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Just For Him

What will be a 3 part installment about worshiping his cock. Hope you enjoy.

Sitting on the sofa across from you I quietly debate what to do; I’ve was told before hand that unless I initiate contact nothing will be happening tonight or any night until I step up. So here I sit wondering if you’ll break or if it really is up to me. It’s a stupid thing to think of course, I know your not going to crack before I do. Deciding that is really is up to me I wait until you leave the room for a minute and push the table away, testing to make sure I can kneel between it and the couch before returning to my cushion to wait.

Watching as you take your seat I see you notice the table has moved but you don’t say a word. My nerves are all on edge and I can feel my heart pounding in my chest which is nothing new to me, you always do this to me but it does make it difficult to focus. Unfolding my legs I set my feet on the floor, taking a steadying breath I use the table to lower myself to my knees. Looking up I see you waiting for me opening your legs as an invitation I crawl to you settling in the space created . Kneeling in front of you I let my hands stroke your cock through your shorts before running my teeth gently across the fabric outline you’ve created. Rolling my eyes to meet your I silently ask for permission to free your cock, you answer simply with a teasing smile and shake of the head. I have not been given permission, showing the confusion in my eyes I wait.

“First stand up” you command, “Take off your clothes.”

Getting to my feet I slip my shirt off freeing my breasts, from your seat you watch as I fold my shirt and place it on my seat neatly. Hesitating at the button of my skirt I watch you rise quietly to stand before me. Taking a step forward I shiver as your cold hands snake around my waist. Leaning back in your arms I moan as your mouth pulls at my breast, tongue swirling around my nipple. My back arches as you release my nipple and bite my breast hard enough to mark me. I feel your hands traveling up my waist to caress my breasts bringing a gasp of surprise and pleasure from my lips as you roughly pinch one nipple.

“I said take off your clothes.” you remind me as you drop your hands to unbutton my skirt.

Sliding my skirt off I quickly fold it, dropping it to rest with my shirt I stand patiently and wait for your next instruction as you sit back down on the couch. Reaching forward you pinch my already sensitive nipples slowly pulling me back down to the couch. Using my nipples to guide me you slide my breasts along your cock bringing my lips just inches from yours before pulling back. Clenching my legs in an attempt to lessen the throbbing in my pussy I feel my juices cover my thighs.

“You like this.” you growl pulling me back up along your shaft.

I manage a breathy yes as I watch your lips get closer hoping this time I won‘t be denied the feel of you lips on mine. I want to feel your mouth claim mine, the sexy tickle of your beard , our tongues dancing our pleasure. Pulled away at the last minute a sound of protest escapes my lips as I am again denied. Releasing your hold on me I am allowed to yet again kneel between your legs, my eyes focused on your hard cock just waiting for my lips.

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