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Just you wait and see...

My first story, go easy on me lol xx
He looked at her glistening pink folds and inhaled the musky sex scent she was secreting. He buried his tongue deep into her pussy and heard her guttural moans. Michael slid his tongue up and down her soaking wet slit, making tiny circles round her sensitive bud. Her moans turned to whimpers as his circling became more focussed on her clit. He slid a finger deep into her pussy and began nibbling on her clit. She groaned and began to rub her pussy against his face. The stubble on his chin grazed her sensitive pussy, but the pain turned her on even more.

He shoved two more fingers inside of her and began fucking her hard with his hand. Michael bought his other hand towards her tits and started pulling and twisting her nipples.  She began moving faster, grinding her pussy against his face, moaning and grabbing at his hair. She felt the waves of her orgasm threatening to break over her.

He knew she was close, and so he began tugging on her clit with his teeth. She started panting and fucking his face, while moaning and whimpering his name. With one last flick of his tongue on her clit she was cumming, harder than she ever had before. He felt her pussy contracting round his fingers and he licked at the juices that were pouring out of her swollen cunt.

He looked up at her and their eyes met. She smiled wickedly at him.  He rose up from between her legs and kissed her. She tasted herself on his tongue and his stubble rasped against her cheek. 'Wow' she exclaimed as he lay down beside her. Her eyes roamed over his body and saw his thick cock standing proudly. 'Now it's your turn' she said with a glint in her eye. She leant over his cock and swirled her tongue around his sensitive head. She licked a drop of pre-cum from the tip, and then deep-throated the whole 10 inches. Swirling her tongue around the base of his shaft, she massaged his balls with her hand. She used her other hand to jack him off, as he grunted and thrust into her face. She grazed her teeth against his length to remind him who was in charge.

His eyes widened with the pain of her teeth against the sensitive skin. She smirked and ran her tongue along the thick hard shaft and swirled it around the head. She smiled as he released a low growl. 'I'm gonna cum!' he panted. She began jerking him off harder whilst sucking on the head of his cock. She felt his body tense as he began to shoot reams of salty, hot spunk down her throat. A trickle of it leaked between her lips and she greedily lapped it up.

They both lay back and looked at each other. Smiling she asked 'What's next?'

'Just you wait and see...' he responded with a wink.
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