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Kellie the Cocksucker

Kellie repays me in a very enjoyable way.
Let me set the stage for you.

I am James, a 21 year old male working in a library surrounded by women. Only three other men work there…one gay, one nerd, and one old man. I love women. I truly believe God made women as a work of art for men to look at (along with other wonderful things). Well, I’ve worked at the library for a few years and all the women feel comfortable with me.

This allows me to have open and honest conversations with these women…sometimes leading to sexual conversations. It just so happens that there is an extensive section in the library on sexuality. Basically, anything you want to learn about sexually is in one of the books. So, occasionally, I would look through these books with a woman or two and get their opinions and give them mine.

Kellie had just started at the library about three months earlier. She was in a position higher than me, but was not a supervisor or in my chain of command. She was 32 years old, and divorced from an asshole husband who had not treated her well at all.

Kellie was 5’4”, with nice curves…size 6, nice ass, 34C breasts. She had shoulder length brown hair, big dicksucking lips, and cute brown doe eyes.

Kellie and I had gone out a couple of times, and I had taken her back to my apartment last week and had a long night of sex. I had found sex with Kellie exciting. She was not assertive at first, but every once in a while she would loosen up and let me know what she wanted. She was a great partner in that she told me when I did something she liked or didn’t like. The morning after we had fucked, she said that I was one of the best she had ever been with (quite the ego booster) as I was attentive to her needs.

“So, what are you doing tonight,” I asked Kellie as we were closing up the library?

“I have nothing planned, but hoped to come over to your place tonight,” she said.

“Oh, really, baby, why is that?” I whispered teasingly?

“Because I want to give you a treat,” said Kellie with a big smile.

I started to get hard right there, thinking about the treat. I tried to get some details but could not. So, I did what any 21 year old man with the opportunity to screw a 32 year old sexy woman did. I jumped at the idea.

I told Kellie that I had to clean up a bit, so she said she would be at my apartment at 8pm.

I left the library, stopped at the gas station and picked up some Strawberry Hill Boones Farm (Good stuff when you are 21 and make $7/hr) and headed home. I did some pushups and situps and showered and shaved.

At 8, there was a knock on the door.

“Hi, honey,” Kellie said as she walked in. She was gorgeous. She wore a red wrap dress that showed off her nice tits, with a good bit of cleavage showing. Deep red lipstick, dark eyeshadow, hair back showing off her neck, heels, red nail polish. She looked good enough to eat.

She walked up to me and gave me a passionate kiss. Not a “I love you” or a “first date” kiss, but an “I want to fuck your right now” kiss. I then was really excited for what my treat would be.

“Hello to you, gorgeous. Come in. Damn, you look amazing tonight.” She entered and sat on my couch. I poured her a glass of wine and sat next to her.

“What do you want to do tonight, baby,” I asked.

“Oh, James, tonight is not about me. It is about you. You made me feel so good last week. I never get that kind of attention. I want to return the favor. Tonight is your night.”

With that, she gave me another long deep kiss and then downed her glass of wine.

Kellie went to her purse, pulled a tape out, and went and put it in my stereo. The music started. Prince. Ahhh…little devilish girl. I knew this song…”I met this girl name Nicki, you could say she was a sex fiend…” Nice.

With that, Kellie started dancing around for me. She did it slowly and sexy. She went over and poured some wine for both of us all the while. She slowly unzipped her dress, then turned around so I could see er back and ass as she slid the dress down. She watched me over her should with her big brown eyes. Watching me enjoy seeing her sexiness.

She eased her dress off and had a thin satin and lace chemise on. I could see her nipples were slightly hard. Her sexy tits swayed as she moved around. When the song was over, she took a sip of her wine and came over to me. She straddled me on the couch and kissed me letting some wine slip into my mouth.

She then said, “James, I said tonight is about you. I have a secret. I love sucking cock. I absolutely love the taste of cum. Tonight, I want to pleasure you. I want you to let me know what you like and you don’t like. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I said as I kissed her and ran my hands to her ass. I leaned her back and kissed and bit her nipples through her chemise. I sucked them through the fabric until they were nice and hard.

“Eh, eh. Not about me tonight…just you. Don’t worry. I will get off just by making you get off. And if I don’t, I may give you a show later.”

