undid her pants and pushed down her panties. Mmmmm, she was so clean shaven that you could not see a trace of any pubic hair at all. He got down on his knees and he smiled at her. She was nervous seeing as nothing like this has ever occurred before in her life.

He caressed her thighs. Oooooohh that felt soooo good she thought as he prepared himself to “dig” into her pussy. He felt her soft, slender, and silky thighs first and then he hedged it all and went at her lovely well shaven pussy.

Thomas dug in, shoving his lips and that tongue as well deep into her pussy and enjoying the fruits of his labor and better yet, her pussy’s juices as he dug into her affectionately.

It was turning her on in a big, big way. Before she knew it her ass was up off the couch. Before she knew it she was moaning and crying out for so much more. He kept at it. He licked and he licked and he licked her out more and more. She was coming and she had come madly too.

Life for her was excellent. She had been given a chance to have sex, oral sex, by a man who worked for the government, and a man she didn’t even know. But he was good and he was nice enough and he didn’t quit. He kept at it. He made her orgasm. She truly loved it. She’d had sexual relations before but nothing like this, nothing where a government guy came and audited her and suggested doing this to her before.

But this was magical. What Thomas was doing was amazing. And she simply adored what he’d done and as she came, as she orgasmed she started telling herself she’d do this again and again. Ohhhhhh yeah, she’d do this again and again and yep, she’d do it again in a heartbeat.

“Wow miss,” he said to her. “That was amazing. You are amazing. And like I told you earlier I will stamp this with my approval, alright?”

“Well okay sir,” she started to say, “but only if you do one more thing for me?”

He asked what that was.

“Come back over when you’re not too busy and eat me out again?”

“Yes, I could do that but my wife may ask me why I’m traveling half way across the state to uhhh you know audit a person,” he came back.

“Oh your umm married?” she said.

“Unfortunately yes,” he replied. “But otherwise I’d love to. Oh, maybe you’d like to try doing this with Alex. She’s a hell of a lover. She’s a bisexual and can make every man and every woman feel as though they’re the only one for her.”

“I don’t know about that. I’ve umm never made love to a woman before,” she came back.

He pulled his phone out. “Can you come in here? I’ve got something to talk to you about.” She said yes and came into the house. “Sit down,” he then said. “She’d like to talk to you.”

After he said that he winked at Julia and smiled and stamped the proper forms so she could get her refund from the government.

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