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Kate and the photoshoot

Just about how it happened when I took images for Kate's Christmas special feature web page.
I am, by profession, a photographer. Sadly it’s not how I earn my living now, the demand for high quality images that once graced the pages of magazines like Mayfair and Playboy have been replaced by the tidal wave of low quality images that swill around the internet and I am forced to earn a meagre wage by other, less creative, means.

I still like to keep my photographic skills finely honed however and it was just over a week ago that I shot some stunning images of Kate for the special feature section of her website. Kate is a gorgeous twenty something blonde with a trim figure, a tight bum and the most fabulous pair of tits you can imagine. I arrived at her house on the outskirts of town about 20 minutes before the shoot was due to start, I had some props to set up and Kate had agreed that some set up time, before we started shooting, would be a good idea. When I arrived she made me welcome with a kiss on the lips and ushered me into the warmth of the house. She was wearing a tight knitted top that finished just below her pussy and clung to her curves beautifully. I could tell by the profile of her breasts that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples were pushing the wool into little peaks on her pert tits.

“Hi sexy,” she said. “What can I do to help?”

Trying to be professional I replied, “Well, I think we should decide what you’re going to wear for the shoot so you can be getting ready while I set up the lights.”

“OK babe, let’s go upstairs.” She walked up the stairs ahead of me and I couldn’t help but look up her legs and the white thong which appeared from between her tight bum cheeks. God, Kate was one hot babe.

This was not the first time I had shot Kate, in fact it was closer to the twentieth time and up until recently the shoots had always been very professional, getting on with the business of taking great photographs with no interactive contact between model and photographer. I had shot Kate for Club International some years previously and we’d always got on well but it was only at the end of our shoot three months earlier that we had both slipped from the professional session and engaged in some interactive oral pleasuring. When we had organised this shoot, a few weeks later, we had both agreed that a further interactive session should form part of the time together. We had flirted outrageously before the shoot and I had, on more than one occasion, had to conceal a bulging erection beneath my desk at work as I read her steamy emails and texts.

As a result of this pre-planning I had been more organised than usual and decided to build up my jizz reserves. I take zinc tablets daily to assist in the production of my semen and for the three days prior to the shoot had doubled the dose. In addition, to augment the zinc, I had also been pleasuring myself a couple of times a day close to the point of ejaculation for three day before the shoot and then stopping, ensuring that not one drop of spunk escaped. I find this way of building up a good quantity works well for me and I know when I’m nearing getting full as I start to dribble jizz at the end of a pee. In fact I had built up such a supply that I was to be surprised myself – but more of that later.

So, whilst Kate got into her outfit, I set up the shoot in the lounge downstairs, which included a light tent and four flash heads. Before long Kate came into the lounge into a very fetching blue coloured top that showed off her ample breasts and a fur shoulder wrap. I decided that as I was full of jizz, and now quite warm having set up the lights, to strip off my clothes just leaving a tee shirt to cover by top half. I guessed I might dribble a little and I didn’t want my underpants getting too crusty while I worked. Kate looked stunning when she stood in the light tent and turned towards me and fortunately she didn’t even blink when she saw my cock hanging beneath the bottom of my white tee shirt.

“I thought the first part of this shoot was meant to be serious?” she said with a big smile on her face. I smiled and busied myself with the first few test shots trying not to let my near nakedness distract me from the job in hand.

I started taking images and I could immediately feel my scrotum tighten, when the point came for her to take her top off and reveal her beautiful tits my cock started to glow and jizz started to dribble from the tip. Let me just say that this was not a bead of precum, this was spunk, ejaculate, with no orgasm, running from my cock and down my leg, dripping onto the carpet of her front room! Now that surprised me, I had experienced ejaculation without orgasm before, normally when I’ve filled myself before a shoot and I take a shower, quite often the warmth of the water will encourage a serious dribble of spunk. But this was something much more; this was all the pleasure of spunking without the long delay to get another load ready!

Fortunately I was using a long focal length lens so was some distance from Kate, there was no way she would have seen the spunk running down my leg but I knew that when later I would cum for real that she would be in for a hefty load! I had to make an excuse to go to the bathroom and wash my hands as at one stage I had tried to catch my cum before it hit the carpet – the camera was in danger of getting jizz all over it too.

We shot pictures of her in a negligee, kneeling with her pussy flaps spread wide and took some lovely pictures of her bum. When we had finally got just over 100 images we decided that we would stop, take a break and then get down to the interactive part of the shoot.