“Now, here are your instructions. You need to talk to me, honey. Tell me what you like and don’t. If you like what I am doing with my mouth, grab me by my hair, hold my head there. If not, say no, pull my hair, not too hard, let me know to move on.”

Kellie whispered, “I am going to try a lot of stuff tonight. Don’t forget, let me know what you want and don’t want.”

She stood up and grabbed her wine glass. She took a nice long sip, polishing off another glass. “Go into the bedroom. I will be right there."

I went into the bedroom and turned the ceiling fan and small dresser light on. My cock was hard and oozing precum already. “I wonder if Kellie was like this with her husband. How dumb could he be?” I thought.

I heard Kellie walk out of the kitchen with dishes clanging. She turned the stereo up so it could be easily heard. She took another minute to come in. “What was she doing?” I wondered.

 In her hands was a tray from my kitchen with a bowl of ice, a bottle of 151 Rum, a glass, a bottle of Hershey's syrup, and a 6” skinny vibrator. “Hmmm..might be pulling some hair, I thought.”

Kellie walked up and laid everything out on the dresser. She poured a glass of the 151, dropped two ice cubes in it, and gave it to me. I took a sip, said thank you, and set it down. She handed it back and said, “no, show me how a man can drink.”
I took the glass and drank down half the glass, then handed it back to her. Kellie then took a sip as well, and walked over and put the glass on the nightstand.

She came back and kissed me deeply. Such nice soft lips. She untucked my shirt and started slowly unbuttoning it while sucking on my earlobe and kissing my neck. I grabbed her ass through the silky slip as she did this. She slid the shirt off my shoulders, then proceeded to undo my belt. She walked around so she was behind me, and undid it from behind. I could feel her big sexy tits on my back.

She pulled my belt out slowly, then undid my pants quickly. She reached into my pants before pulling them down, and felt my cock. She moaned as she rubbed it. She then eased my pants and boxers down together and had me step out of them.

She pulled off my tshirt then, and stood behind me, running her hands over my body, lightly caressing with her finger tips, tickling. She made me get goosebumps which made my nipples hard. She lightly flicked my nipple and made me shudder. She then walked around me, and gave me a long wet kiss. She kissed my neck and worked her way down to my nipple.

She started just licking around it, and made it hard. I moaned lightly, letting her know that was enjoyable. (Nobody had ever licked my nipple before).

“Good boy, like that huh?” She said.

Kellie then worked her way across my chest to my other nipple. She licked it slowly. She then bit down on it. “Uh-uh, don’t do that,” I said.

Kellie went back to licking. She eased her way down my body. She licked my belly, at which point I moved her head away. She knelt all the way down to stare into my cock. She started by running her finger tips all over my thighs. She lightly touch my balls, and I moaned lightly. “That tickles, but feels good, baby,” I said.

She continued on for a minute, then said “look at me.” I watched as she looked up at me, directly into my eyes, and took my cock in her mouth. She moved her head slowly forward and backward. Very very slowly, getting a bit deeper each time she went in. She never stopped staring into my eyes. Kellie did nice slow steady paces until she had my whole cock in her mouth.

It was so warm, so soft. She wasn’t like most girls…just working on the head, involving teeth. She was a pro. She then started pumping slowly all the way in and out. When my cock came out of her mouth, she would run her tongue around the head. She would lick the part just at the bottom of the head, then ease it back into her mouth, letting her tongue run along it the whole way. I loved this. I could feel her throat around my cock. I held her head and moaned and said “that’s good, honey, keep doing that.” She continued on for a while, looking me in the eyes the whole time.

After a few minutes, I told her “let’s move on, baby.” She then grabbed my ass, and pulled against me. I couldn’t impale her anymore. She sat there for a minute, then, amazingly, stuck her tongue out and started licking my balls with my cock down her throat.

She knew my balls were sensitive, and worked that to her advantage. I felt one of her hands come off my ass and watched as she reached down and shoved her fingers in her pussy. This was heaven. I could feel Kellie’s tongue extend along the length of my shaft as she lapped at my balls. The pressure from the back of her tongue extending made her throat feel even tighter on my cock. And, to top it all off, this gorgeous woman was playing with her pussy while doing this.

I held my hands on her head, saying, “fuck, baby, that is so fucking good. I love how you lick my balls with my cock in your throat.” I let her do this for a good while. After a few minutes, I could tell that her tongue or mouth was starting to hurt. She didn’t have the sexy look in her eyes, and her tongue wasn’t moving nearly as much.

“Stand up, Kellie. I want you naked. I want to see you sexy body.”

She eased down my cock, swirled her tongue around the head for a second, gave it a kiss and stood up. She walked away from me, letting me watch her ass sway, and got a nice long sip of rum. She brought the glass over and handed it to me, and stepped back. She leaned down and undid her heel straps, giving me a good look at her cleavage as I sipped the 151. She took off her shoes, then grabbed the shoulder straps of her chemise, and eased them down her arms.

She slowly moved to the song that was playing…again getting back into the dancing…this time to Used to Love Her by GNR. She eased her chemise down past her tits, then let it drop. What a beautiful body. Such nice titties. Curves where women should have them. A nearly flat belly with a tiny bit of a pooch below her belly button. Shaved pussy, with nice big swollen lips. Fuck!

She walked slowly up to me, gave me another long kiss, then went behind me again.

“Drink your drink, James. I want to check out your body.”

Luckily, by this time, I had a good buzz. I am not the hottest guy in the world…I have a bit of a belly, and not too much ass. My cock is just average sized, and I don’t normally like people looking at my body. But, I was so horny and buzzing that I didn’t care.

Kellie walked behind me. On the way there, she grabbed an ice cube out of the bowl. She stood behind me and lightly touched my shoulder with the ice cube. She then followed right behind the cube with her mouth. Gentle kisses and licks to minimize the drips. She drew back and forth on back back, lightly, icing, kissing licking. She went pretty quickly, pausing at my sides and lower back as I moaned in pleasure.

She then, dropped the small piece of the cube that was remaining, and put her ice cold finger tips through my legs on my balls. She said, “spread your legs for better access, baby. I need to warm up a bit.”

I did as she requested, and she rubbed her cold hands on my balls. She was on her knees now, and started kissing and licking my ass. It really didn’t do much for me until she got down to where my thighs met my ass. She licked there and I said “mmmm, that feels good.”

She pushed my legs apart further and lick beside my sack, up onto my cheek, then down onto my thigh. She then moved over and licked the base of my balls, up along my perineum, onto my asshole, and up my crack. I wasn’t sure about it yet, so I didn’t stop her, but didn’t moan much. She eased her way down to my starfish again, spread my cheeks and just licked around it. This felt good, so I moaned lightly. She started playing lightly with my cock and balls while licking my ass. Nice.

She surprised me a moment later by shoving her tongue in my ass. “Whoa, no, Kellie,” I said. She eased it out, and licked my ass. “Something else,” I said.
Kellie hopped up and said “ Okay, all about you, baby. Get on the bed.” I set the glass down and sat on the edge of the bed.

“No, all the way up…lay down, get comfy. I will be right back,” she said.

I scooted up the bed and put a few pillows behind my back and watched her walk into the other room. I heard her put a new tape in the stereo, and then come running back in.

Kellie climbed on top of me, my cock laying on my stomach and her pussy enveloping it. She kissed me gently, then sat up. She adjusted so my dick wasn’t inside her, but inside her lips, with her wet pussy rubbing on it. She scooted back and forth, rubbing my cock with her hot wet pussy. I watch as she did this and played with her tits.

I pulled her down so I could suck her nipples, and she let me for a second, then stopped. “Nope, no sex now.”

She scooted down so my dick was in between her tits, and squeezed them together and moved back and forth so it was like I was fucking her titties. She reached down, got her fingers all wet from her pussy, rubbed the juicy on my cock, then started titty fucking me again.

A moment later, “The Only Time” by Nine Inch Nails came on the stereo. “Alright, baby, my favorite” said Kellie as she eased her body down so her mouth was on my cock. Kellie wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, made it stand upright, and eased her mouth down onto it…taking it into her throat. She sat there for a moment, breathing through her nose, getting used to the feel of my cock in her throat. Then she started.