Kate went upstairs to prepare whilst I moved the chaise into position and set up the lights. For this sort of shoot I use a tripod and a remote release cable so that I can be in shot but not relying on POV type angles. When Kate came into the room she looked fantastic, she was wearing a white bra and panty set and had put on a dark wig that totally changed her face and colouring to the extent that I hardly recognised her!

“You look fantastic,” I said. “The wig really makes you look like a horny slut”

Kate laughed and replied, “You’re looking ready for a fuck too, honey.”

I sat her down on the chaise and went to adjust the camera and take a couple of test shots. Getting her well positioned in the frame I then peeled off my tee shirt and returned to the side of the chaise with my cock a few inches from her mouth. “Now you can suck my cock babe.”

She leant her head towards me and I started taking pictures as she kissed my shaft with her ruby red lips. After a handful of shots I excused myself and went to check that the images looked OK on the camera, I made a small adjustment to the framing and returned to allow Kate to continue to kiss my now hardening cock. After a few more shots of her kissing my cock she opened her lips and sucked the bulging head into her mouth, we both let out a soft moan as the enjoyment flooded over us. I could feel her tongue licking the tip, she must have been able to taste the ejaculate that had flowed from my cock earlier and she looked up at me and smiled sweetly. The feeling of her tongue licking my cock was fantastic but I didn’t want to finish there and then, and I also wanted to get some more images of us fucking.

As I pulled my cock out of her mouth I said, “Get your knickers off baby.” Whilst she peeled off her panties I moved over and adjusted the camera to a wider view and then returned to the chaise and rolled a condom over my erect cock. I lay down on the chaise and Kate put a knee either side of my legs and lowered herself onto my cock, she was facing the camera and away from me – still wearing her white bra. My cock entered her wet pussy with ease and she started to ride me; all I had to do was push the remote shutter release again and again to get the best images of my latex covered cock deep in her pussy. I had a great view of her tight bum bouncing in my lap, it was a sight to keep any man hard and at that time I was thinking that I was the luckiest man on the planet!

After a few more shots she dismounted and turned to face me – giving the camera the view of her astride my cock showing her bum to the lens. I told Kate to take off her bra and as she undid the clasp and let it fall from her tits, I feasted my eyes of her perfect breasts. I pulled her forward and took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked her hard as I slid my cock deep into her pussy once again, continuing to push my hips up for another selection of shots. Another change of position and I was taking her from behind as she leant forward on the chaise.

That angle wasn’t very good from a photograph point of view so I instructed Kate to lie down on the chaise and open her legs and gave her the remote release for the camera. I love eating pussy and Kate’s pussy was especially tasty. I licked and slurped on her labia, sucking them into my mouth, flicking her clit with my tongue and licking the skin between her pussy and bum. Her cunt juices tasted heavenly and clearly Kate was enjoying the experience too as she moaned with pleasure at the intimate attention I was giving her! Her pussy was so wet and I easily slid my index finger deep into her, a second and third finger eased into her wet love tube and I lapped and licked her clit until finally she let out a little sigh, shuddered and the juices flowed from her cunt all over the chaise.

From my nose to my chin I was covered in her juice and as I extracted my fingers I sucked them deep into my mouth. She tasted so good – just thinking about it now makes me want to eat her again!

It was now my turn to assume the best position for her to finish off my cock in her mouth – she sat on the chaise and I stood next to her once again – much as we’d started the shoot. She took me in her mouth and sucked my rock hard cock – her tongue flicking the tip and no doubt tasting more of my spunk. I could feel myself reaching the point of exploding and pulled my cock from her mouth so that I could finish myself over her tits but she wanted more of my precum and took me back in her mouth.

She licked and sucked and at the point when I knew I was about to cum I pulled back - squirting my load into her mouth was not going to happen. After two quick strokes I started to squirt my spunk over her tits. I could hardly believe the jizz that shot from my cock, squirt after squirt, some of my spunk shot over her breasts, across her shoulder and splashed on the chaise behind her. After eight squirts I finally stopped ejaculating, the end of my cock glowing with spent spunk. Kate’s tits were glazed in cum, it was running down between her breasts and dripping onto her legs some was even running down her back. All the time I had been squirting I had been pushing the remote release of the camera, trying to catch the spunk flying through the air – I didn’t manage to get the shots I really wanted -- airborne spunk -- but judging by the look on Kate’s face in the photographs she was delighted by the creamy load of man juice she had received from a very satisfied photographer!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © I'd like to think that the ramblings of an ageing photographer were worth a copyright. All I ask is that if you enjoy my work the you say something nice to me on Lush and send the story you like to friends so they can do the same. That's not too legal is it? As far as the images go, I took them and you didn't, don't claim them as yours!

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