She started humming along to the song. Long slow notes drawn out vibrated her throat on my cock. As the beat picked up, she moved her head up and down on my cock, humming all along “lay my hands on heaven and the sun and the moon and the stars as the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car…” Head bobbing, humming, vibrating throat…

“Oh my God, Kellie, that is amazing,” I said a bit too loudly. She hummed slow long notes, then faster as the beat picked up. Moving her head up and down on my dick.

“Baby, you better slow down, or I am gonna cum,” I exclaimed. She didn’t slow down. She kept the pace of the song. As the lyrics sounded out “I swear, I just found everything I need! The sweat in your eyes, the blood in your veins are listening to me…” I came. Shooting my cum down her throat. Kellie amazingly didn’t miss a beat. She swallowed my cum, and kept on humming. I came hard and long. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was having a multiple orgasm.

Is this possible for guys…can they have multiples, I wondered…but, it didn’t last long…not multiples, just the longest cum I’d had. My cock started softening, and she eased up…humming as her mouth was just covering the head of my cock. Her tongue lapping at the lower part. She didn’t stop even though my cock was obviously not hard, until the song was over.

“Perfect, I love the taste of your cum, James. I will be right back. Get a drink, then lay down again. Flat on your back this time,” she said and off she ran to the other room again.

I got up, took a drink, and chewed up a few ice cubes. I heard her stop the tape, and she came back in with an apple for me to eat.

“I am gonna fuck my pussy with my vibrator now as you relax and watch. Is that okay with you?” She asked.

How could I say no? Honestly?
“Only if you talk to me and look at me as you do it. I want you to tell me which parts feel really good,” I said suavely.

So, as I lay there, flat on my back, Kellie straddled my chest. She took the vibrator and licked it. “I start off by sticking it right into my pussy to get it nice and wet. I shove it to the end so there are lots of juices on it.” She leaned back far, and shoved that dildo right up her wet pussy. Then she took it out and turned it on low. “I cum from the inside and the outside. My outside ones happen much faster, and I want to get back to that beautiful cock of yours, so I am going to concentrate on it today. Maybe another time, you can watch me fuck myself until I cum from the inside.”

She turned the vibrator on and used the tip..running it around her clit with her right hand. Her left hand was on my thigh, supporting her weight as she leaned back a bit. She rubbed that vibrator down through the lips and back up to her clit. She then started rubbing the tip on her hood. I was tired of not having a good view, so I grabbed a couple pillows, put them under my head, and played with her gorgeous tits as she frigged herself.

After a few minutes, she sat up a bit, and used her left hand to spread her lips far and open the hood. I could see her clit there peeking out. She took the vibrator, and asked me to get it all wet for her, so I licked it, getting it all slobbery. She then turned it up a couple of notches and put it lightly on her clit.

“Oh, baby…I love the fast vibrations in my clit. Oh, sugar, it feels so good. Look at my clit growing.” I could see it was actually sticking out a bit further than before…Nice. She started rubbing it around on her clit quickly, with lots of pressure. “Fuck, James,”she said.

Then, she moved the vibrator down so it was underneath her, laying on my belly. She pushed it down so the bumpy spots at the end of it were on her clit. She started humping back and forth on it, just as she had done on my dick earlier. As she was doing this, she leaned forward so I could suck on her tits.

As she moved back and forth, the tip of the vibrator touched my cock. “Hmmm..,” I thought. She moved faster and faster, then started rocking for all she was worth. “Shit, baby, I’m cumming. Oh, baby, yes, yes, fuck yes.,”she said as she rode that dildo to climax.

Once she came down she leaned down, gave me a kiss and said “alright, thank you…back to you.”

She slid off of me and noticed that my cock was hard again. Between the sexy sight, sucking on those hot tits, and the vibrator touching my cock, I was really hard again.

Kellie told me to scoot over on the bed to one side. She went to the dresser, grabbed the Hershey syrup and came back next to me.

“Sit up, baby,”she said.

I did so, and she gave me the glass of 151, which luckily had a lot of melted ice in it by now because I was pretty fucked up. I finished the glass off, and gave it back to her. “ Now, lay down,” said Kellie.

I did so. She started by putting a dab of chocolate syrup on the tip of my cock. It was cold from being in the fridge. She licked it off promptly. She then ran a thin long stream down my cock and onto my balls. She licked back and forth on my cock until it was gone, then concentrated on my balls. I told her I like when she licks my balls.

She put more syrup on my balls and licked it up. She used her hand and lifted my sack and sucked it into her mouth. It felt good…..well….just okay….well, “ouch…don’t do that.” I said as she moved one of my testicles around with her tongue.

She eased my sack out of her mouth with sexy slurping noises. She grabbed my sack with her hand, and held it up as she licked down. She lapped the syrup slobber mix off my perineum. She lapped at it and used her tongue as a point…applying pressure. Nice, I thought. Not encouraging or discouraging.

Kellie took this as a sign, and squirted more syrup on my balls, and let it run down to my crack. She licked it quickly off my balls, then focused on the perineum again. She really started getting into it now. Moving her mouth all over, lots of pressure. She grabbed my hard cock with her hand and rubbed the bottom of the tip of it with her thumb as she licked me.

Kellie slowly eased her way down, licking the syrup from my ass. She moaned as she did it. I don’t know if that was for my pleasure, but it sure seemed that she was getting off by it. She licked all the syrup off my hole as I lightly moaned. After doing this for a few minutes while playing with my cock, she, made her tongue firm and tried to shove it in my ass. “No, baby,” I said. She stopped and licked around some more…giving me more pleasure. She licked my ass a bit, told me to spread my legs wide, then grabbed the bottle and squirted a small dab of syrup between my balls and thigh.

She lapped at the syrup like a dog laps up water. Fast and hard…lots of tongue…slurpy. “Nice” I said. She then repeated on the other side.

Kellie then scooted up and squirted a bit on each of my nipples, licking and sucking it off. She then closed the syrup and put it on the nightstand.

 She continued sucking my dick. She licked it like a lollipop. She shoved her tongue into the hole in the tip (and I said no). She said “hang on,” and got up. She went into the other room and turned the music back on.

She came in and grabbed two half melted ice cubes and put them in her mouth. She laid down and immediately took my cock in her mouth as well. She kept the cubes in her cheeks while she blew me, but the cold from it tricked down onto her tongue. It felt good. Especially compared to the hotness of her tongue. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock with the ice cubes. She took my cock all the way in her mouth and just moved her tongue around…spreading the cold all over rubbing the underside.

“Lick my balls again, baby,” I said.

Kellie did as requested. Moving her tongue around on my cock, then stretching it out to lick my balls. It felt amazing. She did this until the ice was nearly gone. She sat up, and chewed up the ice cubes.

She then went back to work again on my dick. She started just licking, then gave deep kisses, sucking the skin of my cock in. This felt especially good on the underside of my dick, and I let her know. When she got to the bottom of my shaft, she shifted and worked her way up the top of my cock. This time though, rather than sucking the skin in, she lightly bit it.

Not sure, not sure, I thought as she worked her way up my cock. When she got to the head, she bit it hard. “No” I said.

She took the cue and started sucking on my cock normally again. She used more ‘vacuum’ this time though. Truly sucking on my dick. “Ok, not great,” I said. It reminded me of how high school girls suck cock.

Kellie seemed bothered by that and started deep throating my cock. Really fast. All the way down. At the same time, she ran her fingers down and rubbed my perineum.

This is the life, I thought as I lay there, enjoying myself. Just then, she started the most wonderful thing. She swallowed my cock! It was in her throat, and she started swallowing on it…like she was trying to force it down to her stomach using her throat muscles.

It was amazing. The pressure of her throat…it felt like she was milking my cock for cum. Swallow and swallow and swallow. The head of my cock had amazing feeling and the base had great pressure from her tongue every time she swallowed.

“Baby, you are gonna make me cum again,” I said, as she picked up the pace. She quit touching my perineum and grabbed my balls, pulling them to the song (Put it On by Depeche Mode). She swallowed faster and faster until I started to shoot my load down her throat. “Hell, yeah. Baby, swallow that cum,” I shouted, and she did. She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed…milking every drop out of my cock.

Once I was done cumming, Kellie let my softening cock fall out of her mouth and asked, “ Did you like that, James?”

What a stupid question.

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